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Tuesday Newsday: The End of the World is Near…

The end of the world is near, and I’m not referring to the threats coming from North Korea and their “Rocketman”.

Okay, I am referring to this… somewhat.

I couldn’t help but notice today as I sat down to write about doctors declaring that sports drinks and energy drinks are bad for kids, or to vent about the weather, that the top 2 trending topics WORLDWIDE were these;

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Kylie Jenner


Trump I get…. He’s taunted North Korea, told the NFL owners that their players should be fired for bowing during the national anthem, and tells lots of stories daily, which may or may not be true.

But Kylie Jenner?


All of this because she may, or may not be pregnant.

I mean, who cares.

Every time I turn on my computer and the news comes up there are pictures of this girl with a bump, without a bump… Have we not always been told that you cannot be half pregnant?!?

I just don’t see the fascination in these people and their lives.  What started with a sex tape and a naturally large / maybe surgically enhanced ass has become the daily obsession of millions of people.

Kylie might be pregnant.

Kim has 2 kids and bought them ice cream.

Bruce is no longer Bruce.

The other one… the tall one is married to a NBA player, then he flips out, then he almost dies, then they’re back together, then she loses weight, then he almost dies, then they’re back together.  Wait, she’s out clubbing again…

Doesn’t even get me started about the other sister who has 3 kids, but divorced her husband because he’s an adulterer – oops, sorry – addicted to sex.  Now he’s with a girl who could be his daughter…. UGH.

Breaking news!  Kim farted!!!

Maybe the Kardashians and Donald Trump were sent to us as a test.  A test of our patience, our morals and our compassion for others.

If we can survive them, we can do ANYTHING!


PS Saudi Arabia is going to allow woman to drive… in 2017.  How ass-backwards is that!


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Tuesday Newsday an Urbandaddy exclusive!

Thoughts about world events which peaked my interest or make me shake my head in disbelief:

1) Thousands of prostitutes are expected to descend on Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics there, to cash in on the swelling numbers of fans, media and Olympic employees.

Prostitutes who’ve arrived in advance of the Games’ launch on Feb. 12 are taking business away from the ones who live in Vancouver.  “It’s causing a bit of a financial crisis for us.  We’re all relying on the local clientele now. As more and more (sex) workers come here, our income is being divided even more.”  One prostitute said that she recently went two days without getting a single call from a client. “Never in my career has that happened before.”

2) Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol.






OK, the world didn’t stop spinning.  And this is news, why?  I thought they cancelled that show years ago.

3) Conan O’Brian is out as the host of the Tonight Show over a dispute with NBC which sees the struggling station pushing that show to 12:05am in order to put the Jay Leno show on at 11:35.  This would result in the Later show with Jimmy Fallon being bumped or ditched, neither of which were possible for O’Brian. 

Oddly enough, I hate Conan and could not stand to watch the Tonight show with Jay Leno after watching it with Johnny Carson.  something about Carson and McMahon (Ed McMahon).  But I do admire Conan for taking a stand and if not enhancing his brand, for bringing publicity back to the Tonight Show and NBC. 

I might actually watch it now.

On second thought… Nope.

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Tuesday Newsday

Good news (or not), but the Tuesday Newsday feature is back! In this feature I post parts of the most interesting news items of the day and add my comments to the end of it. Feel free to add your comments too… The more the merrier.

In the news this Tuesday July 24th via Google News.

1) The corpse of a mummified baby has been discovered inside a Riverdale home (Toronto, Ontario). A renovator working in the home made the discovery late Tuesday night. Police said the body of the baby, estimated at about four months of age, was found inside a ceiling of second-floor bedroom wrapped in a newspaper dated from September of 1925. The mummified remains will be examined by the Centre for Forensic Sciences. Police homicide investigators are probing the incident.
Oh oh… Some 100 year old dude and his wife are gonna get their asses whooped for this one once the police identify the remains and track down the seniors in their nursing homes…

2) The Canadian dollar reached a 30-year high yesterday, closing at 96.36 cents (US) – up more than a cent from Monday – after Statistics Canada reported a massive 2.8-per-cent increase in retail sales in May from a month earlier. It is kind of neat to see the dollar climbing, even if it did kill our Scrapbooking business as the majority of our customers were American and took advantage of the then awesome exchange rate. $1.00 US got them $1.30 worth of products, Canadian.

