How Smart is Too Smart? Smart Like my 4-Year-Old?!?

How this situation came to be is a long story which I am going to skip, but if you can picture this scene, it’s myself, my youngest child and my middle child sitting in my living room around a stranger (to them) who had come to visit.

This kind stranger had volunteered to read books to my kids thus becoming their best friend and of course, my kids wanted to show off to this stranger how smart they are.

My middle child threw out some facts about the speed of light or the speed of sound.  Something their mother the science teacher told them, or they read in a book.

My daughter in turn decided she was going to impress this stranger with her superior knowledge of mathematics.  It went like this;

“1+1 is 2”

“2+2 is 4”

“infinity plus infinity is infinity”

“That’s great!” said the stranger.  “Do you know what 5+5 is?”

Without hesitation my daughter said, “10”.

“Wow” said the stranger.  “You just turned 4-years-old?”

“Yes” said my daughter…  “I know all this math because I’m a genie!”

“Did you mean genius?” I asked.

“No!” my daughter replied.

“I’m a GENIE!  That is someone who is super smart!”



My daughter is a genie.

I’ll let everyone know if she is able to grant me 3 wishes.  Once will certainly be helping her learn the meaning of the word “genius”.  LOL


One thought on “How Smart is Too Smart? Smart Like my 4-Year-Old?!?

  1. David Bower February 17, 2014 / 11:02 am

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