Best in the World

With the recent return of CM Punk to AEW Wrestling after a 7-year hiatus from wrestling, he brings back with him a question about how he gets to declare himself the best in the world.

I mean, what is he the best in the world at? Pipe Bombs? UFC? Taking time away from wtrestlig? Having fans chant his name?

Or does he mean the best wrestler in the world? Certainly not. Some half painted daredevil named Darby Allin claims to be the best in the world. As does Shane MacMahon.

So who really is the “Best in the World”?

To help solve this dilemma, I reached out to the legend himself, former NWA-Hammerlock UK wrestler, Tax Williams, and asked for his thoughts.

Here was my list, in possibly no particular order, except for 1 and 2;

Bret the Hitman Hart

Daniel Bryan

Chris Jehrico


Austin Aries

Kenny Omega

Dean Malenko

AJ Styles

Kurt Angle

Robby (Don’t call me Bobby) Roode

Eddie Guerrero

Ricky Steamboat

Chris Benoit


Tax’s List: (he did current and recent wrestlers)

Bret “Hitman” Hart

Daniel Bryan

Zack Sabre Jr

Randy Savage

Brock Lesner

Kota Ibushi


Kenny Omega

Bianca Bel Air

Charlotte Flair

Sami Zayn

Chad Gable

Honourable mentions to;


Shinsuke Nakamura

Tax Williams

Who’s on your list?

Is CM Punk there? Darby Allin? Sting? None of those guys made our list, so who is your top 5?