Stay At Home Dads (SAHD) needed for a Survey. Please.

Always happy and willing to help, I received a request from a student at the University of Regina named Nicole Storms, and she is seeking Stay-at-Home-Dad’s (SAHD’s), Dads at home currently on paternity leave, Dads, like me who are home full-time but work from home and also spend the majority of time with the children, or even a student who is also a parent but spends much of their time with the children, to complete a survey.

The fine print requires that the Dad be from a two-parent home with at least one child in the home who is under 5-years-old.

This survey is completely anonymous, it is very well written and can be completed online in under 10 minutes – but is only available in English.

I completed it and found it to have great flow and as I progressed through the survey I began to get curious about the final conclusion to see if my line of thinking is the norm or if I’m way off-base.

I don’t want to spoil the survey, but we can talk after. 🙂

Essentially, it is important to have fathers represented in the results, so the researcher can understand the well-being of this particular group and if this groups self-perceived wellbeing differs from the ways in which other parents see it.

The survey can be found here;  Please do it, share it and together we can get Nicole more data for her project.

If you have any questions, you can contact Nicole, here;

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help!

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