Holy Hell! Please Tell Me Today is NOT Monday!

I woke up this morning at 6am with a feeling of dread that today might actually be Monday…

I turned to my wife who was already awake and I asked her, “Is it Monday?”

“Yup”, she responded with a sigh.

It’s not that we hate our jobs, or that we had something to do today which we were dreading, but today came way too soon.

For those of you with multiple children – especially those of you with children in activities – know that this is one hectic time of year.

Programs are ending, programs and starting, and that means 8am-10pm programming and with 3 children and 2 parents, it means a whole lot of juggling and lots of mileage on the car!

Take Sunday for example.  My oldest boy umpires baseball, and as his baseball season came to an end yesterday, he found umpiring work at the Toronto Girls Baseball League, an upstart league created by Dana Bookman, which has taken the city by storm.  Very well run, extremely well-organized, and extremely well supported it’s been a huge success and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Our daughter has played in the league and would play more if it didn’t conflict with her dance classes.

As the oldest, and considering the park was close enough to home, he was the lucky one who had to make his own way to and from the games.  He gathered his umpire gear, made sure he found his bike lock, and set out his water bottle, snack and sun screen the night before.

His younger brother had Sunday school in the morning, followed by his Select hockey practice, followed right after by his baseball playoff game.  He made muffins in the morning which made him happy, and he loved his select practice and his baseball team won (even though he wanted to pitch and his coach wouldn’t let him pitch – which made him grumpy).

As an aside, he’s an outstanding kid – all about fairness and equality for everyone – he knows that he has pitched the least out of all the kids and out of frustration he declared that he’s not playing baseball next year.  Never ever again.  All of this because he’s had the same coach 2 years in a row and he feels that he’s going to get the same coach next season and that coach will not let him pitch.  It’s NOT fair.

Our daughter, fresh off a Saturday afternoon dancing at half-time of the Toronto Argonauts football game, had her day filled with another dancing gig at the Girl Expo Canada, which coincidentally was created and run by Dana Bookman along with Alison Cepler.

After that event, she headed downtown to synchronized swimming practice where 2 hours in the pool tuckered her out.

Back at home, the oldest had a play date with a former school mate, and by the time we all settled in together, it was 8pm and I left my equally exhausted wife with 3 hungry, tired children while I raced out to a 8:30pm business meeting.

I finally returned just before 11pm to find my wife laying in bed – too tired to sleep – but so tired she needed to sleep.  We planned Monday’s responsibilities and I headed down to the kitchen to clean up from dinner, and take care of the load of laundry she ran.

Midnight came very quickly.

She was still awake.

I was wide awake.

“You know, we’re going to close our eyes and it will feel like seconds before it’s Monday morning.”

With that thought, we closed our eyes…


(For those of you who are thinking about commenting that it’s our fault for having 3 kids, and for programming 3 kids and that we’re just being whiny for complaining… Yup.  Saved you from having to enter that comment.)

Just thinking about myself as a kid – my parents put me in the one program that they thought I should have been in – and that was the way it was done.  I want my kids to experience plenty of things – we’re smart enough to plan the schedules accordingly, but when programs overlap… So not cool.




Big Changes at The Urban Daddy: Welcoming Our Newest Addition!

We have made some significant changes at The Urban Daddy because change is good!  Besides, what is better than a Daddy blogger?  A Daddy blogger AND a Mommy blogger!

Joining The Urban Daddy will be The Urban Twin Mommy, who brings the experience and expertise of parenting twins (one boy and one girl – both, coincidentally, are 5-years-old!)!

Here is The Urban Twin Mommy;

“Thanks for welcoming me to the world of The Urban Daddy! While I’m not a daddy, I’m definitely not your typical mommy.

Aside from being a mom of the most delicious, obnoxious, beautiful, pain-in-the-ass twins (who everyone fondly refer to as The Bears), my friends will tell you that I’m likely the most honest, no bullshit mom you’ve met. Here are a few mantras I live by:

My kids can be assholes, so can yours.

Not all babies are cute! My son was born beautiful, my daughter looked like my husband on a chicken body (luckily, she’s grown into herself and is stunning, in my unbiased opinion).

I love my husband, he loves me and we try not to maim or kill each-other while trying to raise two little humans.

I don’t lie to my kids. I explain the reality in a way their almost 5-year-old brains can comprehend. Or I tell them to ask Daddy.

