So how then, do we clean up this mess?

Boy, am I frustrated. I see tweets, status updates and posts on Facebook from all these really smart people – much smarter than me – who have all the solutions for how to handle Toronto’s almost $800 million dollar budget shortfall. The common theme: Ignore it. David Miller ignored it and he’s a lawyer. He’s […]

Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

As 2011 rolls along (project 365, as someone called it) I’m wondering where all the Rob Ford haters are right now. They sure have been quiet since the kerfuffle over Don Cherry calling them “pinkos”. I hope they were not actually offended?!? I gather they are quiet because since Ford took power he has; Made […]

The biggest asshole of 2009?

Besides me. Was it: Kanye West – hammered singer steals Taylor Swift’s thunder at an award show and reveals what an asshole he is. Gilbert Arenas – points a gun at a teammate in the basketball team’s locker room in a dispute over a gambling debt. Chris Brown – beats up his girlfriend, sig=nger Rhianna. […]