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Testosterone Poisoning: Things my teen has called me.

Testosterone poisoning is a real thing according to our pediatrician.

He suggested that I check out You Tube for a video entitled “Testosterone Poisoning”, and once I have a minute between driving to kids programs and working my job, I’m going to watch it… I swear.

Apparently, it’s where boys, 13-years-old to 15-years-old are being poisoned by testosterone, and cannot be held accountable for things that come out of their mouths.

I thought it was a joke…


So here is what Testosterone Poisoning (TP) brought out of my son’s mouth this morning;

“You are the most useless human being on the planet AND the dumbest person alive!”



Useless AND dumb.

I guess he forgot who gives him WiFi and pays for his phone… LOL.


My response… A hug.  Poor kid.

He’s done better, though.  I’m sure your kids have done better as well… Please share!



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Glee Star Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) has died. Cause of Death Revealed

Cory Monteith who played the character Finn Hudson on the hit TV show Glee has been found dead in a Vancouver hotel room this evening.

Monteith, 31, originally from Calgary had come forward to discuss his “substance addiction” issues from earlier in his life, and how he was “lucky to be alive” after his mother and friends staged an intervention to force him into rehab. Monteith had just finished another round of treatment at a treatment centre on April 26th, 2013.

He was found alone in his hotel room after he missed his check-out time.

He was dating Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) at the time of his death.

BREAKING NEWS: The cause of death has been revealed and the coroner revealed that Monteith died after taking a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol.

This is yet another example of how difficult it is to kick the habit of using drugs, which is why kids should never start!

It’s okay to want to be cool but when drugs and alcohol are involved, it’s okay not to be cool and be alive.  Monteith’s accidental death has devastated his fiancé Lea Michele and he threw away a promising career.  Sad.

As a fan of the show, his character will be missed.

Lea and Cory were last on Twitter on July 12th.

Cory MonteithVerified account@CoryMonteith12 Jul


1:25 PM – 12 Jul 13
Lea MicheleVerified account@msleamichele12 JulYou guys are the BEST! I’d love to win this #TeenChoice Award for you all! Vote for me here! 🙂

5:12 PM – 12 Jul 13
Lea has gone public with her hopes that Cory would come out of rehab and ready to get married and start a family.  Now she has to plan his funeral.
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Very far left-leaning Toronto street rag/mag Eye Weekly coins Toronto’s new moniker to be “El Toro”

My immediate response was WTF! You see what happens when you lock a bunch of lefties in a room and ask them to come up with a story that does not bash right-wing conservatism… Crap.

They come up with a new nickname for Toronto that, quite frankly, is bull.

El Toro?!?

Why? How?

Read the article in the Toronto Star;–eye-weekly-readers-give-toronto-a-new-nickname

I’ll guess they chose this topic to try to make Eye Weekly relevent again. I swore I would never publish their name again after reading all their anti-conservative garbage around election time. It made me sick. Them and NOW Magazine, Toronto’s other free weekly think it is okay to waste newsprint in order to spread their socialism. I feel like they are trying to convert me or send me to the cross every time I (used to) pick up the magazines. I’m thinking this article came about because they had no other news to publish. No Rob Ford fat jokes to make, no Stephen Harper is the devil exclusives, no socialism is the best and conservatism = Marxism…


El Toro?

So I am going to use this garbage that I wouldn’t line my birdcage with as a seguey into a Thursday Thirteen post, on 13 better nicknames for Toronto than El Toro Poo Poo.

Here is the list;

13. Hogtown
12. T-Dot
11. The Queen City
10. T.O.
9. The Big Smoke
8. The 4-1-6
7. Trauma
6. T-dot. O-Dot.
5. Toronto the Good
4. Ta-raw-na
3. The MegaCity
2. Hollywood North
1. The Centre of the Universe!

Let’s stick with these ones as the Eye / Star choice smells like bullsh%t.

I mean even the Star’s own Editor-in-Chief Michael Cooke, who was a judge in this “contest” was quoted as saying about the El Toro nickname: “It’s meaningless, but it’s funny.”

Ha ha ha… who’s laughing now?

El Toro!?!

Shame on you!

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Thursday Thirteen

This week’s Thursday Thirteen will be about 13 really dumb things I did before I reached my Bar Mitzvah (13 years old).

13. Used to actually run away from the girls while playing kissing tag in public school

12. Fell over the handlebars of a friend’s 10-speed bike – landing on my head in the middle of an intersection – knocking myself out in the process.

11. Held my fist beside the face of one of the toughest kids in middle school, then called his name. He turned quickly, his face hit my fist – more specifically his braces chewed apart his lip – and boy was he unhappy… My classmates were surprised that I survived… It was that moment that when I realized that I possessed a high pain threshold.

