Great Combination: Band-Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas and Child Activest Hannah Alper’s Blog

I cannot even get my 9-year-old to read my blog, let alone write one, but this piece on 9-year-old Hannah Alper came across my screen and I had to read on.

Introducing Hannah Alper:

Hannah Alper has been called many things: “The future of social media”, “Eco-Warrior”, “change maker” and  “Activist”. At 10 years old, she is all of these things.

Hannah recently interviewed Band Aid’s Midge Ure on the importance of  using your voice, the power of community, lessons to learn from music and why  “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” still holds up after 29 years.  That song still bring tears to my eyes and the link to her blog and that specific article is right here;

Hannah created her blog, to express her concerns for the environment.  Hannah has become an engaged global citizen seeking to further her own understanding of her connection to, and responsibility to, the world by believing that even the little things that we do make a difference.

friendly living to fair trade, bullying, clean water and even child labour. for the JUNO Awards.

Her impassioned  speech at two local schools motivated her peers to collect 97,500 pennies for Free The Children’s clean water projects, which led her to be a featured speaker on Free The Children’s We Day across North America.

Hannah has appeared on CanadaAM, The Marilyn Dennis Show, APP Central, CBC’s Fresh Air and The George Stroumboulopoulos Show and hundreds of media outlets across Canada.  She has been featured in a spotlight from Chickadee Magazine and named as a Champion of the Earth in Owl Magazine. She also recently wrote a post for Yahoo worldwide  on her advice for new-school wary kids: and has a spotlight in Scholastic’s Choices Magazine.

So check out her blog and see what the youth of today are doing with their spare time (or at least one exceptional young lady).


One thought on “Great Combination: Band-Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas and Child Activest Hannah Alper’s Blog

  1. Gerry Tsuji January 15, 2014 / 2:47 pm

    She lost me at the Al Gore quote and the Kielbergers association.


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