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May 1st is Doctors’ Day here in Ontario!

Did you know that today, May 1st, is Doctors’ Day here in Ontario.

The Ontario Medical Association is asking Ontarians to help celebrate this day by sending a personalized thank you card to their doctors. The cards can be created on this website, Once submitted, the OMA will deliver your thank you card directly to your doctor.

When was the last time you thanked your doctor?

As an added incentive, everyone who submits a thank you card is eligible to win an iPhone5 and Fitbit One™ Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker.

You can even thank you Doctor on Facebook, or send a kind note to the OMA through Twitter for taking care of their members.  I have spent numerous hours on their Facebook page reading articles which as a parent are important to me, such as the OMA asking to have antibiotics removed from livestock feed in Canada and the alarming amount of sodium in restaurant food.

As a special thank you for posting about a wonderful cause, the OMA is offering you, the reader, and opportunity to win a $25 Sport Chek gift card.  All you have to do to have an opportunity to win is post a comment on my blog or Facebook page of the direct link to their thank you on the website (example:  just to be sure that you have actually participated in this day of recognition.

On May 15th, I will take down the names of all of you who took the time to comment, put them in a hat and have one of my children draw a winner.  The winner will be notified via email.

I’m off now to send a thank you to our family doctor of 13 years who adapted her style to meet our needs when she realized that we prefer to try natural remedies first before getting to the antibiotics for us and our children.  As a result, she offers us all solutions and we greatly appreciate that!

Thanks Doc!

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Ah, those kids and the things they say… Was I this clever / funny as a kid? I doubt it.

If I still had a smart phone I would be able to pull off to the side of the road whenever my kids say something funny or clever and tweet it right away, however until that happens again, I’m stuck making notes on pieces of paper then throwing them into a blog post entitled something like this one.

Here is the driving force behind this post;

In the car on our way up North this past weekend Ms. Urban Daddy asked the children the following question; “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Linus responded first; “I want to be a policeman!”.

Stewie responded next; “I want to be everything!”.  His justification was that if he did everything then he could do what he really liked the most and he would make a LOT of money and be famous.

I guess being “Stewie” on this successful, top-rated Canadian daddy blog is not enough. 

Dream big, little man!

Berry, the youngest and last to respond said; “I want to be a poo” at which point the three kids burst into giggles.  Nice!  Corrupt the poor little girl.

Let the record show I’m not surprised by the boys’ choices, however I have higher expectations for my princess…


I also caught Stewie later that day calling his older brother a “Stupid ass”.


Poor Berry has decided she no longer likes to pee.  Not sure if something hurts or not – I asked her a couple days ago if it hurt to pee and she said yes, it did, and when I asked he to touch where it hurt she touched he right elbow.

“Your right elbow hurts when you pee?” I asked her

“Yes!” she replied.  “I hurt myself”.

Not taking that to be the only ailment, my wife took her to the doctor later that week and in the testing for symptoms, the doctor thought it would be a good idea of little Berry pee’d in the cup so they could check her urine.  While that test was negative, we’re still wondering what’s going on with her, physical or psychological.

I received the update on the doctor’s appointment from mummy and baby – with some prompting from mummy to recall the details.

“I went to the Doctor, Daddy!” 

“I pee’d on the doctor, Daddy”

In response to how did you get upstairs to the doctor’s office, she blurted out this;

“I went in the alligator”.

Such a proud little girl.

I would have pee’d on the doctor too if my mummy made me ride in an alligator to get there.


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Is Wifi, Cordless Phones, Cellular Phones and other Technologies Microwaving us to Death? Ask my Neighbours and they’ll say YES!

Have you ever wondered if all of these new technologies – cordless telephones, wireless networks, blackberries, iphones, ipads, laptops, cellular phones, cell towers, etc. would one day be found to cause illness in humans? I personally never gave much thought to this… Until yesterday.

Let me take this one back a few months before I explain…

This past summer we moved. We moved into a brand new, just finished being built, house which came fully equipped with wifi.

Our neighbours to the East are a new build of their own which is about 75% done right now, so no one is living there. Behind us, there is a smaller war-time house but we back on to their driveway, more or less. Our neighbours to the West, however, have been living in this neighbourhood for MANY years, they are an older couple, and they have this beautiful custom-built bungalow which they take great care of. We actually share a walkway with them up the side of the house.

