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Essay Writing Contest (Closing October 16th, 2018). Grade 12 Canadian Students – You can win $500-$5,000.

The Urban Daddy is a HUGE fan of teaching Canadians about finances, taxes and debt, and finding solutions to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

I came across an essay writing competition for Grade 12 Students, sponsored by an organization that I have worked with in the past and strongly respect.


Grade 12 students across Canada are invited to confess their financial misfortune story by submitting an essay to the Credit Education Week 2018 Essay Contest.

Prizes range from $500 to $5000, with over 20 prizes to be won.

Entries must be written in English or French and must not exceed 1000 words.  Essays must be submitted between now and Oct. 9, 2018. EXTENDED: October 16th, 2018.

For full contest rules, see the essay submission page.


Here is a note from a winner last year (name redacted)

“As it has almost been a year since I participated I thought I should give Credit Canada an update. I was able to accept a position at my first choice school in the Law and Society program (minoring in Criminology). I was accepted into a residence community that allows me to participate, volunteer and plan community events to better the quality of life in town. I’ve also been accepted into numerous campus leadership positions. Overall, I’m working hard as a student and as a citizen here in university. Now, this email may seem random but I wanted to sincerely thank everyone involved with Credit Education Week. Though a scholarship in this amount may not seem like a lot of money to a large company, it makes a gigantic difference to students like me. Rather than spending my nights picking up extra shifts at work, I am participating in my school and studying hard with a chance to thrive. I cannot thank you and everyone else who participates in this program enough.”

Credit Canada, the sponsor of this competition, is a non-profit and charitable organization providing free and confidential credit counselling, personal debt consolidation and resolutions, as well as preventative counselling, educational seminars, and tips and tools in the areas of budgeting, money management, and financial goal-setting.

Credit Canada is Canada’s longest-standing credit counselling agency, helping Canadians manage their debt since 1966.

For more information, please visit

You can also interact with others on Twitter using this hashtag, #CEWC2018

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… and I ran. I ran so far away…

Ran 2.2 km in 18 minutes.

Filled up my car at 76.9.

Read 2 chapters of Organizational Behaviour text.

Started my essay.

Took the Second child for his first walk – 30 minutes up and down Avenue Road.

Burped the baby, like 25 times.

Was spit up on twice…

All in a days work.

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If you want more readers, apparently you have to make your posts interesting and clear. Damn!

A wise person who may or may not be my wife once told me that if I want more readers to my blog, I need my posts to make sense.

What?!?  I have to put effort into what I write?  And I’m supposed to edit them, and check the spelling?  OY.  That is way too much work for my 5 regular readers (sorry guys!).  I blog in order to keep track of milestones for my kids and in my life and the fact that people read this who do not know me, is mind-blowing.  Assuming that I continue to blog into 2007, 2008 or beyond, I expect my readership to remain the same…

So when I look back at older posts, I realize that a lot of my posts are gibberish and while they may have made sense to me back then, they certainly do not make any sense whatsoever right now.

Maybe I should proof-read them.

I’m just not sure when.  You see I do most of my blogging after my wife and kids go to sleep, so these posts are getting cranked out between 11pm and 2am.  That is also the time I have set aside for my graduate school work, and while my wife is also completing her graduate school degree, we have to juggle the other responsibilities around the house.  For example, while my wife has managed to lower her work load down to only having 2 essays left to complete, I am now working through 5 essays, a case study, a quiz and a journal assignment to hand in before my final paper and final exam which are… this weekend.

I’d better get to work!

It’s easy to get this work done, on time and on topic when my recent marks look like this; Essay 95%. Essay 95%. Quiz 100%. Case Study 100%. Essay 90%.

I can now see that the end is near and I no longer question whether I can do this or not.  I’m running full steam ahead.  The only thing holding me back right now is my back.  Thank goodness for the anti-inflammatory medication my doctor gave me so I can focus on my work and have one less thing to worry about, in the short-term.

I’m going to have to take a break from my school work later tonight as I have agreed to present some legislation to 2 of the Canada Revenue Agency’s commercial collection teams.  I have not yet had a chance to review the material and it’s already 9:30pm.  I have done it before and can do it again.  It keeps the dry material interesting when I add real life encounters into the discussion.