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Powerful Getaways for the Power Ranger in All of Us

With the all-new big screen adaptation of the classic 90’s television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers set to premiere in a few weeks, nostalgia is in overdrive.

While I missed out on the Power Rangers phenomenon because of my age, one of my best friends growing up LOVED the Power Rangers and would totally love the love and all that goes with it.

I’m sharing this post because, to be honest, I loved it.  I like the creativity behind it, I like the tying in of the colours to the Power Rangers and I believe that creativity needs to be appreciated.

That being said…

To satisfy these fond memories of spandex-wearing superhumans,, the world leader in connecting travellers with the widest variety of incredible places to stay, has put together the top accommodations inspired by their favourite colour-coded superheroes.

Whether you consider yourself brainy like Billy Cranston (the Blue Ranger) or kind-hearted like Kimberly Ann Hart (the Pink Ranger), you’ll discover your match with these inspired getaways. Go Go Power Rangers!


Blue Ranger – Ovolo Woolloomooloo – Sydney, Australia

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Billy might not be a social butterfly, but his quick wit and sharp mind, make him vital to the heroic team. Any fan of this ranger would opt for a stay at the Ovolo Woolloomooloo as the property’s location is practical and walking distance to the city’s must-go to locales. Of course, its bright blue exterior flush on the blue skies and clear blue water along the pier, matches his signature warrior outfit. After a long day exploring the city, escaping to your own private room complete with a free minibar, WiFi, luxurious bedding, a 27-inch LCD TV, is just what’s needed. Although it’s the awe-worthy views of the Sydney skyline that will make you want to book your stay here, the free happy hour is just the type of thing a nerdy superhero needs to make new friends.


Yellow Ranger – L7 Myeongdong by Lotte – Seoul, South Korea

Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger, is quirky, mysterious and extremely bright. If you find yourself relating to her qualities then stay at the L7 Myeongdong by Lotte where even the toilet paper is yellow! Relax in your spacious and brightly lit room and then unwind at the foot spa and enjoy a delicious meal at the Villa de Charlotte restaurant. Round off the evening with a cocktail at the roof-top bar or at the Bubble Lounge and Bar.


Pink RangerDon CeSar Hotel – Clearwater, Florida

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Nicknamed the Pink Palace for its exterior and grandeur architecture, the Don CeSar Hotel is a fit for the Queen Bee of the Rangers, Ms. Kimberly. Like any teenager in with the “cool kids”, impressing your clique is of the utmost importance. This extravagant beachfront hotel certainly won’t disappoint. With two heated pools, three lounges, a world-class spa and remarkable unguarded views of the Gulf of Mexico, the property is sure to excite. And just like Kim, this property is no stranger to the limelight. The 227-room Gatsby-esque and fun locale has had its own starring role as the backdrop for several movie sets throughout the latter half of the 20th century.


Red Ranger – The Library – Koh Samui, Thailand

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Defeating arch nemesis Rita Repulsa is no easy task but thankfully these superheroes have a strong leader in the Red Ranger. Much like the principal fighter, The Library stands out from the crowd and makes you look twice. Against the stunning backdrop of Koh Samui’s Chaweng Beach, you’ll find the luxury beachfront property offering spacious suites complete with iMac computers and modern designs. But the real show stopper is the property’s dramatic centrepiece – the blood-red tiled pool. For an accomplished athlete like Jason, the Red Ranger, swimming laps is the ideal full body workout. Once you’ve exhausted yourself, its time to indulge in Thai culinary delights or fall deep into fiction at the property’s library.



Black Ranger – Armani Hotel Milano – Milan, Italy

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Bravado and swagger perfectly describe Zack, the Black Ranger. On the outside, he’s tough and keeps his cool but on the inside, there are many layers. Likewise, there’s more than meets the eyes of this famous Milano hotel. Behind the sleek façade and contemporary black and white designs, you’ll find state of the art facilities sure to appease your inner Black Ranger. Looking to get your heart pumping? The Armani/Spa is home to Technogym’s world-class equipment and impeccable service and features a Finnish sauna, steam bath, ice cascade and a relaxation pool. The rooftop relaxation area not only offers magnificent views of the city, but is also an ideal look out spot for incoming dangers.


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Thursday Thirteen – 90’s edition!

 As a result of a successful thursday thirteen last week on inventions of the 80’s we jump forward a decade to the 90’s for a look at the 13 best things to come out of that decade.

So put on your grunge clothing and sit tight.