Hubby can be an asshole. I can be a bigger asshole.

Postpartum depression f@#$ing sucks. I had it. I talk about it. I’ll keep talking about it until the world understands what it is and how it can affect moms.

I swear like a sailor. I don’t apologize for it. Apparently, it’s a sign of intelligence… who knew?!

I often walk the line between ‘Super Awesome Fun’ Mom and ‘Psycho, we better call a grandparent’ Mom

Well, that’s a enough about me for the time being… I can’t give away all the intrigue, now can I?!

I’m looking forward to adding some great, regular content here, and fixing all of the spelling and grammer mistakes in all the older 1250 posts!!  (Learn to spell check, Warren!)

The Urban Twin Mommy

Follow me on Twitter @UrbanTwinMommy.  You’ll also find me sometimes @realurbandaddy, with each tweet signed off MB for Mama Bear.

I’ll also pop over to TheUrbanDaddy on Facebook to bring some more oomph to that page.  :)”


Please help me in welcoming The Urban Twin Mommy!





Back From Vacation!

In case you were one of the MANY who email me trying to find out why there have not been any new posts in a month (or if you really don’t care – you’re going to find out anyways) but I’m back from vacation.


Back from an amazing family vacation in Europe (again) and in need of another vacation.  LOL.

This thing called jet lag is kicking my ass… Hard.

I hope everyone has also had a wonderful summer and with 3 weeks still left in the summer, I hope the weather is great and I look forward to hearing about your family vacations as I outline mine.

Back from vacation and back to work!

The Urban Daddy aka Warren

Weekend wrap-up

What else does a family of 5 do on the last weekend before Christmas???  We go to the mall.  But not just one mall, we go to several. 

When you’ve been cooped up in the house as much as Urbanmummy has, something has to give and what gave was our peaceful weekend at home with the family.  We needed to get out!  Even if it meant heading into crowds of holiday shoppers lollygagging their way through the mall.  We needed to return stuff.  We bought a stroller for the car seat so we wouldn’t have to carry Berry around all day, we hit up Toys R Us, a big mall and a bunch of other little stores.  We got errands done.

Woo hoo.

With Berry being 3 weeks old and the boys finally sleeping in their bunk beds (or not sleeping for that matter) we figured what better than to drive around a lot and give them all plenty of time to sleep in the car while we spent money.   I could tell it was going to be a productive day when I saw Urbannummy’s eyes.  She was out of the house and dammit she was going to get stuff done.  I did not realize how much of a chore it was getting three sleepy kids out of the car and into a store… Whew.

On Sunday Linus had a birthday party at the movie theatre.  Great idea in theory, but tough to coordinate since he’s only seem one movie before, with us, and we were told that the Princess and the Frog was a touch scary for 4 year olds.  One of us could have joined him, for $11.00 but it didn’t make sense since there was Berry and Stewie still to be dealt with.  So off Linus went.  He said it was scary but he had fun… Fun being chocolate, juice, popcorn and “TV”. 

On Sunday morning the boys went to Karate and excelled.  They were focussed and awesome.  Made me proud.  At karate I sat with the President and CEO of the incredible indie music site; www.supernova.com.   It was there I learned that Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of the bank Nickleback produced Theory of a Deadman’s recent effort, which I thought was AWESOME!  He also talked about another band in the Kroeger stable called Default.  I’ll have to check them out. 

As a HUGE music fan, I’m going to try to arrange for a monthly supernova.com music discussion to introduce some outstanding up and coming bands for everyone to watch out for.     

So the only downfall of this fun, busy weekend is that Berry slept too much on Sunday and thus did not sleep Sunday night so Urbanmummy was exhausted and she (thankfully) let me sleep so I could work the entire day. 

Last I checked the boys, they were sneaking into our bedroom just before 6:30am to come hit Bozo.

Remember Bozo???

We bought Bozo in effort to stop the kids from hitting each other and everyone else.  We’ve had a few incidents of children who cannot keep their hands to themselves and thus have hit, smacked or slapped each other, us, their nanny and strangers in the karate dojo.   They have told their teachers about being hit… They get frustrated, they smack each other… But not any more.  Now they know that if they get “angry” they should wait, get up and walk over to Bozo and punch him until they feel better.  Then they can go back and play. 

I’ll keep everyone informed as to whether this works and if so, how long it took them to either lose interest in Bozo or punch a hole in him.