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Overheard on a Train – Summer Vacation 2016

There is nothing that I enjoy more than finding hidden gems in my email. In effort to finally get organized – or at least working towards getting organized until my ADHD brain takes me somewhere else…

Nonetheless, I found an email dated August 12, 2016, and at this point in time, we were likely on a train heading somewhere in France, or possibly we were in Holland heading out to see some windmills.

Travelling as a family usually means we have plenty to do together on trains, whether it be playing cards, playing games, looking out the window and watching the world go by or taking a nap. On this trip, it was my oldest child, Linus, who overheard a conversation coming from the men in front of us which seemed very scattered and unusual, so we stayed as quiet as we could and jotted down some gems, which I apparently emailed to myself at 5:13 in the morning.

Here was the conversation;

“We’re roughing it man, like hiking… These trains… They’re really roughing it. I mean in these days no body is doing what we’re doin. No body takes trains. That’s rough. Like really rough. And nobody hikes. Hiking is what the olden days people do. Not today’s generation. Today’s generation… They’re not roughing it like we are. Really rough.

In the future scientists will solve this anti gravity thing and all cities will be in the sky. People will take air trains to each city. And you know what, we’ll still be doing that because that’s what defines roughing it. Travelling on sky trains. Nobody uses skytrains, or will in the future. That will be what roughing it is in the future.

(Other guy) That’s a bit far fetched, man…

(Back to first guy) It’s true. It’s from a German scientist who time traveled to the future instead of backwards like everyone else. He saw it. He went to the future and he took notes of what he saw.

(Other guy) Dude, stop… How did he get back then?

(First guy) Oh, man, you should know that. But you’re not from the future. In the future, they all have time machines. They can travel to any time, anytime.

Giant pause…

(Other guy) Whoa.

(First guy) I know right… Like if someone travels to the past and like kills you, then you would suddenly disappear from the future and I would be here all by myself talking to myself. People would think that I’m crazy, but I would know the truth…

(Other guy) Why would someone go back and kill me? Why wouldn’t they go back in time and kill you?

(First guy) Whoa.

(Second guy) Whoa.

My son – smacks hand on forehead…