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Keep the Champagne on Ice, lefties, The Rob Ford Saga is not over yet.

The city council chamber in Toronto, Ontario.
Toronto City Council Chambers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As soon as I heard that a judge had ruled that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was found guilty of violating the Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act and ordered to be removed from office in 14 days, I knew that lefties in Toronto and on Toronto Council were in celebration mode.  I also knew that my Facebook page and blog were going to be quite popular with the “I told you so” comments.

I was correct.  Not only were there plenty of comments about the situation and questions about what happens next, but thrown in were the regular attacks on Ford for being; fat, boorish, dumb, uncultured, uneducated, balding and ignorant.  Whew.  Such attacks for a man who was voted in as Mayor or Toronto and was removed over $3100 which he never received but which went to an organization which helps children.  I guarantee no-one in Toronto would have ever done this to previous Mayor David Miller.  Never.

Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, the man who brought Paul Magder and Clayton Ruby together to bring down Ford in this conflict-of-interest court battle is a labour relations specialist for the association representing Ontario civil servants claims.  On his Twitter feed he states that he is a “non-profit exec” and “an advocate for strong communities and accountable government”.

Chaleff-Freudenthaler was a regular fixture around City Hall when David Miller was in power and he was a part of Olivia Chow’s Toronto Youth Cabinet.  As a union-employee and given Ford’s anti-union attitudes in Toronto (TTC, garbage collection, employees, etc) it’s no surprise that this played out the way it did.

You can read the entirety of the judge’s decision here.

The decision created an uncertain situation at Toronto City Hall.  Next steps will depend on the success of the Ford’s appeal and, if successful, the length of the ensuing court process.  If his appeal is not granted or is unsuccessful, Toronto City Council will either call a by-election or name someone as the interim Mayor for the duration of the term.  Already posturing for this interim role is the left-wing hope, Adam Vaughan, who speaks very well, rarely raises his voice, asks great questions and is slowly selling out the downtown core that is his ward to developers.

Even my left-leaning City Councillor, Joe Mihevc couldn’t hold back the giggles as he stated “Justice was done. There is not a law for people with power and those who don’t have power–it’s the same law. If you are the mayor of this city you have to respect conflict of interest legislation.”  Bad for Toronto, but great for the left-wing block in a non-partisan municipal government.

As Mayor, Ford provided the city with much less leadership than many had expected from him, instead finding him caught up in left vs. right politics and picking fights with anyone who dared to question or delay his clear vision on how Toronto should be run.  Granted, there were many on council like my own councillor Joe Mihevc who were ready for fighting from the day Ford was named Mayor.  With a council stacked with left-wing councillors, and the Toronto Star peeking in his backyard, Ford could do not right and the lefties attacked like never before.  Ford is too fat, he didn’t lose enough weight, he was not smart enough, he spent too much time on football, he was too tight with his brother… The list is seemingly endless and the public attacks on Ford were justified again and again by folks in downtown Toronto who Ford called “Commie Pinkos” and they felt that Ford discredited the city by being mayor, something I never understood.

Look at the alternative in the past election, George Smitherman.  Fresh off blowing $1 billion dollars of taxpayers money as deputy premier and former Minister of Health, the eHealth fiasco was the tip of the iceberg for the Ontario Liberal Party, yet somehow those in downtown Toronto felt Smitherman would be a better choice that Ford.  Maybe they could look past the horrid fiscal mismanagement and lack of apparent leadership but most Torontonians could not.  Smitherman as Mayor would mean tax, upon tax, upon tax.  Toronto would be bankrupt, but Smitherman would look good, eh?

Personally, I never found Ford to be the Mayor-type.  I recall his drunken outburst at a Leafs game quite a while back and I know he’s had some issues both personally and professionally, but Toronto was facing a major cash-crunch, property tax increases of 3% a year were the easy solution for the previous Mayor David Miller and a fiscal conservative was needed to get the books in order.   With no other choices, Toronto selected the one who pledged to “respect taxpayers” and Ford was brought to power.

