Sinead O’Connor’s Facebook Account Shut Down

Anyone watching the drama surrounding Sinead O’Connor, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer who is either in mid-meltdown, is on a suicide watch (again), suffers from mental illness or is playing everyone.

Well her Facebook page has been shut down after the singer made another threat of suicide from her hospital bed.  On Sunday, she wrote a scathing message on her Facebook page directed at a variety of people including her sons, their spouses, her ex-husband and others – by stating that she couldn’t take it anymore, and that she had overdosed in a hotel room in Ireland.

She was found by authorities and taken to a hospital for treatment, and she has since been using her Facebook page to blast family members and accuse them of abandoning her.

Today, December 2nd, Sinead posted this,”If a woman doesn’t first succeed… She’ll try, try again… iWantMyRightToDieAndIWillClaimIt.” on her Facebook page which prompted Facebook to suspend her account.

Her page simply states: “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment.”

I worry about her mental health, and about her determination to end her life while she feels this way.  I don’t foresee a happy ending here but I hope I am wrong.


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