When you’re first date is at a busy coffee shop…

When you have your first date in a very busy coffee shop beside a blogger who wears headphones only to keep people from talking to him, you get this gem…

Him: “So how to you like me so far?”

Her: “Not sure… We just met.”

Him: “yeah but we’ve been talking for a few minutes, plus you can see me!”

Her: “Yeah, I can see you.”

Him: “…and…”

Her: “Well… You called me racist, stupid and ignorant…”

Him: “So not off to a great start?  I think there is great potential!”

Her: “Potential?!?  You mean for more that that!”

Him: “Come on!  I’m not that bad. You just don’t know me yet!

Her: “I think I do… You’re embarrassing me!”

Him: (raising voice) “I’m embarrassing you!!!”

Her: “Yes.  Someone might think we’re together!”

Him: “So what?!?  If I were a piece of garbage laying in the street, you would just walk right by me… Without looking twice… Like garbage too filthy to pick up and even put in the garbage?!?”

Her: “Excuse me… I have to go to the washroom!”

And with that she walked right out of the coffee shop.
25 minutes later I said to him, “she’s not coming back, eh!  She left 1/2 hour ago.”

Him: “I’ve only been here for 1/2 hour!”

Me: “Yup… You lost her right away.”
Then he drank her drink, left them on the table and walked out…

… Leaving his umbrella under the table…

10 minutes later it poured. 


Wet trash. 


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