Quiz Time! Please take time to complete the TVOParents Temperament Quiz and Share your Results.

TVO has created a quick and simple kids and parents temperament quiz at TVOParents.com that you might be interested in.

When temperaments clash between a parent and child, conflicts can arise.  The TVOParents Temperament Quiz was developed in partnership with Sick Kids Infant Mental Health Promotion, and it allows parents to directly compare their temperaments to that of their kids, in order to see where they are similar, different, and where potential points of conflict may be, and offer strategies on how to mitigate those conflicts.

I found the quiz very illuminating in understanding my three children.

The quiz consists of nine questions based on the main characteristics that make up temperament, and an intriguing and fun bonus question.  When the answers are submitted the quiz provides an instant overview for each question and tips to minimize conflict and maximize a healthy, supportive relationship.

I’d also like to offer links to short videos from TVOParents.com on temperament and why it’s important for parents to understand their child’s temperament.  I was going to include the links to these articles, however when I went to the TVOParents website, I was blown away at the resources they have on pretty much every topic conceivable – I got lost reading, watching and learning – so I forgot the links.  Now you can go get lost in this fantastic parent-resource too.

The videos are;

Temperament Expert Greg Lubimiv

Temperament Expert Diane Philipp

How Temperament Affects Learning

How to Handle Clashing Temperaments

Please check these out, take the quiz, and be bold enough to post your comments or thoughts online here at The Urban Daddy!

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