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Travel With Kids! Yeah! As Much As Possible, Please!

I opened my Twitter feed this morning (I’m @urbandaddyblog if you’re not following me yet – and if you’re not… SHAME!) and the first tweet that greeted me was this one;

“Up next with on Travel Edition. Are healthy eating and traveling even possible with hotel stays and security restrictions? Tune in to hear more…

Then I thought about all of the travel we have done over the years with the kids and food, make that nutritious food, has never been an issue… anywhere!

By “travel”, I’m not just referring to East York, Mississauga, or GASP, Richmond Hill – which if you live in or near the Greater Toronto Area, you will know take 40 minutes to an hour no matter what time of day, and literally used to take “5-minutes” when I was younger…

Here are some of the places we’ve taken the kids (current ages are 8-13);

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • PEI
  • England
  • France
    • Paris 3 times
    • Drove the country heading south
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Seville
    • Drove the country / took trains
  • Italy
    • Venice
    • Rome
    • Amalfi Coast
    • Florence
    • Drove the country / took trains
    • Tuscany
  • Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Holland
    • Amsterdam
    • Ghent
    • Edam
  • Florida

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some…

We’re big into the experience, so I’m not including cruises, but we backpack – take the least amount possible, and when we look for places to stay, there are no hotels.  We want to experience our destination as the locals would, which is why Air BnB is great for us.

With Air BnB not only do we save on accommodations because 5 people at hotels require an extra room, or extra charge, but we ensure we have WiFi, Air Conditioning and most importantly a kitchen!

With a kitchen, the food, especially healthy food, never becomes an issue.   We are so lucky to have a spouse who is almost certified as a nutritionist, and who is so incredibly organized that when we (read: she) plans our accommodations and itinerary around grocery stores so we can gather the food we need for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Without having to rely on eating out all the time, we save money, and eat much better and much healthier, plus we have snacks available for taking with us on our excursions / day-trips.

That’s how we get to experience the world with children, while eating healthy, and having a ton of fun.



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So little time…

Life with a 2-year-old and an almost 4-year-old. So much to do, so little time, and even less energy…

I’m still trying to get used to WordPress – having recently switched over from Blogger – and have been having a ton of trouble logging in, so I just waste time somewhere else, hence, no posts.

I’m also having trouble on the home front.  Stewie turned 2 a few days ago and we got him a big-boy bed (toddler bed) but he wont sleep in it.

He didn’t want to sleep in his crib, which is why we got him the bed, and now he doesn’t want his bed.

That leaves our bed and his brother’s bed.

I don’t see a good nights’ sleep happening for a long time.

The other thing on my mind involves politics. With the Canadian Federal election right around the corner I am so utterly dismayed how it is that the Conservatives are not running away with this election.  Their main competitors, the Liberals have a bumbling idiot for a leader that cannot answer a question directed towards him, and make his parties platform seem stupid.  The guy is a joke and so is the party.  To think their biggest achievement to date in this election has been to find 3 lines of a speech that the Prime Minister read 5 years ago and accuse him of plagiarism.  It’s not like the Libs lifted their “Green Shift” plan from the Green party… heaven forbid.

I hate the Liberals and cringe every time I see that in Ontario – especially in Toronto – that the Liberals are expected to take the majority of the seats.  Argh.  What’s wrong with people?!?    This election should be a Conservative majority – end of story.  I suspect if it’s not, Harper might be replaced with someone capable of getting that majority over weak competition, and Peter MacKay might be the guy.  Until then, I have my fingers crossed.

Today is the 13th of October – 6 days until my first ever 5K run.  I have run 3 times in the past 3 weeks (ball hockey games aside) and I have never run in the morning – race is at 8am – and I have really never run without my headphones on.  This race discourages the use of headphones… OY.  I’m getting nervous already.

Also on that day is a 20th wedding anniversary party for my first cousin.  I was in their wedding party, well, 20 years ago.  They are having their party at the Liberty Grand here in Toronto, ironically where we were supposed to be their first wedding but they were not ready in time and as a result, we wound up getting married at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Anyways, they are having this party because my cousin won it online.  She is the youngest of my first cousins on my Dad’s side and all she does with her time is enter contests. She wins a ton of great stuff.

Side note: It seemed to me that every time the stock market bombs, the price of gold goes up a lot.  I suggested to UrbanMummy that we put a ton of cash on gold next time the market bottoms out, but that day the market bottomed out, so did the price of gold.  This is why I stay FAR away from the market…

So I’ve been driving to and from work for a month now and I have decided what I hate about other drivers… I hate the drivers who – in traffic – jump out to the right exit lane, zoom by the line of traffic only to jump back into the line where the lane ends.  HATE that!!!  Want there to be a cop there to ticket them all. They hold up the right lane and quite frankly make me wish that the rocket launcher plastic switch that every car had in the 80’s worked.  I’d blowed them all up.  lol.  I also hate drives who are on the phone.  They don’t signal when they change lanes, they are too distracted to move up and they drift from one side of the lane to the other.

Yesterday we ventured west near Milton Ontario and went apple picking at a gold mine called Chudleigh’s.   Bumped into a couple old acquaintances, picked the biggest Northern Spy apples I have ever seen, some Macs and Courtlands (My Dad’s favourite apple).  Grabbed a couple small pumpkins on the way out.  The line-up at 10am when it opened was unbelievable, as was the line up of cars trying to get in to the place at 2pm when we were leaving.  It’s went almost all the way to the 401.  That place must be raking in the cash hand over fist.  Hmmm.  Sounds like time for an audit.  LOL.  Cash business, you know.  Tons of employees.  Sorry, that’s what they teach us at the CRA…

On a lighter side… For those of you poor souls who have followed this blog since 2006 would know that I was pretty pissed off way back then when I was booted off my own ball-hockey team by my friend.  Well fast forward almost 3 years and with all my running, I no longer get tired playing ball-hockey and as a result, my game has improved ten-fold.  I’m one of the top players on my team in terms of stamina and hockey sense and I no longer panic when I have the ball.

So, boy was I surprised, when my friend asked me to play back on my old team this winter.  I was actually quite proud to say no, because the games are Sunday and the kids have SportBall, Karate, and swimming on Sundays.  What made me feels good was when he said, “We really need you!  We are counting on you”.  I smiled, politely declined, before agreeing to maybe fill in on any late games (9, 10 or 11pm).  The team I’m on now asked me back too.  YAY.