About The Urban Daddy

Welcome to The Urban Daddy, Canadian Dad blog.

Some people call me “The Urban Daddy” because I’m a father to 3 incredible children and we live in Urban Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I chose the name because my wonderful wife of 17 years, who got me into blogging in 2004 was calling herself The Urban Mummy, so it only made sense.

I’m a brand-friendly blogger, however I don’t believe that being a blogger makes me qualified to hock products, so any brands that you see presented here are brands that I strongly believe in, use or support because they are new, Canadian, or have the right message (kindness, inclusion, respect… Stuff like that.)

The opinions contained in this blog are mine, and I started writing this in order to keep track of my kids, my parenting, and other events which shaped our lives and made us what we are today.

Our children are two boys and a girl. My oldest I refer to as “Linus” on my blog (because he used to carry around a security blanket and a white stuffed cat). My middle child is named “Stewie” on my blog (because we felt that as a baby, he was trying to kill us – like the character from Family Guy), and our third (and last child) is a girl whom I call “Boo”, the character from Disney’s Monsters Inc.

My oldest is a competitive swimmer, math whiz and throws a very hard and accurate fastball.  My middle child has tried out for every sports team, and currently plays select hockey.  He will either be a professional athlete or a hacker when he grows up, and my youngest declared herself the “funny one” when she was 3-years-old, and that she is!  She also dances competitively, and is a synchronized swimmer.

About us:

As I mentioned, we live in mid-town Urban Toronto.  We eat very healthy (my wife was a vegetarian for 12 years when I met and converted her – but she has gone towards the land of the vegan and is slowly taking all of us with her.  She studied holistic nutrition, and is your typical math / science person who may or may not have an engineering degree.

We drive a hybrid vehicle, looking to get an electric car and we recycle all the time / every time.

We LOVE to travel with the children and as a result have been to many countries outside of North America.

Both my wife and I have Master’s degrees, her’s in education, mine a MBA, which we both completed with newborns in our house.  Crazy, eh?

I love politics, especially Canadian, I work in the Canadian Taxation industry, and I have a fundamental belief that rules are meant to be followed.

I’m also a sports junkie, love playing ball hockey (22 years in organized league play), and watching it on TV.

My little blog took off after being mentioned by CBS news as a prominent “Daddy blogger”, featured in the Globe and Mail as one of the top 5 must read Daddy blogs and recently featured in the CBC Writer’s Series.

When I am not The Urban Daddy, I am a tax consultant, who after almost 11-years working in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), have run my own business helping individuals and corporations navigate the CRA.  My expertise lies in Collections and enforcement, where I use my many years of training staff at the CRA, and leading teams there, to negotiate arrangements, and help remove liens, assessments and director’s liabilities.  Thus far I have saved clients upwards of $10 million dollars through my skills.

Everything here comes out of my head and this blog is meant to allow me to empty my head of thoughts and opinions and if you choose to read and like it or get offended let me know.  Just nothing personal, racist or rude.  I can and will delete them.

If you want an “expert” opinion, or a family opinion drop me an email at realurbandaddy@gmail.com I have a wide range of contacts who can assist too.  I’m on twitter @urbandaddyblog and on Facebook.  Find me!  Subscribe.


20 thoughts on “About The Urban Daddy

  1. I had a little chuckle when I read about your background; lots of parallels here 🙂 Same here with 2 Master’s, one of which (MBA) was pursued with a 3 year old plus one in the oven. Though I already had my Master’s in Science ages ago, I thought it would be neat to do an MBA at the same time as my husband….while being pregnant with #2. Well, even my doctor warned me about the insanity of such decision and I listened 🙂 my husband worked on the hill during and in his first years after his university….perhaps you would enjoy some lively convos with him mixing parenting and politics. I must go catch up with reading your posts now….happy Friday,lovely TO weather today! (Oh, fell free to connect with me on LI)


    1. Hi Evelyn,

      That’s great! I’d love to hear more about your story. You and my wife have a lot of similarities as well.

      I’ll check up with you on LinkedIn and maybe we can all meet up this summer over a drink and chat.

      Thanks again for the comment. I’m on to read the next one. 🙂


  2. Hi there I am so happy I found your website. I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Digg for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post on our industry – Introducing Wine Wire.ca, and for the all round right-wing content on your blog. It’s rare to find someone who is fiscally conservative yet, socially conservative at the same time.

    I don’t have the time to read through all 950 posts (yikes!) but I have saved your URL, added your RSS feed, you on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, so when I have time I will be back to read much more.

    Keep up the good work, and do you write stories on local companies, or do you generally stick to parenting / politics?



  3. Hey there. I am Tami, the co-founder/mom of Lilah’s Fund, and I wanted to thank you for the amazing shout out for event last year. This year’s event is scheduled for November 11th and will feature another amazing talent, Splash ‘N Boots. I hope that you are able to join us again and really appreciate the support.


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