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What happened to Tim Horton’s? It’s the Americanization!

I’ve noticed a huge drop-off in the quality and consistency of Tim Horton’s coffee ever since they upsized the cups to match the US sizes.

I think the powers that be in head office thought consumers would like large cups of coffee more than consistent, yummy coffee and they were so wrong.

I cannot even drink a large anymore without it getting cold.

I cannot get the same consistency I used to at each location where they used to promote that a new pot was made every 20 minutes.

The treats are still the same high calorie boring treats year-over-year, and that they have added and promoted Nutella shocks me.

I hope this gets noticed and rectified quickly before its the beginning of the end for the dominance of Timmy’s. I heard that when the large-sizing came about Tim Horton’s switched where they buy their coffee beans from and as soon as they moved, McDonald’s moved in and bought their beans. Hence why McDonald’s coffee suddenly tastes so much better.

Not sure if that is true, but it makes sense.


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2 thoughts on “What happened to Tim Horton’s? It’s the Americanization!

  1. plus Tim’s website is next to useless. I have one of their cards that is supposed to auto-reload but every so often it refuses to do so, you can’t fix it on the website and have to call in. The service on the phone is meh. If they don’t want my business just say so!


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