Rough, crude, abrasive and brutish, Ford fought with everyone not because his views were unpopular, but because every decision he made was so heavily scrutinized in the left-leaning media that he was forced to defend each issue which he did a poor job of.  It got so out of control that even author Margaret Atwood was brought into the fray when Ford said that he was looking for “gravy” – or areas where he could reduce expenses by closing or selling off assets that the City owned or operated that he felt the City should not be responsible for.

Was it wrong to look at parts of the City where there were libraries very close to each other and suggest that one be closed and the other used instead?  Absolutely not, unless you’re a right-wing politician, then you are deemed to be anti-literature and next thing you know there are polls showing that Ms. Atwood would be a better choice for mayor.  That public outcry on this issue was embarrassing to the City.  The thought that a professional author could run a city was as asinine as suggesting that a councillor could write best-selling novels, yet the downtown Toronto folks lapped it up.

Was it wrong for Ford to contract out garbage pick-up in order to save money?  Not at all, and because this has also turned into a major service upgrade, no one complains.  How about contracting out the cleaning of TTC buses?  Another Ford suggestion which was faced with fire from unions only because they know that if taxpayers knew the TTC paid their unionized workers upwards of $80.00 and hour to clean only 2-buses on their shift, there would be an outcry.  Contracting this out may go against the unions but the cost-savings would be huge.

And was Ford wrong to suggest that Toronto needs subways, not LRT’s?  Again, no.  Toronto wants to be a world-class city but at the current pace and costs we’ll never see coverage of this expanding city in our lifetime.  Unionized workers are too expensive and take too long and Toronto cannot afford it, and Ontario blew all their money on stupid decisions not called eHealth but might be related to powerplants and buying elections so they cannot contribute.  Things were moving forward until Karen Stintz stepped in the way, drawing the ire of the Ford brothers and forcing on Toronto what they do not want.

It’s been a challenge for Ford, that’s no lie, and he’s played right into the hands of those who don’t want him there.  Instead of hiring people to act as buffers he preferred to lead as he always had as a long-serving councillor and that meant some bumps in the road, gaffs, and lots of photo-ops of him with a double chin and naked in a Toronto magazine that I will not mention here.

At the end of the day, no matter who the mayor of Toronto is, the left vs. right conflict has to come to an end.  Councillors are supposed to be non-partisan and should be serving their constituents and finding ways to expand transit, reduce gridlock, keep neighbourhoods safe, while preserving the history of the city and not wasting the taxpayers hard-earned money.  Our city should not be divided for political purposes between left-wing and right-wing or by downtown vs the suburbs.  We are all residents of Toronto and no matter where you live you should be able to receive answers to your questions and see progress in making this city more accessible and not wasting your tax dollars.

As an aside, see what punishment other Canadian Mayors in conflicts of interest situations received, here;

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If being left-handed is now fully accepted by society, why is being right-wing politically still frowned up?


I am not just an urban daddy, I am “the” urban daddy. The one you enjoy reading about in private because you never comment, and hopefully one day we’ll get a chance to see me in person so I can thank you for the continued support and so you can see that I’m a pretty cool guy. I’m a husband and a father. I have opinions and I try to make my point(s) known without upsetting people. Truth be told, I detest confrontation. 

I’m also left-handed.

Growing up, being left-handed was… different. I couldn’t get anyone to teach me to tie my shoe laces until I was almost 7. I hold my pen / pencil oddly and I can throw a baseball with pinpoint accuracy.  I’m about as much of a lefty as one can be.  My left leg is my dominant leg, I use my right eye to look through holes even though I need to use my right hand to operate my mouse or a joystick from one of those old style video game machines.

When in University I embraced my left-ness and set up a club there for left-handed students. Received official club status, an office, some funding and we had a cause.  Did you know the left-handed seats are on the far left side of most lecture halls. Too bad if you want to sit in the middle or in the front, because if you do, you have to contort yourself awkwardly and write across your body.