During our time here, we have found some minor “issues” come to light which bug these neighbours, but occurred with the builder and not us – for example, the walkway between the houses cracked in one spot, plus the water pools in the middle in another spot. As well, we have a balcony in between the bedrooms on the 2nd floor which overlooks their house but the builder agreed to cut the roof back to allow natural light in, but did not.

Not our fault, but issues nonetheless.

Our backyard was fenced in by the builder in peculiar manner as there are some old, rather large trees on the West and North property lines and builder told us that our neighbours wanted the trees, hence the fence jots in, around, and back out of the trees. It looks nice, but if we ever opt to take the trees down, we lose the shade, but get more property – if we move the fence back (not THAT much, but some more).

My neighbour tells me he wanted the trees down but the builder didn’t want to pay to have them removed… $950.00.

See where this is going…

And once we had our deck made larger, the gate to our backyard was moved from opening inside to opening outside and that was a huge problem for our neighbours. They mentioned it many times how much they disliked this door, they even went as far as to tell me it was WRONG for doors to open out, and they feared this gate was going to swing open and hurt them in a strong wind.

I’d love to accomodate them for the sake of being neighbours for the next 10-15 years, but the deck on the inside would have to be moved and if I’m going to fork out the dollars to move that part, I’m taking down trees and claiming back my property around the trees by moving the fence out too… Something they obviously are not in favour of.

So I was not surprised when my wife called me to tell me that our neighbours had come knocking on the door with a third person to discuss something.

I figured it was the gate, or the balcony, or that my car parks too close to the walkway… The list is endless.

Instead, they explained to us that in the past few months since we’ve been there, the woman next door had been getting sicker and sicker each day. Heart palpultations, fainting, ringing in her ears, and in the past couple weeks she has been to the hospital 4 times, and after a barrage of tests, nothing had been found… Until that day.

As the story goes – and I was brought up to speed yesterday – one of thier clients (they’re in real estate) was looking for a detached house away from houses with wifi, or cordless phones because this woman had become alergic (for lack of a better term) to the microwaves that get emitted from these technologies.

The woman told me that she was living in a penthouse condo and the owner filled the top of the condo with cell towers and after a few months she experienced the same symptoms, so she went to doctors, who found nothing wrong with her. Through research and perserverance, she found a doctor just outside Toronto who told her that she was essentially being microwaved to death and that due to oversaturation of these waves she would have to find somewhere to live where the neighbours did not have wifi or cordless phones.

This woman bought a geiger counter and yesterday she had it at my neighbours home.

I was invited over for this demonstration as they ran this geiger counter the full length of their wall which faces our house and I heard how the counter was silent until it hit the mid-way point, when it started to go nuts. That point on their house coincided with our office and our cordless phone. I phone urban mummy and asked her to unplug the cordpess phone – while listening to the geiger counter going nuts – and when she did unplug the phone, the counter fell silent in my neighbours home.

This woman then proceeded to demonstrate the effects of cordless phones on this counter by using my neighbours old cordless phone, then contrasting it to the emissions coming from the new one they had just purchased.

The difference between emissions from both phones was nothing short of remarkable.

So as a kind gesture they gave me a new, low-emmission, cordless phone which they had bought for us, to use in place of the one that was “wrecking-havoc” on their house and making the wife sick.

I really thought the whole time that they were off their rocker – obviously, and even when I came home and spoke to urban mummy (a chemical engineer by education, science teacher by training and all around super-genius) and she explained that the counter would go off depending on the amounts of microwaves it was looking for.

I get that.
But if some cordless phones really do emit that amount of microwaves, do I really want that sitting by my bed? If there are some symptoms which are common with being microwaved, them I’m going to toss the one by my head and replace it with a land line, hard wired phone for the bedroom.

But now I want to know more… More for me to be sure that my neighbours are not pulling my very gullable leg – not thinking they bugged the phone or anything – but need facts to be able to make an informed decision as to whether this gets done now, or down the road.

So I googled this topic and found a couple articles. Feel free to read them and chime in with your thoughts…

Do you have microwave illness –

Health Canada denies that wireless networks makes kids sick…

So have a read of these articles and you will see people raising concerns, and so-called “experts” denying there is any link.

So, what do you think?  Is this going to change the way you buy technologies in your house?  Or am I (they) off my rocker?  It’s all a little weird, yet normal at the same time…

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Children Get Sick. That’s Part of the Job of Being a Parent

Last night, I ended my very scrambled blog post with a comment about the way my son, Stewie, was breathing.  I said he sounded “like Darth Vader.”

