Damn it! I HATE Bacon Yoghurt…

My 7-year-old son LOVES food.

My 7-year-old son is an amazing reader. Self taught.

He also wears glasses – just got them not too long ago – and he has yet to realize that if he actually wears them, he will be able to see so much better.

When my son is hungry he becomes helluva cranky.

I have on occasion referred to him as “Anger Management” when he gets in that mood which means he is past the point of hungry, and now needs something to eat – usually a piece of fruit – to get his blood sugar level back to normal.

The other day he was teetering between hungry and melting down when I suggested he have a bowl of Astro 2% plain organic yoghurt with some fresh berries and sunflower seeds.

I forgot that we had used up all the yoghurt making dinner and before I could warn him, here was what I heard;



“Why would you tell me to have yoghurt and berries when we DON’T have ANY yoghurt!! All we have is bacon yoghurt…”

I paused before answering… Then I hear;

“MUMMMMYYYY!!! Daddy wants me to eat BACON yoghurt! We don’t eat bacon…”

Then I yell to him;

“It’s Balkan style yoghurt! Same as you always eat, but with a higher fat-content.”Balkan Yoghurt

“Oh” was his reply…

When I came upstairs to see him, he was happily eating his way through a large bowl of yummy goodness.

Now where can I get me some of that bacon yoghurt?!?


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