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A new Phobia…

A while back my 3 year old Stewie was at a birthday party at a place called the Active Kids Zone (don’t go there, please… details to follow).  During the party, Mr. Independant decided he had to pee and after telling his mummy that he had to pee, he went off to the bathroom to relive himself. 

His latest trick, when going to the bathroom himself is to lock the door so no one comes in.  He actually locks the bathroom doors in our house (although sadly he does this upon exiting the bathroom too).

So with our other boy playing inside and my wife and I with the baby, nobody noticed that little Stewie had locked himself in the bathroom and was crying, trying to get someone to help him get out. 

After being in there for a good 5 minutes, another mother alerted us that he was in there and she freed him.

He clung to us the rest of the party.

The impact of that event stays with us to this day.

Just tonight, for example, after being in bed for a good hour he appeared in our bedroom and said to my wife; “Do you remember when I was locked in the bathroom?”

“Yes” She replied.

“I did not like that”, he said.  “I don’t want to go back there”, he finished with.

I even noticed that for a week and a half, he would ask me at night questions about being locked in the bathroom.  It really bothered him.

But now he developed a new phobia…

He will not get into the car unless one of us are in it and ready to drive. 

I used to leave him in the car when he was sleeping, either stay with him or wander in and out of the house but all of a sudden he won’t get in the car unless someone is in it and ready to drive.

Tonight, for example, I put him, his older brother and baby sister in the car, with my wife, and started the car before leaving to get something from in the house (don’t worry, it’s a hybrid… Only running on battery) and when I came back out 30 seconds later the car was off, only to hear from my wife that our son was freaking out.  He mentioned something about the car rolling away.

I’ll have to get to the bottom of this.

Has this happened to you?  How have you coped with it?