1. 1990 – The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) created by Tim Berners-Lee.
2. 1992 – First text message sent, “Merry Christmas”.
3. 1993 – The Pentium processor invented.
4. 1995  – The Java computer language invented.
5. 1995  – DVD’s invented… Finally sold shares in VHS and Beta.
6. 1998 – Viagra invented.  No stiff competition there, eh?
7. 1996 – Scientists in Scotland cloned a sheep – called her Dolly.  Still waiting for dinosaurs.
8. 1999 – Napster invented and radically changed the file-sharing industry forever.
9. 1996 – USB’s introduced
10. 1997 – Wifi standard released. Now, it’s everywhere.
11. 1996 – Tamagotchi’s
12. 1990’s grunge music – Pearl Jam, lice in Chains, Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden
13. Stone Temple Pilots – 1992 “Core”. 1994 “Purple”. 1996, “Tiny music….Songs From The Vatican Giftshop”. 1999 “No. 4”

Other things the 90’s are “famous” for;

Backstreet Boys
Baseball caps being worn everywhere
Beanie Babies
Harry Potter

What about the 90’s means the most to you?

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have wanted to blog about but haven’t had the time.

13. Some stupid, fat, old, piece of shit was yelling at the staff at Tim Horton’s today because they refused to put more jam on top of his donut for free.  He called the server a “stupid bitch” and was really fucking rude.  I glared at him but didn’t speak up because his son, “bubba” was like 6 ft 10 and 350 pounds.  He looked rather proud of “dad” for telling off the server.  Way to go tough guy.  I did, however, tell the manager that if I was her, I would have given back his money, taken the food from him that he already tossed at the server and told him to get his Jabba the Hutt ass out of the store and never come back.  Banned from Timmy’s…  Loser.

12.  My 3 year old woke me up at 2am this morning complaining that his tummy hurt.  In fact when I reached out to touch him, he was sopping wet.  Head to toe.  Upon further patting down I found that he had no night time diaper on and had pee’d himself top to bottom.  I changed him, and him and his brother slept on either side of me for the rest of the night while I tossed and turned.  In the morning, with my glasses on, I realized he did have a diaper on when he went to sleep but had taken it off in the night.  #11 will explain why.

11.  When asked why he took his diaper off, he said, “The elephant was waving his tail in the face of the giraffe who was biting him and the giraffe was not happy at the elephant for bugging him  and the giraffe was not happy because the elephant was biting him so I took off my diaper…”


Then he repeated the same story for his mother.


10.  Here are some items which did not last the first decade, 2000-2009;

  • Jon and Kate
  • Beepers
  • Retirement savings
  • Scripted TV
  • CD’s
  • Fax machines
  • HD DVD
  • Microsoft Vista
  • Palm Pilots
  • Microsoft Zune

9.  9 pedestrians have been killed in the Greater Toronto Area in the past 10 days.  Not blaming drivers, or pedestrians, but if it’s me vs a car or bus… I don’t like those odds.   I will look twice before stepping off the curb.

8.  $100 and I can get my name on the ballot for Mayor of Toronto…  $100.00.

7.  Fionn MacCools on University Avenue in Toronto, rocks!  Went there for a business lunch last Friday and in all the excitement / panic / great food, I forgot my credit card in the bill folder.  I realized it on Wednesday night.  So I called my credit card company, RBC who told me the last charge was my lunch at this fine establishment and there were no new charges.  I asked for a 24 hour hold be put on the card and I called Fionn’s.  A very nice gentleman there – believe was the manager, let’s call him Ryan (real name), told me the card was found Friday and locked away in the office.  How cool.  So when I’m back downtown on Monday, I will run in and grab it.  If you are in Toronto, and looking for a great place to eat, go to Fionn MacCools.  Their website is  They are located at 181 University Avenue, Toronto – (416) 363-1944 

6.  I am listening to a few new songs on my iPod.  Sick Bubblegum by Rob Zombie, Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent.  Nickleback’s Burn it to the Ground… Rock!

5.  That “friend” who got the personal trainer… That friend is me.  2 sessions so far and I can still move.  Woo Hoo.

4.  Best place for Indie music whether you are a musician or a fan.  Go and go often.  Tell ’em urbandaddy sent you!

3.  Toyota Motor Corp issued its second large recall in two months to fix a problem with accelerator pedals that can get stuck, causing vehicles to speed up unintentionally.  Fortunately it is the 2010 Highlander and not the 2009 Highlander Hybrid which we received not too long ago… Going to check in with them anyways! 

2.  WTF is up with this whole “sex therapy” thing.  Tiger Woods is there, there is a TV show dedicated to it and seriously, does anyone believe this shit?  In time of companies like Ashley Madison promoting extra-marital affairs, and the stigma of divorce being watered down is anyone surprised?  It’s the best excuse / cope-out for this time and age.  Sorry dear that I slept with 30 other women / men.  I’m addicted to sex.  It’s not my fault.  I’m wired that way.  I just don’t buy it.

1.  Who or what the fuck is Jason Ellis and why is he on my satellite radio?  I’m not sure if he’s an annoying amateur Howard Stern or if he’s brilliant.  Where did he come from?   And while on the topic of satellite radio… I was listening to the 90’s on Channel 9 again today and realized something… Music in the 1990’s sucked!  It was all shit.  After the 80’s (or retro to all you pre-pubes) music died.  Sure there was the grunge area (thank G-d).  But music died when the boy bands came about.