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Apple Slowing Down Old iPhones! Learn Why…

Have you wondered why your older iPhone seems to be slower than the newer models?  Does it seem that your phone has a harder time downloading apps, connecting to the Internet or performing simple tasks?

I’ve always suspected it was a gentle nudge, or reminder from Apple to upgrade to the newer phone.  I never liked it, but thought it was a possibility.

Well, Apple have now admitted that they slow down some models as they age, but they do so only because the phones’ battery performance diminishes over time and they want to preserve the battery for you, the customer.

Well, isn’t that nice to know.

Apple is trying to prolong the life of iPhones.  Shouldn’t they have told this to us?  At any point in time?

Turns out this practice was confirmed after a customer shared performance tests on the social media site, Reddit.  They tests were performed after noticing that their iPhone 6S had slowed down considerably as it had aged but when a new battery was installed, the phone sped back up again.

Apple has now confirmed that it made changes to iOS to manage ageing lithium-ion batteries in some devices, as these batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, when they have a low battery charge or as they age over time.

As a result, Apple released a feature for the iPhone 6, 6S and SE to “smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions.”

They have recently extended that feature to the iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2.


What’s the deal with the Lithium batteries?

Well, they degrade over time because of what happens to the battery during the charging and discharging cycle.  They very slowly erode, meaning they are able to hold less of a charge.  High voltages and high temperatures expedite this erosion.


Here is where the message was really poorly managed, however.  By taking away performance that somebody has paid for, you might have communicated that much, much better at any point in time.  Otherwise, you get a combination of urban myth and conspiracy theory – the idea that Apple builds planned obsolescence into their iPhones –  slowing down older models to make you run out to purchase the next model or version.

But why wait until the rumour has been proven to be true before coming out with the facts.

As customers, we deserve better!


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Parenting: Still Smarter than a 6-year-old, but maybe not my 6-year-old…

A couple of days ago on my Facebook page, I posted a story about how I’m smarter than a apple

Here is the post;

Phew! Still smarter than a 6yo.

My 6yo and 3yo were fighting over apples tonight.  Each wanted their own for snack, however both kids are exhausted which means I would have pieces of 2 brown apples turning up later tonight when neither of them finished their entire apples.

So I deferred to them to figure out how to split the one apple they get for snack.

6yo Stewie decided that since he’s bigger he should get 6 pieces of apple while little Boo gets 3 pieces.

“Are you sure?”, I asked?  “Is that splitting the apple and sharing?”

“It’s fair”, he said “and that is what I decided.”

“Okay” was my response.

So I cut the apple into quarters and gave 3 of the quarters to Boo, in a bowl, then I took the last quarter and cut it into 6 small slices.

There. 3 pieces for Boo and 6 for Stewie.

Point taken!

Score one for the Daddy!!!

Update: So while I was patting myself on the back for being the smartest daddy on the block, I failed to check the table to make sure they finished their apples.


When I did check, I saw that Stewie easily finished his quarter apple, however, Boo only ate half of one of the quarters of the apples she was given.  No wonder Stewie was so smug when I made that decision.  He knew his sister wasn’t going to eat 3/4ers of an apple.

So to be sure he didn’t find out, I ate the rest of her now browning apple…

Then I blogged about it.

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How the Mighty Have Fallen: Atari files for Bankruptcy.

I just read that the US subsidiary of Atari filed for bankruptcy.

If you’re too young to remember Atari,all the way back in the early 1980’s, then you probably did not know that Atari was the absolute bomb in its day!

Lumped into the gaming mix with Coleco and Commodore 64’s, Atari had gaming consoles (like Coleco) and personal computers (like Commodore). Atari was so hip in the day, that in 1975, two nerds both named Steve went to work for Atari to develop a game called Breakout and they eventually went on to start a company you might have heard of called “Apple”.

Man, those were the days… My parents would never buy me the Atari 2600 (known as the Video Computer system) game console that I wanted and the day I decided to be a thief and take the $75.00 from my father’s wallet to buy hockey cards and gum for my class was the day he intended on using that cash to buy the system. No cash, no system. I was busted and learned a huge consequence in life. Stealing is stupid and sucks. It also taught me that I needed to get a job and earn my own money!

So instead after the failed attempts to hone my gaming skills with our Timex Sinclair (look it up folks!), and the IBM “home” computer with it’s tiny green screen and it’s only game being that boring worm game, I dug out our Radio Shack device, hauled up the black and white TV from the basement and played pong until I blew the picture tube on the TV.  Damn.

So then one day my dad came home with the Atari 800XL game machine AND personal computer and it was over.  We played a couple of cartridges to death until he joined us up to the Toronto Atari Federation where we got to try tons of video games on floppy disks.  Within a couple of months we had over 300 games on floppy disk and 15 cartridges, plus I was learning to program in DOS;

10 “Hello Urban Daddy”

20 Got to 10


Or something like that.

I also got us hooked up to local BBS’ and as it turned out, one was run by a neighbour of my wife’s and she was a regular chatter so we probably chatted 20 years before we met… Tell me, that is cool, right?

But for all its coolness, power and influence, Atari’s run would be tragically short.  The Atari 2600 first hit stores in 1977, sold a ton, but by 1983 they were in the middle of the North American video game crash during which time a glut of consoles from competitors and mediocre games from everyone contributed to a rapid decline in sales.

Atari itself was later sold, gutted, and passed around from owner to owner in years hence. Atari’s founder, Nolan Bushnell, went on to create the Chuck E. Cheese chain of pizza/video-game restaurants that use a rat as a mascot.

A testament to Atari’s impact can be seen in the movie Blade Runner which was shot in 1982 and set in the future, 2019. This sci-fi classic has plenty of scenes in which Atari’s logo features prominently. Back then, if you were thinking about the future, it was impossible to imagine it without Atari.

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Ipad, Itampon, Geez…

Apple’s iPad was only a few hours old and Twitter was full of comments on it.  The number one trending topic was #Itampon.  Now we hear news that Apple is already facing legal troubles.  Not terribly surprising, as “iPad” is hardly original and apparently Apple has somewhat of a history, stealing registered trademarks of other companies.

A Japanese electronics company, named Fujitsu, supposedly built a handheld computing device way back in 2002 and called it the iPad.  Fujitsu wanted the iPad name back then and still wants it today.  The company first applied to trademark the name “iPad” in 2003, though the application ran into problems because another company — Mag-Tek — was already using the name for another product.  

That’s right, the name iPad is hardly unique!   But here is the twist…

In early 2009, Fujitsu’s trademark application was declared abandoned by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, but the company re-opened its application in June – probably upon hearing that Apple was considering the name for their new product.  Best way to make money, eh?   Since the re-instatement of the Fujitsu application, Apple has been trying to take it away (via proxy) — in fact, they’ve filed three petitions to extend the deadline and have until February 28th to oppose Fujitsu’s claims on the name.  

So while Apple’s lawyers and Fujitsu’s lawyers battle it out in court, there are yet other products using the semi-trademarked name “iPad” — including a padded bra by a Canadian lingerie company called Coconut Grove Intimates, some auto parts by German company Siemens, and a tablet computer made my ST Microelectronics.

Who will win this epic battle?

Wonder if iTampon is registered yet??