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What Has Your Child Said Which Was / Sounded Racist?

Recently, on CFRB1010am, host Jim Richards covered a topic about when children might have been racist – by accident or by innocence.

I would have loved to have called in and told my story, however, I was unable to, so when I arrived at the location of my next client meeting, I took a few minutes to send a tweet to his show, the Showgram, outlining my story.

They replied!

My story was good.

So I figured I would re-tell it here, and here it is:

Back in the day, when my oldest was just a wee little boy – around 3 or 4-years old, I brought him to a Toronto Rock lacrosse game.

After being completely infatuated with the music and lights in the arena, he turned his attention to the game and asked me; “Daddy, which team do we want to win?”

“Toronto”, was my reply.

“Are they in black?”

“No, the Toronto Rock are wearing blue, red and white.  The Rock’s opponents, however, were the Philadelphia Wings, and they were wearing black uniforms. I told him, “Philadelphia is the team wearing the black jerseys. We do NOT like Philadelphia. Boooo, Philadelphia!”

“Okay, Daddy”, was his response.

Then Philadelphia scored and he said, “Boooooo.  Boooooooo.  Booooo… Black guys!”

I spun towards him and said, “pardon me???”

“Booooo black guys!”

“No, no, no, no, no!” was my immediate response. “We don’t boo “black” guys.  We boo the Philadelphia Wings.”

“Booooo Black guys!”, he yelled, now standing up and at a moment where it is really quite in the arena.

I explained to him again, that it’s Philadelphia that we hate… Everything Philly… The Wings, Flyers, 76ers, possibly the Phillies… 

The crowd around us was laughing, hearing the dialogue between us, and knowing that there was nothing untoward intended.

“Booooo Black guys!” he yelled again.

Now being the superior parent that I am, I felt the need to silence him while I educated him, so I stuffed his little face with cotton candy and orange soda (bad daddy!) and I watched the sugar coma overtake his little body while I explained that we are rooting for the Toronto Rock, and rooting against the Philadelphia Wings, and that what he said was not very nice.

He looked at me… like a half-drunk adult, and said, “okay Daddy, I understand”.

And never a word was spoken for the rest of the game.


I’m such a great daddy!

… and then he fell asleep on my lap.

As the game ended, we walked to the subway, little tired, over-sweetened child and I, and we got on a fairly empty car. and he laid down on the seat and had a quick nap.

As the subway car sped northbound, it emptied a little bit at each stop, until the car held maybe 10-15 people in it.

Suddenly a little head popped up and with his eyes wide open, my son asked me this, “Did we win?”

“Yes we did”, I proudly replied. “Do you like lacrosse?”

“I love the cross” was his response.

And then at the top of his little lungs, he blurted out, “BOO BLACK GUYS!!!”

Without noticing the 4 young boys sitting across from us glaring at us, I reminded him that the Toronto Rock wore blue and that we cheered the blue team, and we booed the team wearing the black jerseys, not the black guys.

Then I looked up and saw the boys looking at me for a second until they burst into laughter.

They understood…

He’s not a racist, I promise! He just doesn’t like the team in black at the cross.



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What to do if you Witness an Accident in Toronto?

I had a very interesting day yesterday and I’m left wondering what to do with the information I have about an accident I witnessed yesterday afternoon.

I was on my way back from a visit with my friends at Creative Hockey Development who had their March Break camp at Chesswood Arena, and on my way to pick up my two oldest children from their day at The Monkey Vault.

I was driving South on Keele Street in the left-lane, and just approaching the traffic light just north of the 401 (south of Wilson Avenue) when the light turned amber.  There was a car in front of me, so I took my foot off the gas, and began to brake.

At the moment that I began to brake, the car beside me and a bit behind me, in the middle lane slammed his foot on the gas and accelerated towards the intersection.

As I was the second car in line, when I heard the acceleration, I looked up towards the intersection to see that the light was red, and there was a car turning left (heading West) crossing in front, and then I saw the car beside me enter the intersection and hit the car making the turn.

Fortunately, the car making the turn was aware enough to turn away from the car, limiting the impact to the drivers side door such that both cars ended up facing almost southbound, side-by-side.

They both popped out of their cars and looked at the damage – thankfully.

I couldn’t stop in the middle of the intersection, but I felt that the poor driver making the turn would be charged, when it was totally the car beside me who was at fault.

I circled trying to get close enough to hand my car to the driver who was hit, but by the time I made it near, tow trucks were already moving the cars.

I looked online and much of the information relates to hit-and-run accidents, which this was not.

In those cases, it is recommended to provide police with as much information as possible, including:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Time and place of the hit and run incident
  • Licence plate number of the fleeing vehicle
  • Vehicle description (colour, make & model)
  • Driver’s description
  • Description of what I saw.


Undaunted, I found this information from an article by the Globe and Mail;

Constable Melissa Wutke, with B.C. RCMP traffic services recommends, “If you witness an accident – and don’t just see the aftermath – you have to call police to tell them what you saw.  If you pull over immediately to report this collision, it is appropriate to dial 911. If it is hours after the collision and you call once you are at your destination, please use the non-emergency line to the police department nearest to where the collision occurred.”

