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Coming Clean: Ketchup vs. Mustard

On the weekend I was asked the most absurd question in many a year.

I was offered a deli sandwich and asked if I wanted Ketchup or Mustard on it.


Everyone knows that deli meats go on rye bread with mustard.

Ketchup was meant for burgers, fries, eggs, hotdogs (with sauerkraut), and kraft dinner.

Ketchup does NOT go on deli meat, in the same way that mustard, well, mustard goes on deli, and pretzels.


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Parenting: Still Smarter than a 6-year-old, but maybe not my 6-year-old…

A couple of days ago on my Facebook page, I posted a story about how I’m smarter than a apple

Here is the post;

Phew! Still smarter than a 6yo.

My 6yo and 3yo were fighting over apples tonight.  Each wanted their own for snack, however both kids are exhausted which means I would have pieces of 2 brown apples turning up later tonight when neither of them finished their entire apples.

So I deferred to them to figure out how to split the one apple they get for snack.

6yo Stewie decided that since he’s bigger he should get 6 pieces of apple while little Boo gets 3 pieces.

“Are you sure?”, I asked?  “Is that splitting the apple and sharing?”

“It’s fair”, he said “and that is what I decided.”

“Okay” was my response.

So I cut the apple into quarters and gave 3 of the quarters to Boo, in a bowl, then I took the last quarter and cut it into 6 small slices.

There. 3 pieces for Boo and 6 for Stewie.

Point taken!

Score one for the Daddy!!!

Update: So while I was patting myself on the back for being the smartest daddy on the block, I failed to check the table to make sure they finished their apples.


When I did check, I saw that Stewie easily finished his quarter apple, however, Boo only ate half of one of the quarters of the apples she was given.  No wonder Stewie was so smug when I made that decision.  He knew his sister wasn’t going to eat 3/4ers of an apple.

So to be sure he didn’t find out, I ate the rest of her now browning apple…

Then I blogged about it.

The perfect dinner for picky kids!

English: Japanese Miso Soup in Hamamatsu, Japan
Looks something like this stock photo but with WAY more ingredients! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have picky eaters in your household?

Always looking to balance out their meals?  Do they eat too many carbohydrates?  Not enough protein?  Too many fruits and not enough veggies?  Have a kid too skinny?  Or one who needs to cut back?

Well we had the perfect dinner last night for the picky eaters in our household:

Miso Soup: Full of soba noodles, re-hydrated mushrooms blended up so they cannot be detected in the soup (plus a few large chunks for the adults – which the kids remove), bok choy, nori, egg, green onions and chunks of tofu.

Plenty of protein.  Green veggies.  Carbs.  And a bowl is a meal!

They all loved it!  Especially considering the other meal option that we offered that night, and every night, to be exact.

We’re not a restaurant, right folks!

Option 2:

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) with a side of; “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!”

So like I said… The soup was a big hit!

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Cooking With Astro Yogourt, Urban Daddy Style

We love Astro Yogourt in The Urban Daddy household.  It’s natural, contains no gelatin and is kosher and for quite a few years now, Stewie would have a bowl of plain 1% or 2% Organic Astro Yogourt with either some sugar-free apple sauce in it, or plain with some sunflower seeds and fresh or frozen fruit.  “Yogourt and seeds” was then and still is now a potential breakfast, lunch and / or dinner.  For many days in that time frame, it was all three.

We went through so much yogourt it was hilarious.  We would buy 4-5 of the large containers a week to keep him fed.

So it only made sense when the amazing folks at Fleishman-Hillard ( reached out to see if myself and a guest wanted to join them for a morning at Nella Cucina ( in mid-town Toronto for an event called #CookingWithAstro.

Not being the best cook in the entire world but more than capable to read and follow a recipe or directions (ahem: baking class in high-school)  I went to the Astro Yogourt website ( to choose three recipes to prepare in our two-hour alloted time slot.  I wisely enlisted the services of my wife, to assist me in planning a feast, since she thankfully does all the mealplanning and cooking in our household.

The three dishes we chose from the Astro website were;

Nearly No Fat Fudge Brownies –

Shrimp Corn Chowder –

Tandoori Roasted Salmon with Biryani Vegetables and Coconut Curry Sauce –

Being kosher at home and my wife a vegetarian and well on her way to becoming a holistic nutritionist, she altered the recipes to make them more family-friendly for us.  For the brownies, we removed the water and added orange juice.  For the shrimp corn chowder, we removed the bacon, shrimp and clam juice and we used low sodium vegetable broth and tofu and a lot of colourful peppers instead, and for the tandoori salmon, the only thing we did was replace some of the heavy cream with yogourt.

So on the day of the event, we headed over to Nella Cucina – a high-end kitchen supply store with absolutely everything you could ever want or dream of having in a kitchen in stock and went upstairs to their professional teaching kitchen on the top floor.  There, we were greated by folks from Fleishman Hillard, Nella Cucina and of course, Astro Yogourt.

We chose our cooking station in the middle of the room, received a quick tour of the facilities from Nella Cucini’s Elyse Glaser and Professional Chef Mary Catherine Anderson  @mc_cooks ( .  We then wasted no time in getting into the recipes, starting with the brownies first.

