What is Donald Trump and other thoughts to get you through the day…

Donald Trump is everywhere!

You would think he’s the only candidate for President of the United States… He’s getting more press than the current President.

Trump is racist, fascist, arrogant, ugly, dumb, hates Muslims, hates Mexicans, heck if he would get the attention, he would hate Canadians.

Well I’ll tell you what Donald Trump is…

He’s brilliant.

I can’t say whether I agree or disagree with his platform because I have not heard it yet.  All I have heard is what the press have made of his comments.

Trump has made a lot of money and he’s been bankrupt a few times.  He’s brash, arrogant, and has really odd hair, but he wants to remain relevant and he knows he cannot please everyone so he’s picking his spots right now which appears to be everyone, everywhere… Today he blasted Time Magazine for naming Angela Merkel as Person of the Year instead of him.  He even took to Twitter to comment that she “ruined Germany”.

I will tell you this, however… His Trump Tower in downtown Toronto is falling apart and dropping windows onto the street.  It’s a hazard.  I won’t walk under it.

Additionally I do NOT agree at all with the thought of banning followers of a religion from entering the United States because it brings me back to stories of my grandparents who fled Poland and Russia during the Holocaust only to find countries had closed their borders (Hi, Canada).  That fear mongering paints people in a negative way and it’s completely unfair and unjust.

Plus, the last few horrific events in the US were done by Americans with access to weapons that no one should have access to.  Has he targeted the availability of guns?

But with all of that being said, Trump is appealing to the average American with his “Let’s make America better” slogan and all of his “rah rah, look at me, I’m an idiot and I’m still going to be President” talk.  It appeals to people who don’t spend their lives trying to solve the problems of the world.

Want to “stop” Trump… Ignore him.

Oh, and are there other candidates???


Taxicabs in Toronto today are screwing up traffic for Torontonians while “protesting” that Uber has gained ground on their turf.  The net result… Negative attention for taxi cabs.  More business for Uber drivers.



16-days until Christmas, eh?

I’m afraid to go to the mall, but people sure are getting happier… It’s my favourite time of the year, plus I really need a break.  Exhaustion set in earlier this year…  In September.



It IS better to give than receive!  Go find a blog with a positive message and post a positive comment on it.  Make their day.  Don’t comment on anything negative and let kindness rule the day!


3 thoughts on “What is Donald Trump and other thoughts to get you through the day…

  1. jjdynomite (@jjdynomite) December 15, 2015 / 10:04 pm

    For sure Urbandaddy, I am very familiar with “None Is Too Many”, and I am family friends with the Abellas. And I am fully aware that the King administration’s conduct towards Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe is a shameful period in Canadian history.

    On the other hand, while you call yourself “as far from being a leftist as possible”, your comparison of Jewish refugees and Muslim migrants is a hard Left talking point. One can be sure these sentiments are shared by many of the Greens/NDP/Liberals here in Canada, and it is rhetoric openly employed by the hard Left/Democrats in the United States:


    …as well as, to my chagrin, many secular-to-reform Jews in North America. I do not know why many Jews (and the Left) overlook the threat of radical Islam in some sort of self-immolating embrace of those who think they are pigs (Jews), dogs (women) and should be converted by the sword (homosexual, secularists and pretty much all non-Muslims). But it is embarrassing.

    Also remember that Trump has called for a *temporary* stay on immigration until the security risk can be managed. Even though I am not a Trump voter (well, I can’t be) I think it is important for Western societies to have a very open discussion and if needed, legislation on immigration.

    Right now in Europe and North America, that lack of will, coupled with political correctness, coupled with cowardice in the face of radical Islam, has sent us down a path where the murders in the concert halls and restaurants of Paris, the corporate multi-purpose rooms of San Bernardino, the sporting marathons of Boston, and the National War Memorials of Ottawa — are becoming more-and-more commonplace. If you believe that open borders policies will be successfully able to distinguish between civilians and enemy combatants, then you have far more faith in our federal public sector than is warranted by their historical competency (or lack thereof) and ever-strengthening global jihadist terrorism.


  2. The Urban Daddy December 15, 2015 / 9:37 am

    Hi @jjdynomite,

    I really want to thank you for taking the time to comment, especially to make such a great point on a very sensitive topic for me and many others.

    I wrestled with this topic from the get go – my original thoughts were pretty much in line with yours, that these refugees are leaving their countries because of a situation that their governments have allowed and that the world does not have to open their doors – there are procedures for immigrants to gain access to countries.

    Then came the terror attacks in France…

    Then came the realization that these are people just like people in other places in the world who just want to go about their daily lives, and who don’t want to be caught up in a war about religion and who want to be safe, and free.

    Then I remember the stories my grandparents told me, and those that my wife’s grandfather have told us about fleeing places like Poland, Russia and Germany because of the uprising against the Jewish people – as a propagandist tool to explain massive unemployment and a lack of will to work – and that many countries had closed their borders to these people.

    The country I live in and love, Canada, said “One is too many”.

    As a result, I have a VERY small family with most lost in the Holocaust. If only countries allowed refugees to come in to their countries and only if the world didn’t view followers of the Jewish religion as if there was something wrong with us, it would certainly have been a different story.

    But that’s not what happened.

    For some reason, the world hates the Jewish religion – hates Israel – and loves to allow anti-Semitic comments and behaviours as if they have somehow been justified at a point in time.

    So my post should be taken not as a comparison of the genocide in the Middle East as being the same as the Holocaust, but that there are innocent people again caught in a situation that they did not ask to be in and who need a place to live, a country to love and people who will treat them with the respect and dignity that was not afforded to my ancestors who were murdered and their possessions stolen while the world watched.

    Trust me when I say that I am pretty much as far from being a leftist as possible which is what made this even more difficult to write…

    Again, really appreciate the comments and would really like to hear your thoughts / comments, etc. I think you very clearly articulated what many in the world are thinking.



  3. jjdynomite (@jjdynomite) December 14, 2015 / 6:49 am

    Sorry, I cannot leave a positive comment. As a fellow Canadian Jew, I find it offensive that other Jews compare Jewish refugees fleeing from impending genocide in Nazi Germany to Muslim migrants ***who are more-or-less safe in holding camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey*** as fellow refugees. Especially when these migrants from Muslim countries have been proven to have carried with them terrorists in their midst who have perpetrated murderous attacks on civilians within this past month. And especially when Gulf Arab nations have blatantly refused to take them in.

    There is absolutely no parallel between these migrants and Jews of the 1940s and to make this comparison only labels yourself as more Leftist than Jew. Remember, Israel currently has its own economic migrant problem from Africa, so by your calculation I guess the Israeli government is just as racist as Trump, and should just have open borders to their tiny country? Finally, yes, let’s see how Merkel’s Germany with its taxpayer-funded social safety net fares with 800,000 migrants from Muslim countries arriving *in 2015 alone.*


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