10. Let a relative stranger pick my first girlfriend at school. We went “around” on and off for a while instead of actually hanging out. Granted he asked me who I “liked” but the whole process was… odd.

9. I found some “adult” magazines in the basement of our house and thought the best thing to do would be to take them to school and sell them. I made a lot of money… Until my friend’s mother became suspicious as to why a 12-year-old carried hundreds of dollars in twenty’s in his wallet.

8. Mullet… Nuff said

7. In Hebrew school, I once filled the teacher’s desk drawer full of whipped cream from the spray can. Why? I had never used a can and wanted to see how much was in it. Problem is… I have a conscience and to this day I imagine the kids coming back from recess and seeing their treat gone. The guilt eats me up inside. If I was faced with the same scenario 100 times over again, I would walk away.

6. I’m not sure how to explain this one – it’s kind of personal – but let me say that it is never a good idea to jump on someone’s back when you are a 250 pound kid for fear that you may slide down their back and pierce a certain low-hanging body part with a thick wood pencil. The tip of the pencil snapped off and later that week I pulled it out… UGH.

5. Piggy-backing on the previous one (pun intended), can you say size 52 tall jacket and size 48 pant…

4. I was a pleaser – that on its own is a dumb thing – but I remember my Dad was in Milwaukee on business and brought back for my sister and I a note pad with Michael Jackson on the front. I was young, he was getting a ton of airplay for Beat It, Billie Jean, and Thriller. So I brought it into school and showed it to a cool girl who I liked. She said she REALLY liked it so I gave it to her thinking she would appreciate it and talk to me. She didn’t. I would spend the rest of the school year seeing her use it, wondering why I gave it to her.

3. As a sufferer of migraines right up until I was 18 years old and had my wisdom teeth out, I spent 4 straight hours outside cutting the grass and digging a vegetable garden then for some stupid reason decided I needed to then ride to the convenience store and but a “Twist Shandy” with 0.5% alcohol to refresh myself.
Being thirsty and nearly exhausted I downed this drink and within one hour had the worst migraine ever which saw me incapacitated for the rest of the weekend in severe pain.

2. In grade 4 I was booted out of French class for not being able to identify a picture my teacher was showing me. I really had no idea and she was so irate that she berated me in front of the class for being juvenile (yeah, and?) and for being a clown. She sent me to the principal’s office and asked him to remove me from the class as she was fed up with my lack of seriousness.
Before the principal called my parents he walked me back to the classroom and asked to see the picture.
The picture contained a church, the moon, a clock that read midnight and snow.
He asked me what I told the teacher it was.
I replied that I thought it was a “rumble” as I did not know what it was.
“You seriously don’t know what this is?” He asked me in an angry tone.
“I have no idea”, I replied, now very close to tears.
“It’s a midnight mass”, he blurted out.
“What?” I said.
“Midnight mass!” he said. “You know, where people go to church…”
“Oh, I cut him off… I’m Jewish”.


The teacher and the principal left the room.
When they returned, they apologized to me and explained the picture.
I got a great mark in the class and if I recall, did very little work the rest of the year…

1. I know everyone does this, but it’s still really dumb.
I came home from school one cold winter day and decided to stick my whole tongue, not just the tip, to our front metal screen door.
Then I panicked and ripped it off, sans a lot of skin…

If you could see me, I’m shaking my head right now at this list… What a dumb dumb.

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Ontario Minimum Wage Increase Impacts Federal LCP

Please remember this come election time in Ontario…

We all know how complicated it is to set-up and file payroll to the CRA for live-in caregivers, well thanks to the Ontario government (I’m sure with the love and support of the NDP), the increase in minimum wage from $10.00 and hour to $10.25 will mean mid-year you will have to change your payroll figures you report to the CRA.

Thank you Dalton McGuinty.

Of course, the CRA will not audit, nor penalize you for accidentally excluding this increase in the payroll figures – they just won’t tell you that. 

Here is the press release from my friends at the Wee Care Placement Agency,

Please note effective March 31, 2010, the prevailing wage rate in Ontario for the Live-In Caregiver Program will be increased to $10.25 gross/hour from the current prevailing wage rate of $10.00.

Information on the Regional Wages, Working Conditions and Advertisement Requirements for the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) found on the TFWP website URL at: will be updated.

I will never figure out how raising minimum wage is going to help anyone?  Minimum wage is an entry level wage usually for people who are first entering the workforce, like teens, or for those unskilled workers who are learning a trade.  If they are any good at it, they will perform better and earn a better wage or get promoted.  If the starting wage is too high, places will hire less entry level or part-time staff and people who need experience to learn and develop and grown won’t get that chance.  If it made sense, everyone would get $20.00 and hour and all Ontarians would own $500,000.00 houses.  But they don’t.