We sifted, mixed, stirred, cooked, roasted, chopped and zested away on our three recipes far longer than the 2 hours we were scheduled for.  We actually finished these fabulous dishes in just under 3 hours which meant a couple of trips downstairs to the parking meter, and a whole new appreciation for the fantastic meals that my wife cooks for the family at night.  After the three hours I was exhausted!  My wife was still motoring through the dishes, offering up her tofu corn chowder for sampling to everyone still around.

I was chatting with @SympaticoLife and Cynthia from  @DelectablyChic among others to see what fantastic creations they were making.  She put up a great post about the event and took some great pictures;  I wanted to take pictures but clearly underestimated the length of time needed to cook the dishes and once I realized I needed pictures of the finished products everyone else was turning over the classroom for the next group and we really needed to leave – not that I felt that way at all, but I know when it’s time to go.

Once all was done, we packed everything up in the Tupperware and cooler that Astro Yogourt so kindly provided us with and headed home with a delicious dinner in hand and smiles on our faces.

Of course we told everyone we knew of this wonderful opportunity to cook with a product we use almost daily, and for the opportunity to have a professional chef available to assist and answer our questions.  We thank Astro for reaching out in the community to promote their products and for giving us the time to attend this event together and cook.  My wife’s recipes were incredible and we ate so well for the next 2 days.  Even 7-year-old Linus loved the Tandoori Salmon.  The biryani vegetables were out of this world and now I have a new resource to go to when I’m helping with meal planning.  If all the recipes tasted this good, then you should consider bookmarking it too.

I encouraged my wife to head over to the Astro Facebook page and enter her altered (or original) recipes to their “Astro Make it Original” contest site;!/astroyogourt.  She had to “like” that page, submit the three altered recipes we prepared, submit a picture of the dish with the Astro Original logo and share it with friends or strangers through whatever social media platforms we use.  By doing that she, and you, has a chance to win a Culinary Getaway to NYC for 2 courtesy of Astro Yogourt!  There are weekly prizes available too.

A huge thank you to the great folks at Fleishman-Hillard who assisted in getting this event rolling and including The Urban Daddy; specifically Megan Johnston, Megan Stoudt, Nare Tutundjian and Jacob Porpossian and to Angela Kanaris the Brand Manager, Astro Original.

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Randomness – Yet Quite a Lot about Behinds, Bums, and… Ass

Image of "baby-cut" carrots
Image of “baby-cut” carrots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got stuff on my mind – too much to post at once – but some things I need to let go of, so I dropped them here into a post entitled “randomness” and I waited until there were enough to post.  For those of you following my blog for any period of time you have already realized that I am unable to tell a story by getting right to the point.  There is always a story associated with it, some background, some clarification… It’s a terrible habit.

But here are some random thoughts which have been kicking around for a while – please feel free to chime in!

How do they get those cute little baby-cut carrots? I say they’re grown that way but Urban Mummy said the go through a little mini carrot lathe like machine which whittles them down to size.

Do you know?

If you do, do you still feed them to your kids?

I found out today, May 1st that they are specially modified carrots with more sweetness and artificial colour which are peeled and cut in 2 – the baby-cut carrots that is, the baby carrot are just that – baby carrots.  To keep the carrots from drying out because they are now peeled they are soaked in a water-chlorine mixture which is rinsed off before they are bagged.


I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’m going to have to run this by my wife who is just about completed her holistic nutrition certification…  Update at 11.

Why are there no Meat Loaf vending machines?

Chicken, veal, beef, pork, spicy, no salt, with gravy, or ketchup… The options are endless…

Should the band Green Day not write a song for St. Patrick‘s Day.  Would this be “their” day?!?

Saw an old draft I had from Chinese New Year – There was a place near my office offering up a “Traditional Chinese New Year lunch” which was advertised as a pulled pork on a bun and a chicken wrap. Huh?!?

I saw something the other day I had never seen before and hope to never see again.  There was a boy – less than 10 years old who was standing on his hands with his feet up against the wall right under the hand dryer at the kids swimming pool.  He was drying his ass…  Oh yes.  It’s not like the change room was empty either… It was packed full of other kids and parents who didn’t seem to notice – or couldn’t care to comment on the fact this was happening.

Both my boys walked by this – strange – child without blinking an eye.  We got into the hall, I was shaking my head the whole way when Stewie broke the silence with this gem;

“Did you see that boy blow drying his ass???  That was crazy!”

“Yes, yes it was, Stewie” I replied as the 3 of us walked out of the school shaking our heads.

“Ass”.  I didn’t even know he knew that word…

Just today on my way into the office there was a woman who had just gotten off the bus and was crossing Eglinton Avenue at the light.  I noticed her because she was wearing these huge boots that came over her knees and she had a tight black miniskirt which went about mid-thigh, and she had very long braided hair.  She was listening to music and was clearly oblivious to her surroundings because as soon as she got halfway into the intersection she must have realized that her panties were falling down because she took both hands, grabbed just below her hips and pulled those suckers right back too.

Too bad for her that in doing so she lifted her skirt up to her waist and the entire street got to see her bum cheeks hanging out of her black underwear as she fixed her stuff and adjusted her skirt back to mid-thigh level.

Without missing a beat.


What a way to start a morning!