Manchester Tragedy Crossed The Line

What happened last night in Manchester, England crossed the line.

The cowardly killing of innocent children – mainly girls – by a (hate to quote the US President, but I have to) LOSER, has repulsed pretty much every living and breathing person with a heart and a pulse.

The fact that this loser waited until the end of the show…

Ah, forget it.

He’s a loser.  A murderer.  A coward.  He deserves to be dead.  His victims do not.  He’s not going to heaven, he’s not getting any virgins.  He’s going to rot like the worthless piece of trash that he was.

Now the UK needs to do this right and they need to go round up anyone and everyone who knew him, who taught him, who called him a friend, or a family and they need to send the message that friends of losers and family of losers and teachers of losers are losers too.

The UK need to act fast and act swiftly, and go through their list of “suspected” losers and round them up now.  Screw their human rights.  Honestly.  They’re on the government’s watch list not because they’ve been good citizens but because they’re potential criminals, talking to bad evil guys and because they’re going to do something bad.

It’s time to take action for the safety of society.  Reasoning and rationalizing, sympathizing and understanding, banning and stereotyping and not the options that are going to bring a close to this problem.

Speaking up and being a solid contributing member of society will.

To each and every hero who helped the sick, dying, hurt and scared last night, I say thank you a thousand times.  It’s your courage and your kindness and your compassion which keep everyone’s faith in society.

If I believed in hell, I’d say rot in hell, losers.

I just hope and pray that we can continue to keep our kids safe, teach them right from wrong, and that we need to be a kind, supporting, inclusive society so losers don’t feel that they need to cowardly take their own lives and those of little girls and other people.



I will not be broken!!!

I will not be broken by you, little girl.

You will not break me.

You can try.

It’s NOT going to happen.

You can stay up all night with your little upset tummy, trying hard to poo, crying and waking up the house, letting me sleep for 3 hours for 2 of the last 3 nights, but that will not break me.

You can keep your mummy up all night and all day and wiggle a lot while feeding and hurt her, but she too will not be broken.

Check with your older brother, not the oldest, but the older one. He herniated a disk in my back because he needed to be held – he was up every 2-3 hours for the first 10 months of his life.

He did not break us.

Neither will you!

And I know last night you cried every time you were laying flat because your tummy hurt, but the rest of the time you were really cute and smiley and you said “hi” a few times. Adorable. You and I even fell asleep in the couch in the living room for an hour.

So let me tell you again, Berry, that I enjoy spending time with you at night since I don’t see much of you during the day, and if I have to take you in the car at 1:30am, for an hour, like I did 2 nights ago for the first time ever, I will.

But you will not get the best of me.