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Thursday Thirteen – Wrestling Edition

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is going to be all about Wrestling. With the Royal Rumble just last weekend and TNA Impact undergoing some sort of transformation I thought it might be a good time to air my thoughts and get some feedback from the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community).

So sit back, take your vitamins, say your prayers and don’t make me F5 you!

  1. Is it TNA or Impact? I watch these shows each and every week and I hope they are able to pull through, but after all these years I still don’t get it. For example, it’s “TNA Genesis”, and the World title belt says “TNA” on it, but the turnbuckles and ring apron say “Impact Wrestling”.

  2. Austin Aries is fantastic! This guy is gold. He reminds me of a young Ric Flair but he needs to stay in TNA. He’s the King there… He is someone who I would pay to see!

  3. I can understand why CM Punk left the WWE. Batista, Brock Lesner, the New (Old) Age Outlaws… Listen to the fans. They detest these guys. They’re boring. They’re old. I don’t want to see them more than once. I don’t want to even see them in a match beating 3MB.

  4. Speaking of 3MB… Is it not time for Drew McIntyre to step up and out of the group. He reminds me of a thinner Barry Windham. I could see them in matches and Drew doing all the work then developing a nasty attitude and taking off on his own. He could be a Paul Heyman guy!

  5. TNA / Impact does a terrible job of character development. I’ll fast forward through Gunner, and even Bobby Roode and James Storm lack charisma.  Plus, the Bro Mans???  How did that just sneak out of nowhere…

  6. Still on TNA / Impact – What’s up with the title changes? They come at the worst time. Gail Kim on a roll – destroying everyone in sight, and then back comes Madison Rayne who was a villain last time we saw her, and then boom. Title change.

  7. BroMans? Really?  I think the problem here is that I have been having a hard time taking them seriously based on their character development.  Then they become champs, and added Zena Ion, and now it seems they are just getting to that point where they look like a tag team.

  8. What’s up with the Daniel Bryan Wyatt thing? The build up was long and obvious, and then it happened and then it unhappened.  It doesn’t get mentioned, and now Bryan is back fighting the “Authority” and Bray Wyatt is all over the World title scene.  How?  Why?  I think they need to cover up this mess by having the Wyatt’s add another member coming into the fold / cult.

5.  Rumour has it that Sting has signed with the WWE.  Why?  It feels like it’s too little too late, no?  He’s old, wrestles with a t-shirt on and has been beaten by EC3 and other WWE cast-offs.

4.  Naomi.  She is the real deal.  Naomi vs. AJ and then Naomi taking off as pretty much the only female wrestler on the roster not named Tamina Snuka.  Then after so ass-kicking they can remove the “Divas” championship and bring back the “Woman’s” title.

3.  Dolph Ziggler is the real deal.  He needs to emulate Shawn Michaels and please, lose that pink hair!  He is the other guy I would pay to watch live because he works his butt off and takes all the bumps.  He’s a main eventer!

2.  So is Danial Bryan if they would let him go…  and so is Cody Rhodes!

1.  I appreciate that MVP has come in to save TNA / Impact but we’ve seen this gimmick before and it didn’t work.  I hope this doesn’t bust like the Shockmaster, but I hope it helps generate more interest and keeps the product alive.  TNA / Impact is NOT the WWE.  Never will be, but old WWE stars need somewhere to go

Honourable mention to the camerawork in the WWE.  They have got to STOP the in-and-out camera work.  It’s frustrating, annoying and makes it hard to watch the action!


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Ahhh, Sunday. Parenting is over for the weekend and the world has gone bananas.

It’s Sunday night, the kids are in bed, my wife is asleep and I’m getting ready for another busy week at the office and at home.  I have ball hockey this week and I was going to go for a run but I’m too fricking tired (or lazy) to get out, and I even fixed up the music on my iPod for the run.  I was hoping to be wide awake tonight, I had a large coffee at 4pm, and I took my vitamin late tonight but after spending the weekend looking after my kiddos while my wife worked, I was more tired than I thought.

On the plus side, Star Wars had been on TV all day today!

As a family, we played it easy and tight this weekend, allowing the kids an opportunity to play at home, together and relax instead of all the programming / birthday parties.  I even kept them home from karate again this week.  The weekend flew by, and now it’s after midnight and it leaves me with little time to I clean up the house for the upcoming week.  I still need to shower!!!

But as I get ready for bed, and by get ready I mean shower, shave, floss and brush, I wonder what event of this evening left the biggest impact on me; That North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died or that Daniel Bryan won the WWE world heavyweight champion…Didn’t see either of those coming, really. 

Good old Mick Foley (@realmickfoley) summed it up best when he tweeted this;

“Just heard that Kim Jong il had a heart attack when told that @WWEDanielBryan was new World Champion – he’d always admired Daniel’s ROH work.”
He He He.
I found this out on Twitter – thank you Twittersphere – and understand that Kim’s son, Kim Jong Un is taking over the country and he’s in his 20’s.  OY.  South Korea is on notice, their stock market is low as a result.  Can’t everyone just get along? 
Reports indicate that he may have died on Saturday, or that the reported cause of death is fatigue which caused a massive heart attack.  Something about working really hard for the people of North Korea  Ummm, yeah, okay.  I think the news media is just being nice, and cautious, in case he’s really not dead.  This guy was suspected of being dead already in 2011.  He had cancer, then diabetes, then a heart attack… He’s been reported to have had it all, but apparently this is it.  He’s done.  What will this mean for the citizens of North Korea?
I like the concern from the PR department of the Death Star (@deathstarPR);
“Kim Jong Il is dead. Who will be brave/insane enough to build Earth’s first Death Star now that he’s gone?”
So 2011 has been a busy year, eh?  Dead: Osama bin Laden, Muammar al-Qaddafi, and Kim Jong Il. Ousted: Hosni Mubarak, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and Ali Adullah.  
It’s also a bad day to die, as Vaclav Havel did, he the first President of the Czech Republic, post communism.  He was a playwright who started the “Velvet Revolution” which was a peaceful revolution that brought down communism in the Czech Republic and as a result, was voted president of that country.  He died today at the age of 75. 
I had actually never heard of him, nor this other guy who died 3 days ago; 

Christopher Hitchens, the engaging and enraging British-American author and essayist whose polemical writings on religion, politics, war and other provocations established him as one of his generation’s most robust public intellectuals, has died. He was 62.

So if he was one of his generations most robust public intellectuals, how come I had never heard of him?   Ever.  Considering my love of pop culture and knowing shit that I really shouldn’t know or even care about, I have never ever heard this guys name…

I’m going to have to research this one!

And the last news item I seemed to have missed is just getting started actually, and it has to do with a boycott of Chiquita Bananas after apparently the company, Chiquita Brands International, dissed us Canadians by themselves boycotting any crude oil that comes from the Alberta Oil Sands.  Chiquita has made a decision to rely on “conflict oil from some of the world’s most odious regimes.”

Some special interest group in need of a cause called ForestEthics announced Thursday it was working with the U.S. company to eliminate shipping of Chiquita bananas with fuel from refineries that use the crude.  So better to get your oil from countries that keep the riches in the “royal families” and who persecute their citizens, eh?  Even Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney tweeted Saturday night: “I gather that Chiquita Bananas has no problem with Iranian oil, but is boycotting Canadian oil. No more Chiquita bananas for me.”

I think it might have some traction…

Go bananas!  The rest of the world is!

Chiquita Brands International
Image via Wikipedia