Over the years, however, we, as lefties have adapted. We have become accustomed to using your right-handed scissors and we have gotten used to opening doors with our right hands. You wonder why lefties are more injury prone… That’s why.  We’re constantly going against the norms numerous times a day, each and every day.

So what’s up with the stigma of being right-wing in my political views???

That is still taboo… VERY taboo, actually.

Support Prime Minister Stephen Harper, or Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and you’re seen as satan. I suspect, folks on the left look at us as being far right extremists, who deny women their basic rights, hate homosexuals and want to send immigrants back to their “homes”. but that line of thought is as outdated at the one saying left-handedness is akin to being a devil worshipper.

Do I assume all left-wing supporters love unions… Well, yes, actually I do. You do, don’t you?

My view to the right has always been purely market driven. Business and wealth begets more wealth, and if you want to be wealthy – the American dream – you need to earn it! Educate yourself, create something, or earn it working one job, 2 jobs… Whatever it takes. No one is going to give it to you, so don’t expect it.  No jobs for life here.

As for the typical left-wing propaganda that right-wing political views favour “traditional” marriage, do not agree with homosexuality, or are pro-life only, etc. Who are I, to tell someone who they can or cannot marry and who they can and cannot love. Who created the concept of marriage anyways?!? and why do we all need to follow it?  When I wake up in the morning I look at my family and myself and I’m way to busy to care about what others do, a sentiment among my fellow right-wing supporters. 

So what I’m getting at, is that the view that every right-wing person is an extremist, hating on others, is outdated. It should be okay to have views that lean this way, much as we, as Canadians, have tolerated the left-wing view only life to become the norm. Professors in Universities, unions, CBC and the Toronto Star. All these media sources lean very far to the left and detest those on the right not for what is being discussed but for the fact the views are not left-wing.

I worked in a union for over 10 years. I get it. I see the way unions work – not the people themselves, but the big union machine, the way they get out the message, the us vs them mentality. I see the way the unions tried to hijack the Occupy movement in order to stay relevent. I see their threats to strike, to hold the city hostage to keep their way of thinking as if it’s the only one.  I’m a firm believer that union support and union backing turns workers in non-workers for fear that they work too hard and give their “brothers and sisters” a bad name.  It’s true, and it’s garbage.

Recently I came across some blogs based on local Toronto politics and as much as I enjoy reading them, I found the majority of the posts annoyed the crap out of me. Rob Ford this, Rob Ford that… He’s cutting stuff. He was going to cut stuff… He’s a liar… He’s fat… and so it goes on. This group talks about how easy it is to run a City the size of Toronto (errr, 7th largest City in North America, folks!) and they refer back to how gret David Miller was. When I mention how horrible I thought Miller was for Toronto, they gasp and look at me like… Like I’m left-handed and it’s 35 years ago.  Like I am asking for a left-handed desk in the front or middle of the lecture hall.

The war in Toronto against the unions is not a war on socialism and it comes as no surprise to those on the right that it was gearing up this way.  We saw it in Greece and we see it happening all over the world where someone has to pay for the benefits being handed out to the citizens and with government debts and deficits growing faster and faster, instead of foregoing those benefits there is some expectation that the “rich” or the businesses will come to the rescue with their hard-earned money.

In this case, I’m not asking all left-wing take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor sympathizers to agree that this option is no longer feasible but I am asking for them to come to the table and acknowledge this is actually a problem.  I would be curious to see what they feel is the answer.

You see when I stood in the middle of the University with a petition asking for some left-handed seats to be sprinkled in the midst of the sea of right-handed seats I received full-support from almost all left-handed students and upon explaining the issue – which almost all right-handed students were not aware of – I received a ton of support from them too.  All in all, over a week, I presented over 1200 signatures.

I think the right-handed students were shocked to believe that us lefties were cast to the side and not given any choices.  Much in the same way Toronto has allowed its views on politics to be governed by the left too much, not even considering that there is a view on the right.