3) The two Arab countries – Egypt and Jordan- with ties to Israel have paid an historic visit to the Jewish state to “extend the hand of peace” on behalf of their fellow Arabs.
Considering Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have not seen progress for seven years, a period in which more than 5,000 people have died in violence, the large majority of them Palestinians, and dialogue is good dialogue unless it starts with, “Find a new place to live”.

4) Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan could be on her way to jail. The 21-year-old is facing a year in jail after her latest arrest on suspicion of drink-driving and possession of cocaine. She was picked up by police, following a car chase in California, allegedly under the influence and with a small amount of cocaine in her pocket, she was arrested after chasing the mother of her personal assistant in her car early Tuesday morning, Santa Monica police said.

All this happened just five days after she was booked in connection with a May drunken driving charge. Hmmmm. Alcohol, drugs, driving under the influence… What is going to happen first: Jail or Overdose or Britney Spears OD’s first? Role models??? NO WAY. The public is fascinated at watching these two half-wits self destruct in public. I’m sure Paris Hilton is happy the spotlight is off of her. I hope and pray that the earth will open up and swallow these two soon…

I will go on record and say that withing 2-3 years, One of these 3 will go to jail, one will have a mental breakdown and the other will flirt with drug and alcohol addiction and have her reputation ruined. All three will act, sing, or be photographed naked, or have upskirt pictures taken of them… They are trampy and unstable. Fame will eat them alive.

And for you parents stop buying their albums and watching their movies… please!

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Tuesday Newsday #4. The Urban Daddy’s Review of the News That Matters Today.

Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves – have as much a chance of making the playoffs as the team of a similar name. (Photo credit: philografy)

Some news headlines that tweaked my interest and you should care about from October 3rd, 2006.

1.  TORONTO (CP) – Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., the romance-novel subsidiary of Torstar Corp., is cutting 4% of its workforce as part of restructuring aimed at saving $3 million a year.  Yikes.  Good thing neither my sister, nor mother read this blog… They’d be devastated since they have been avid readers of the Harlequin brand forever!

2. Training camp opens for… Basketball!!!  With all the talk about the 2nd place Blue Jays going away once the Maple Leafs opened training camp and prepared for the start of the regular season, it seems rather ominous that the Raptors begin training camp today and not too much press comes with it.  It’s not like my beloved Leafs are in contention to win the cup (I’ve been saying that for over 20 years!)… They might not even make the playoffs. The Raptors, on the other hand, were even worse last year, but this year are loaded with optimism. New GM, new players, same coach, that I actually like, and a bunch of players who have won championships… Either they will flop, or they will surprise. GO RAPS!

3.  ‘Trailer Park Boys’ ready to hit silver screen – WHY?

4.  Militant members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party threatened Tuesday to kill senior leaders of the governing Hamas movement – Again, why??? Can’t they all just get along? Work towards peace on their own instead of relying on the world to give them handouts because some how, some crackpot, is going to blame this on the Israelis.  Paging Mel Gibson: Where are you, Mel?

5.  Iran has suggested that France monitor its nuclear programme, by setting up a nuclear fuel consortium inside Iran – Oh, thank goodness. I do NOT trust the Iranians… Holocaust deniers that they are, but the French… Wait… Who the hell can trust the French?!? Figures. A match made in heaven… Or hell. France’s response… Surprise. Kind of in the “who us???” way. Later in the day they said “no”. Smart. Surprisingly smart.

6.  A decade before Belinda Stronach met Tie Domi, she had an affair with another ex-Maple Leaf, Jerome Dupont, his ex-wife says – LOL. Jerome Dupont?!?! Give me a break. Now EVERYONE is having affairs with Jerome Dupont.  Give the poor guy a break.  Stick to famous people, please! LOL. Jerome Dupont.