It was midnight when I approved the post and I had heard some pretty heavy breathing and wheezing – with the odd sneeze thrown in just in case we didn’t know he had a cold.  Experience told me that all he likely needed was a big sneeze or to cough up some phlegm and he would feel so much better and be able to sleep off his cold.

I went and got him from his crib and brought him into our bed and I think within moments my wife and I came to the realization that we might actually need to take Stewie to the hospital because his cough was very croupy, and he was really warm.

Not being the kid of parents to bring our kids into emergency for a matter which could be handled the next day at the doctor, we used the best tools we had at the time… My wife played Dr. Google and looked up the symptoms and consequences of the croup while Stewie pointed to his very congested nose and say, “broken”.

He would spend most of the night squirming around like he was in pain – but not crying, and we listened to what seemed like each and every gasp for breath, when the plan was put into action.

“Croup”, my wife declared. “Here are the symptoms and here is what we do to get him better. If he doesn’t improved even slightly tonight, we’ll have to take him to the emergency room.”  We made some adjustments to his sleeping position, helped him clear up his nose a bit and between the 3 of us, we managed a good 2-hours sleep each.

Painfully, morning came and Stewie was stilll having trouble breathing so we called the doctor for an appointment and I dragged my ass into the office.

Of course, it was a very busy day today, my manager didn’t come in, so I was left to sort out some team issues, deal with a high number of walk-in clients and train the summer students with their queries when my phone rang.  The number was our Doctor’s office number, and the voice on the other end of the phone was my wife who asked me if I could meet them in the emergency room as she was taking Stewie there ASAP.

I closed up my desk, gave the summer students some work to keep them more than occupied throughout the rest of the day, and I alerted another manager that I was needed before I hopped on the subway to the hospital.

I arrived just after they did, and we were led in almost immediately and within 3 hours, Stewie had received steroids and a mask to help him breathe. I love our medical system for being able to help us so fast.  Stewie appreciated it too because he fell asleep soon after having the mask on his face but he was far from happy.

We were sent home soon thereafter, and we got Stewie into bed as soon as we came home, just before 8pm.


So my wife and I look at each other, we’ve got to check on our older son, when my wife starts coughing…

Here we go again…


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What’s up with…

X-Ray Technician’s?? Hello, insert personality here —->.

I went to my family doctor this morning to discuss my still achy back, and the fact that now I’m in pain 100% of the day in my back and left leg, and after examining me, told me to be patient and keep stretching, oh, and take these pills (anti-inflamatory).

My doctor also sent me for an x-ray and made an appointment for a CAT scan (meow).  So once the appointment was finished, I gathered up my stuff and make my way to the basement of the building and entered into a large waiting room full of no patients, two Russian x-ray technicians and a very grumpy receptionist.  I stand at the front, by the door, while the receptionist grumbles at me, then after a BIG yawn, the male x-ray tech says to me, in the most bored tone ever, “Come with me please”.  (We have ways to make you talk.  LOL).

I followed him down a hallway, into a secret passage down another hall and into a small cubicle where I am supposed to disrobe (“leave your underwear on”) and put on this blue dirty looking robe with the opening in the back and “follow me”.  So after undressing and trying to figure out why it is necessary for my ass to hang out, I walked into the main room where both tech’s are playing with the laundry. I stand there waiting and waiting. 

Eventually, since I did not go away, the tech takes me into the x-ray room and I go to sit on the table but realize that it is REALLY cold, and I have to lay on my back. Brrrr. So the x-ray guy tells me, like I’m a friggin moron, that I should have I tied up the back before walking out.  Apparently he thinks that I have really long arms and can tie up 2 inch ties behind my back… Let the ass hang out.

So after becoming a contortionist for 15 minutes, he says to me, “Wait here while I check the pictures”, to which I gleefully reply, “Okey-dokey… Take your time!!!” He was not amused and grunted something in return. Great, now he’s going to give me extra harmful rays. I’ll glow in the dark.

So once it was all painfully over (pun intended) I began to gather my personal belongings when onto the floor fell my glasses, wallet and clothes on the floor.  Since it killed to bend over I figured (hoped) that “Sergei” would help me by picking them up for me, but instead, he just looked at me, and I had to bend over and pick them up myself.

I can only imagine an x-ray technician’s party. They must be REALLY wild…

Hey… I can see your femur. lol.

And they probably glow in the dark…