So I take to my soapbox again, not with the view to change the world, but just to make Torontonians aware that the news in Toronto is VERY slanted to the left and as such don’t always believe what you read.  Keep an open mind…

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So how then, do we clean up this mess?

Boy, am I frustrated. I see tweets, status updates and posts on Facebook from all these really smart people – much smarter than me – who have all the solutions for how to handle Toronto’s almost $800 million dollar budget shortfall.

The common theme: Ignore it. David Miller ignored it and he’s a lawyer. He’s smart. He probably even goes into libraries. GASP. Rob Ford is fat. Him and his brother don’t use libraries. Therefore they don’t know what they are talking about.

David Miller was a New Democrat in every sense of the word. Rob Ford is (shame) Conservative. Ford runs a business and wants to run Toronto like a business. Toronto is NOT a business cries the left. Toronto is our city. Toronto is also our city that is going bankrupt because it does not have enough money to meet its current obligations.

Toronto needs to balance its books. Most in this city would agree. However the way to balance the books differs greatly across the spectrum. The view from the left is to not touch social programs and keep that spending set, but make up the difference by taxing the “wealthy”. Let those SOB’s pay! Good for nothing rich folks. The right, however, want to look at what the City is really responsible for, and trim some of the fat associated with the city’s duties. Do we need 32 librarians making over $100,000/year? Probably not.

I feel the biggest issue here is that people from the left think that Mayor Ford wants to cut, cut, cut and that once all the social programs are cut there will be nothing left for the poor, but that could not be further from the truth. What the Mayor as said repeatedly – however maybe not clear enough – is that the City needs to look at what the city offers first and foremost to see if the city needs to be in that line of business.

Should the city be funding parades? Should the city be contributing money for festivals? How about checking into city run organizations to make sure that there is enough work for the staff to do and that all the positions are needed. Not only is that fiscally responsible but it is morally responsible for this Mayor’s office and city council to do these checks and balances since the majority of the funding they get is from taxes of you and of me.

And as for the fact that there seems to be some sort of tie in between the “rich” and “conservatism”, it might have something to do with the fact that those who have more money pay more taxes. End of story. Sure they may pay less income tax than others, but property taxes are huge and growing and then there are all the additional consumption taxes that are being gathered from this class of Torontonian. To piss them off could mean a sudden mass move from Toronto to surrounding areas and their tax dollars too.

Surely even those on the left who want equality among all citizens even can admit that having wealthy and ultra-wealthy in the city is a boon for the rest of us as their taxes go a long way to keeping this city moving.

So I have clearly given a lot of thought to the predicament the City of Toronto is in, and I look around the world at countries in deep financial hardship like Greece – due to their unions and retirement at 52 years old – and Iceland, and all the countries seeking bailouts, then I look south of our border to the US where there is a deep divide between the democrats and republicans over how to get the US out of trouble and I worry.

I worry that in Toronto we are going to get caught up in the troubles they have in the US and that is going to delay out way out of this crisis and eventually push it on to our children and their children.

I think socialists, liberals and conservatives alike can all agree that there are few viable options aside from either cutting spending or increasing revenues.

Every time Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford announces he is looking at ways to cut expenditures, he has always said that; “Toronto does not have a revenue problem”, at which point, up pop the socialists who demand that he not cut anything that they like. They say no to libraries, zoo’s, farms, the TTC, programs, grants… the whole lot. As a matter of fact, I have not heard one viable way to get out of this mess from any of my friends on the left.

I wonder if in 1974 when Riverdale Farm was closed for almost 5 years, if residents blamed the mayor and said that the local government was chasing away tourism or taking the “culture out of Toronto”. I happen to think that the 1.8 million visitors to Riverdale might be better to turn their tourism dollars over to the Toronto Zoo which desperately needs funds too, or is that thinking too far forward? Does the City even need to run the Toronto Zoo? Does the City of Vaughan run Canada’s Wonderland? No, it’s run by private interests. Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, I believe.

