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Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Passes Away After Lengthy Battle With Cancer.

News has just broken that current Toronto City Councillor, and former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has passed away at the age of 46, after an 18-month battle with cancer.

He leaves behind his wife, Renata, and two young children.Rob Ford

The Ward 2 City Councillor’s Chief of Staff had released a statement late Thursday night last week saying Ford’s family was by his side and that he would be in palative care while waiting for his body to strengthen enough before another round of chemotherapy.

Ford was diagnosed with cancer in September 2014. He then pulled out of the mayoral election campaign, opting to run for City Councillor instead which he easily won.

During Ford’s tenure as Mayor of North America’s 5th largest city, he gained worldwide noteriaty for his appearance, his strong fiscal conservative stance and his enjoyment of alcohol and drugs which were exposed by The Toronto Star.

Once under the microscope, Ford was regularly recorded when in public, and in his private life, reporters were stalking him at his home, peeking over his fence and taking pictures of him and his family inside.

He continued to make headline-grabbing comments about his sex life, and he admitted to crack cocaine and alcohol abuse which resulted in him being admitted to a rehab facility.

The Ford family has released the following statement:

With heavy hearts and profound sadness, the Ford family announces the passing of their beloved son, brother, husband, and father, Councillor Rob Ford earlier today at the age of 46.

A dedicated man of the people, Councillor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto.

The family asks that you respect their privacy and join them in their grieving and their prayers.

The family will not be making any statements to the media or taking any questions.

Information will follow at a later time regarding memorial services.


Current Mayor John Tory released the following statement:

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Rob Ford: husband, father, city councillor, and former mayor of Toronto.

The City is reeling with this news, and my thoughts are with his wife Renata and their two children, as well as Rob’s brothers Doug and Randy, his sister Kathy, his mother, Diane, and the rest of their tight-knit family, including TDSB Trustee Michael Ford.

I have known Rob Ford for many years. He was a man who spoke his mind and who ran for office because of the deeply felt convictions that he had. As a councillor, mayor and private citizen, Rob Ford reached out directly to people across the city with a phone call, an offer of advice or support, and I know there are many who were affected by his gregarious nature and approach to public service.

I had a chance to visit him not long ago and while he was clearly not well, he was happy to hear me say I looked forward to his return to City Hall. Sadly, that won’t now happen but whatever differences we had, he knew I meant it.

His time in City Hall included moments of kindness, of generosity to his council colleagues and real efforts to do what he thought was best for Toronto. He was, above all else, a profoundly human guy whose presence in our city will be missed.

On behalf of the people of The City of Toronto, I offer my sincere condolences to his loved ones at this time.”


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Say it aint so, Joe. City Councillor Joe Mihevc Tells me who NOT to Vote For.

Not too long ago we moved.

We moved into a better area – for us – with younger families, lots of parks and programs, and mainly to be within walking distance to my son’s school (this year, and both boys school next year). We moved to our 15 year house.

An important part of this move, for me, included finding some new volunteer activities within my community to take part in.  My new City Councillor, Joe Mihevc, from all that I could see and heard, had been doing an awesome job. There is plenty to like in this ward – at least in my part.

So with an election coming, voting for Joe really was the only choice.  I looked at all the good in this ward, and that there appeared to be an acceptable, qualified candidate, and Joe was a shoe-in.

But not every Councillor is perfect, so I started asking my neighbours what they thought about Joe’s work in our community and I was hearing things about delays in getting things done, that he pays too much attention to the south side of the ward, that the streetcar right-of-way cost $100 million istead of $20 million, and I was able to make a determination.  Joe was good for my ward.   I reached out to Joe and was overwhelmed with the response time and information I received from him and from his office, and I look around my piece of the ward and it looks pretty special to me, so I’m not sure where the negative buzz is coming from.

In the back of my mind, I really wanted to reach out to Joe and find out if he would work with Rob Ford, who I will be supporting as Mayor of Toronto, but I also did not for fear of what Mihevc might have to say.

So I decided to not ask that question, and vote for Joe in a couple weeks…

That was until today…

Today, I received this email from Mihevc.

Please read it.

 To me, it says that if Rob Ford is Mayor I (Joe) will not be able to work with him.

This disappoints me greatly.  Now I want to ask Joe if he intends on stepping down if he wins as does Ford?  or will he continue to support us, the constituents in his ward who also voted for a right-wing, get stuff done, stop wasting my money mayor. Aside from advising everyone to not vote for Joe Pantalone (David Miller II) I get a negative feel from this email – intended or not – and that is going to make me reconsider my position.

Say it ain’t so Joe… Why? Why? Why?

So here is what he sent…

“Dear friends and neighbours,

Over the past several months, I have had countless conversations in various settings with folks around the issue of the next mayor of the City of Toronto. I can tell you that I have struggled deeply with this question. I have committed to residents in Ward 21 that I would make a decision around who I will be endorsing for mayor before Thanksgiving. Now that the advance polls are open, I feel today is an appropriate time to announce my decision. I hope my decision will provide some food for thought for those of you who are also struggling with this question.

From my point of view, it is absolutely imperative that I/we do everything possible to stop Rob Ford from becoming mayor. This is a powerful driver for me. Rob Ford and his associates would destroy so much that we value about our city – its diversity, animated neighbourhoods, care for the newcomers and the poor, our quality of life. Very simply, and without getting too personal, I have watched him for the last 10 years as a colleague on Council, and Rob does not have the skill set required to lead a complex city hall and its agencies. Simple one-liners, an angry persona, a divisive disposition is not leadership and will only hurt Toronto. Under Rob Ford, City Council will not function, our city agencies will be in disarray, economic development will be hurt and our city will suffer in many ways.

I know some residents are supporting Joe Pantalone. I do feel that Joe would make a fine mayor and that he has the skills, smarts, and experience to lead the city. The stars, however, have not aligned for Joe as revealed in the polls. Given the strength of Rob Ford in the same polls, and given the need to have all hands on deck to defeat him, I believe that this is a time for Torontonians to rally around a single candidate who has the best chance of defeating Ford. Joe Pantalone’s standing in the polls requires us to look elsewhere. To say this frankly is very difficult for me as I have known and worked with Joe for 20 years and can affirm that he is a person of integrity and that his work has really built the city. It is not Joe’s moment right now and he is not in a position to defeat Ford. Thus people of good will who are committed to community values have to speak up and act in a very pragmatic way.

I have known George Smitherman for over a decade and do believe that he has the skill set needed to make a good mayor. Further and key to my position, he is in the best position to win. In endorsing George, I am not endorsing everything in his platform, though there are many pieces of his platform (around public transit expansion, commitment to the arts, commitment to neighbourhoods, support for community groups, economic development and support for environmental initiatives) that I find attractive. I believe that Council will be able to work with George, agreeing on many issues and disagreeing where appropriate. He will need a good Council to work with him, and an active citizenry to build the city. I am open to that work. I have spoken to George personally in preparation for my endorsement and am convinced that he has the city’s best interests at heart.

I make this endorsement with the best interests of our community, Ward 21, and of our city in my heart and mind.

Joe Mihevc”

Well there is always Beth Mclellan;

Or, Peter Nolan is the Rob Ford endorsed candidate.

Or even Shimmy Posen…

Basically Joe, everyone can be replaced…

Why Joe, Why?