7.  Two hijackers, of the Turkish Airlines flight forced to land in Italy, have surrendered and will ask for political asylum, an Italian police official said. They hijacked the plane as a protest to anti-Muslim suggestions from the Pope about the Muslim religion being a violent one. Obviously, these braintrusts thought the best way to protest was… Through violence. Where are the sane Muslims who should be coming forward in droves to put the rest of the world at ease? Burn an effigy of the Pope here, blow up a building there, set fire to a flag over here, put the bounty on the head of someone over there.

I thought the comment that Muslims would topple and convert all Christians was a little bit excessive, but apparently I was the only one.  Sounded like there might be a little “Hitler-complex” in that statement, no?  Does anyone not find it hypocritical that it’s NOT okay to talk bad about Mohammed, but it IS ok to threaten the Pope???

Any news this week – October 3rd, 2006 that deserves to be mentioned?  Please send me an email.

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Tuesday Newsday (an Urban Daddy exclusive)

Welcome to the Tuesday Newsday, an urban daddy exclusive.  In this segment I visit and try to decide who is in their top 10 news makers of the day and why.  Then I follow the link and explain why they really are in the news.

Sit tight!

In the news:

(tough one today – I should continue to do a Tuesday – Newsday regular segment)

Ching Cheong – Any relation to Cheech and Chong? Couldn’t tell you.
(Actual: China yesterday sentenced Ching Cheong, the Hong Kong-based reporter for The Straits Times, to five years in jail on charges of spying for Taiwan). Great… Now they have a reason to yank out his toenails and torture him. Sigh.

West Ham – English soccer team in the news for… winning? losing? scoring goals?
(Actual: West Ham have had “exploratory discussions” about a possible takeover of the club – but insist talks are at an early stage and would not confirm who they have been pursued by). And this is news???

Sydney FC – Another soccer club. No guesses. 🙂
(Actual: Sydney FC has been fined $89,000 by Football Federation Australia for breaches of A-League player contract regulations last season). A lot of stupid sports news… Ae there no wars, hurricanes, or murders to write about.

Electronic Arts – I heard about this… I believe they are adding commercials to their video games. Sure, why not! $80.00 for the video game that you beat in 3 weeks AND commercials too. That is why Linus will not play video games until he is 20.

Roy Keane – Former UK soccer captain accused of fixing games. I think. No idea why he’s back in the news.
(actual: NEW Sunderland manager Roy Keane showed he meant business yesterday when he brought in six new players). And who really cares???

David Wells – Boston Red sox pitcher traded to his hometown, San Diego Padres yesterday.

Glamis Gold – sounds like the name of a rap star. LOL. It’s probably a gold company… I have no idea, really.
(Actual: Goldcorp Inc has agreed to acquire Glamis Gold Ltd for approximately US$8.6 billion in stock). Whew. Talk about being worth your weight in gold.

Tony Blair – British PM in the news possibly because of that new UK film showing the assisination of George Bush. Brits loved it. Americans were appalled. I am puzzled.
(Actual: The current Miss England, Hammasa Kohistani has blamed Tony Blair for spawning a generation of British born terrorists). Oh great, this is what the world has come to. Miss England has an opinion and it doesn’t related to hair, make-up or plastic surgery. Give me a break! Hey missy, I’ll give you some advice. Let Blair stick to politics and you to… well… smiling, waxing and waving. Role reversals usually never work out.

Ryder Cup – Some (yawn) golf tournament. Must be coming up.
(Actual: Europe’s Ryder Cup team moved closer to being clarified on Friday as a result of yet another stupid boring match when some guy won, and a lot of guys lost).

Katie Couric – I think is in the news because a picture of her promoting whatever news show she is now on, cropped her and made her look slimmer. Of course everyone involved is denying knowledge of the incident and “demanding” she be re-promoted (if that’s a word) in her actual size.

So there is the report for this week.  I didn’t do too bad… 3 out of 10, I believe.

What made the news for you on this September 1st, 2006?