Yes there are more Tim Horton’s than Libraries in Councillor Doug Ford’s ward, but there are 3 within a few blocks of each other and that seems like a waste. I know on Avenue Road, there were 3 TD Banks within 3 blocks of each other and fast forward a year later, now there is one amazing state of the art branch and the other 2 locations were sold off and taken as a huge profit to the bank. Why can’t the city do this without getting flack for wanting to destroy the culture of the city. He’s not closing ALL the libraries… He’s consolidating them and putting the city in a better position to upgrade the remaining ones.

My point… Even though some things are done a certain way, it doesn’t make it right. Would you consider moving to a new house without selling your old one? No, because it doesn’t make sense, so keeping old outdated libraries just because Margaret Atwood thinks it is important – as an author – doesn’t mean it makes sense.

I think it’s time we, as Torontonians take her words and the words of others for what they are… Opinions of interest groups. Atwood has an interest in libraries as an author – probably not the same interest she has in selling her books, but she has a cause. As a staunch supporter of the NDP and their policies, it is her requirement to stir the pot at City Hall in order to make the Ford’s look goofy. Much in the same way other interest groups have stepped forward to gain support for their causes. I would never consider Atwood for the mayor of this city, much in the same way I would not look to the Ford’s to write children’s books.

Can anyone truly stand back and watch something they believe in or like be cut for the betterment of all of society? Heck no. I think if Atwood took a step back and realized the dire straights the city’s financial records are in she would give a second thought to all options for reducing expenses and if she has a better solution that cutting waste, then let’s hear it.

I, for one, as a conservative, think that putting our head in the sand and hoping this goes away is the worst approach to take and I do object to increased taxes because I already pay a lot, but if after exhausting all means for cutting expenses, increasing my taxes for a short-term to make ends meet is the only way to balance the books, then sign me up and fast.

As a citizen of Toronto who has participated in this process by being involved in residents groups, considered running for city councilor and helps my community in any way needed, I just want to know that the current mayor has looked under every rock for ways to save money before coming to me for more taxes. Yes, I do pay more because I choose to live in a bigger house in a nicer neighbourhood, and that is my choice. Paying additional taxes to keep 3 libraries open 3 blocks from each other is wasteful and I wouldn’t waste that kind of money personally, nor would I expect my staff or my employer to accept that kind of waste, so why would I tolerate that from the City that I live in.

So my message to you, mayor Ford, is to keep finding ways to save the city money, keep those programs open and keep helping others. If after all your work you still need some additional tax money from me, I will gladly pay it and consider it money well spent, helping those less fortunate.

It’s a welcome change from the previous left-leaning governments who spend, spend and spend without a substantial plan on how to pay for everything.

The last thing we need right now are special interest groups gathering resources to protect their own interests and not look at the big picture. We are one city. One large city in deep financial crisis. If we take the Atwood approach: She had this to say in the Toronto Star; “Expressing contempt for creative people turns people away from Toronto as a venue, and that’s a pretty serious consideration. If you’re thinking of having a convention, you’re thinking of having a concert, you’re thinking of going to a festival, and that’s the attitude? Why wouldn’t you spend your dollars somewhere else.” So she takes the attitude that if getting finances in order means touching anything “cultural” then stay away from Toronto. So she really does not like Toronto if she is that closed minded to want to damage the city she weeks ago cared so deeply for.

“You start with tossing off latte drinkers, gay Pride and bicycle riders and me, what’s the message? The message is: ‘We don’t want you people here.’ I’m sure Hamilton or Burlington or Oshawa would be very happy if some of those festivals and conventions moved there. Why shouldn’t I spend my creative dollar in New York if I’m not welcome in Toronto?” Does she really take herself that seriously that she thinks people are going to stop spending their money in Toronto because a Councillor doesn’t know who she is? Really, Margaret? Does she also think that all the large corporations and organizations in Toronto are going to pick up their people and ship them to Oshawa or Guelph because the City of Toronto wants to cut waste? That has to be the dumbest comment I have ever heard. No wonder the Star carried this story.

