Wednesday News Catch Up (On a Friday)

I’m going to use this post as an excuse to empty my brain of random events which occurred in my life over the past week (and a bit).

Try to follow along…


  1. While travelling between programs with my children last night, a new song popped onto the radio which sounded like someone we knew.

“It sounds like Justin… Justin Beiber”, Stewie said.

“Ohhh”, blurted out Boo, while laughing… “I thought you were going to say Justin Trudeau!”.

How the times have changed!

Should a 5-year-old know this?!?


2.  I heard the City of Toronto is going to re-name Eglinton West Station to Cedarvale Station to better reflect the Cedarvale community.   While I am still not over the stupid decision to rename the Yonge and University lines “line 1” and “line 2”, I kind of like this change.

I mean maybe now tourists coming to the city won’t wind up at Eglinton West station when they really want Yonge and Eglinton.  The 45-minute walk between stations can be quite traumatic in the frigid winter.

Here is what gets me…

Apparently City Councillor Joe Mihevc asked residents around the station to have their say on the new name…  I’m a resident near the station.  I had no idea this was being done… Is it because I didn’t vote for Joe?!?

Worse, of the 43 respondents, 22 wanted “Cedarvale” while 21 wanted “Allen Road”.  Since the Eglinton West Station is at Allen Road and Eglinton, it would likely have been a much better identifier than “Cedarvale”.  I didn’t even know where Cedarvale was until I moved into the community.

I’ll bet anyone who has walked north from, say, the Air Canada Centre up University Avenue didn’t know that at a point the subway stations start moving West, and fast as you go.  So once you miss the last station on University, the next one over is Spadina, then Bathurst(ish) then Allen Road.


3.  I hate the “punch buggy” game.  Especially now that there are other cars with the same shape (from the front) as a VW Beetle.  Fortunately, a neighbour told my kids that the game only works if said car is actually moving.  Personally, I prefer if they play the game only upon finding an actual punch buggy and not the new ones…


4.  It’s December… Shouldn’t it be cold?!?  Doesn’t it snow in December?
















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