So I will gather my information and provide it 12 Division and see what happens…

What would you have done?

Maybe a better question, what would you want others to have done if you were the car that was hit?

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Why Stupid People Should NOT Be Allowed To Drive Cars, or Park Cars!

Fragaria x ananassa.
Fragaria x ananassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had some primo excitement this long weekend.

My wife and I took the kids, plus Stewie’s friend, Strawberry picking at Whitamore farms this Canada Day long weekend.  We picked strawberries, raspberries, peas and potatoes and the 2 hours we were there seemed more like 4 or 5 hours because of all that went on…  Some of our friends were there as well and looking after 4 kids was entertaining especially when one of them thinks it is a buffet.  Then again, nothing says don’t eat too many strawberries like puking them out, eh?  Stewie said he only have 6 or 10.  Yeah, right!  We think he had just over heated… He’s totally fine now.

After picking the fruit the whole bunch decided it was time to eat so we headed West towards home to find some grub and we landed at Hero Burgers somewhere in a plaza on Steeles near Markham Road or Warden or somewhere like that.  We all ate burgers and fries and planned the next stop which was to be a clothing store for my wife and park for the kids.

I took the 4 kids to the car after the meal and because we had to walk through a busy parking lot we all held hands.  As we approached the row our car was in a SUV started to back up out of its parking spot.  When I noticed that this car did not have backup lights and was not turning in any way I pulled back the kids and asked them to wait to see what this car was doing before we walked behind it.

The car rolled backwards right into the parked car less than a foot from us.  The force of the impact moved the car that was hit and propelled the SUV back three feet after impact.

We just stood there, silent.

We were all about to walk between those cars and that car would have hit us.

The fact the car did not turn its wheel in any way was what tipped me off.

Then Stewie blurted out; “There is no one in this car!  It’s empty!”

I looked inside and it was in fact empty.  I looked on the floor and in the back in case someone needed medical help but there was no one inside.

One of the workers at the Greek restaurant behind us asked if that car was empty or was he seeing things.  He went inside his restaurant and the next 2 to see who owned that SUV.  The guy whose car was hit worked in that Greek restaurant with him.

Out came a server from another restaurant and within minutes we were trying to track down the car owner and even my wife went into the bank to ask.

While waiting, we noticed the door was open and the car was in reverse.  So some dumbass pulled into the plaza, gets into the spot and throws his car in reverse and runs into the bank.

He came running out, seeing us looking into his car and sees his SUV in the middle of the parking lot, 3 feet from the other car and instead of asking what was going on, he runs over and stands there.

“Is this your car” we asked.

“Yes, this is my car”, he replies.

“Your car hit my car”, said the gentleman from the Greek restaurant.

“No it didn’t.  My car didn’t hit anyone” says the man clearly not seeing his car in the middle of the lot and 11 people standing around it.

“My witnesses say it did and almost him them” said the man.

“Your car just rolled backwards and almost sandwiched the 5 of us” I told him.

“Your car was left in reverse!” said my wife.

Then the man started to be nice and say he would fix everything, but after his first denial how do you trust him now?

We saw the discussion get heated so we piled into the car and left.

Crazy, eh?

Who leaves a car in reverse in a parking lot?

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I am the worst Daddy in the world…

At least last night I was.

You see, the Happy Boy’s bedtime, for the first couple years of his life, was at 7:30pm. Recently, he has decided that he wants to stay up and play, eat, sit on my lap, etc. This has resulted in bed-time being 9pm. Not cool.

So last night, I’m in my Finance class, listening to the professor with my headphone and the Happy Boy is going nuts… wants to sit on my lap, sit under the table, go behind me… So as he tries to go behind me, I hear, barely audible, through by headphones, “excuse me, Daddy”, so I go to pull my chair in and drop the back corner right on his foot, catching the last two toes. He screamed, UrbanMummy appears, and I threw off my heat set… No blood, just a scrape. He was not happy. Real tears,

I explained to Urban Mummy what happened and she looked at me and said, “You’re lucky you didn’t break his toes”. Our son then spun towards me and sad, “Daddy, you break it… you break my foot”. Nice… Chastised by an almost 2 1/2yr old.

So we got him to bed, he said it was feeling better and he was out the second his head hit the pillow.

End of the story???

Not at all… read on.

So normally in the morning when I am in the kitchen and the Happy Boy wakes up, he tip toes out of his room, comes to the very open staircase, and yells downstairs, “Hi Daddy, Hi, Hi Daddy”. I ask him to come downstairs, and he is as happy to see me as I am to see him.

But not this morning.

This morning he came downstairS, walked into the kitchen, right over to me with a very serious look on his face, came right up to me and said this… “Daddy, no put chair on toe again. OK. No hurt Happy Boy. OK. You broke it. Fix it. OK. No hurt Happy Boy.. OK.. OK… OK.”


It was an accident. I told him that. I apologized, again. Told him it was an accident… again. I already feel like crap.

I scooped him up and gave him a big hug and kiss.

He smiled at me.

Then he opened his mouth and said, “feels better Daddy”.


To think he spent all night worrying about chewing me out this morning to make sure I never do that again. He must have been searching for another family. Geez.

When did the almost 2 1/2 year old grow up?!?