Maybe there is a bit of irony in the fact that Ford, as Toronto mayor wants to stop funding non-core items, yet Atwood who has become an opponent to the mayor’s office was busy writing, “in the woods, without electricity,” last week when this all stated. She wasn’t even in the city! So who is she speaking for? The downtown elite, or herself?

I think every time I see someone criticize the mayor’s office for being thorough investigating ways to save money in the city and for looking at core business services they are cutting off their noses in spite of their faces. Is it really so bad that they want to balance the books now… For good, so that your children and your children’s children won’t be saddled with your debt and our parents debt wondering why we didn’t do anything when we had the chance.

I suspect if this was left to fester again, in Miller-like fashion, future generations will be calling us the greedy generation – too caught up in our own self interests to help others.

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Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

As 2011 rolls along (project 365, as someone called it) I’m wondering where all the Rob Ford haters are right now. They sure have been quiet since the kerfuffle over Don Cherry calling them “pinkos”. I hope they were not actually offended?!?

I gather they are quiet because since Ford took power he has;

Made the TTC an essential service.
Put Councillor (future mayor and my old City Councillor) Karen Stintz in charge of the TTC
Removed the $60.00 “fee” (I prefer to call it a tax) on registering a vehicle in Toronto
Moving to remove the Land Transfer Tax
Announced he is moving to remove the bag tax of $0.05 for plastic bags purchased in Toronto (if council wants to)
Stopped sending our garbage to Michigan.
Cut Councillors expense accounts from $52,000 a year to $30,000 a year(the taxpayers money councillors spend on stuff)

And he announced that he is not anti-bike and will be unveiling more and safer bike routes for the biking community in Toronto.
He is not done considering a light-rail / subway for Eglinton connecting Scarborough to the airport
and his resolution for 2011 is to lose sme weight.

Not bad.
Saving us taxpayers some money and removing stupid hidden taxes put in place by David Miller.
How awful of him…
I remember the night of his election people tweeting that they were going to move out of Toronto because this was going to destroy the city… Yup.

So I’m going to take a moment and put on my left-wing hat, and figure out how I would reply to this post.
I would probably reply with this comment, saving you all the time to have to type it for yourself;

“Yes Urban Daddy, you right-wing capitalist bastard, he’s cutting taxes but how is he going to pay for services? I’ll tell you… He’s going to cut services and apply userfees!”

Well, Lefties (and I am left-handed so do be offended) I would like present this case in my defense of not wanting to tax the rich to give to the poor… Your hero, David Miller put in place all these taxes and fees because he wanted to point out how poorly the previous mayor treated the city and to pay for all his giving to make every Torontonion equal… Then upon stepping down from being mayor, in order to preserve his “legacy” he announced that he left the city better than it was when he took over, with a surplus! Pardon me.
surplus would mean his additional taxes needed to run the city were either a cruel joke or a huge miscalculation of the debits and credits at City Hall.

That’s like me running a free swimming pool, then suddenly charging users $10.00 a visit because without it the pool will have to close, then after doing this for 5 years saying, Look everyone, I have $2 million extra dollars in the bank”… Not nice!

So I for one am happy that for dinner last night there was no gravy. Staying away from that stuff can help me shed some pounds… That and not wearing pink!


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The biggest asshole of 2009?

Besides me.

Was it:

Kanye West – hammered singer steals Taylor Swift’s thunder at an award show and reveals what an asshole he is.

Gilbert Arenas – points a gun at a teammate in the basketball team’s locker room in a dispute over a gambling debt.

Chris Brown – beats up his girlfriend, sig=nger Rhianna.

Jon Gosselin – Leaves his wife after raising 8 kids because he’s tired of  her being mean to him.  Awwww.

Tiger Woods – 13 mistresses ranging from porn stars to hookers.

Or is there someone else that stood out in your mind?  Toronto Mayor David Miller?  He did allow that strike / garbage dump in the middle of a kids day camp…