Help Needed Dads: Survey About Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave

Good morning readers,

I am looking a whole lot of fathers to complete this survey regarding work-related barriers and facilitators to Canadian fathers’ use of parental leave.

This survey is open to all recent Canadian fathers with these characteristics, regardless of whether or not they have taken parental leave, so if you are or know a father with at least one child born or adopted since 2010, and who lived and worked in Canada at the time, please fill out the survey (or pass along the survey link).

There is no compensation for participation in the survey; however, your responses will help build a pile of data which may hopefully contribute to finding better ways to support work-life balance for Canadian fathers.
This survey was forwarded to me by Xiaoyang Luo, who is a Master of Public Policy student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, and as a graduate from a Public Policy program here in Toronto I want to help wherever possible, and getting a significant number of responses is a great start!
The questions are mainly about the culture of the father’s workplace environment at the time of the birth or adoption of his youngest child and how supportive or discouraging that culture was of fathers’ use of parental leave and general work-life balance.
If you have any questions or feedback on the survey, you can email Xiaoyang directly here:
I can say personally that after having taken 2 paid parental leaves with my first 2 children while I was working for the federal government, I felt strongly discouraged to take any time off with the birth of our third child – I was working in the private sector – which resulted in me taking just one day off of work to help my wife and kids.
So please take a moment to complete the survey and share it with other Canadian Dads who fit the desired profile.
Do it for Dadkind!

3 thoughts on “Help Needed Dads: Survey About Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave

  1. SaraBeth January 16, 2014 / 10:03 am

    Such a great survey, forwarded to father friends and family…and will release link to twitterverse…


    • The Urban Daddy January 19, 2014 / 11:20 pm

      Thank you SaraBeth. So very kind of you to help out like that!


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