The Knives are out Toronto. It’s not even safe to DRIVE a Ford… 13 BEST Ford Slogans

The knives are out in Toronto!  A day after embattled Mayor Robert Ford (see, doesn’t that make him seem just a little more intelligent) admitted to using crack cocaine while “in one of my drunken stupors”, there have been cries from (mainly) the left for Ford to resign.

Ford held a press conference later in the afternoon to apologize, where he stated that it’s up to the voters in Toronto to remove him from office in 2014 during the next municipal election.  Democracy rules the day.

But with the walls of lies and deceit crumbling down around Ford-Nation, one has to wonder if Ford’s campaign promise to “Stop the Gravy Train” meant to stop wasteful spending at City Hall, or if the stopping was for an exchange of illegal materials.

But with no proof to charge Ford with a crime… yet… Ford continues as if it was just another day, while any of us who previously supported Ford try to find ways to explain the difference between liking a person and liking their political views!

In any instance, it’s not safe in Toronto to possess political views which are not left-of-centre and the name Ford brings up all kinds of venom and hate that there is speculation in the street that the “left-wing conspiracy” group is now searching for the final nail in the Ford Brothers political coffin so they have targeted those who drive Ford vehicles as well.

With that being said, here are the 13 best Ford Motor Company slogans now attributed to the Mayor and his brother at various points in their political careers.

Ford in a GM Car.
Ford in a GM Car.

(Anyone looking to buy a used Ford??  Any kind of used Ford???)

Election – 2010 – Ford Nation sweeps into Power ready to put an end to the dreaded “Gravy Train”;

“Ford Has a Better Idea”

“Built for the Road Ahead.”

“Quality is job one.”

“There’s a Ford in your Future.”

Year 1 of Ford Nation ends with controversy – the left-wing media begins to creep closer and closer to Ford the man.

“If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again.”

“One Ford?”

“Have you driven a Ford lately?”  <– Mr. Lisi.

Now that the Mayor has admitted to using crack cocaine, being in drunken stupors and lying, here are the most applicable Ford slogans for him:

“Make Everyday Exciting.”

“[N]One Ford.”

“Powered by You” becomes “Powered by [insert illegal substance here].”

“Built for the road ahead [out of Toronto].”

“Ford has a better idea.”

…and finally, and most applicable due to it’s fit for Ford Motor Company, Rob Ford the Mayor and football (Ford’s love), is Ford’s most recent slogan;

“Go Further.”


3 thoughts on “The Knives are out Toronto. It’s not even safe to DRIVE a Ford… 13 BEST Ford Slogans

  1. Barry Genta November 23, 2013 / 3:39 pm

    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.|


  2. Gerry Tsuji November 7, 2013 / 4:30 pm

    The only way Ford will leave is feet first. The way he looked and sounded today after a video was released by the Star, that day may not be far off. He is his own worst enemy but lots of folks will have blood on their hands.


  3. Soccer November 7, 2013 / 4:10 pm

    You never hear outrage from the brainwashed Canadian media when sex offenders like Deputy Education Minister Benjamin Levin use the internet to lure a 12 year old female into pornography, nor do you hear outrage from human rights groups when TDSB teachers Gordy St****lic and Varla Ab**ms commit sex with students under 16 years of age?

    The Canadian media will praise and hail another vile woman as the unofficial Mayor (Mayor-ess) of Toronto, the worthy of praise Karen Stintz. And you will see the city of Toronto turn far worse than what Rob Ford left once these tribal fuckers force this great Mayor Rob Ford out of office. Mayor Rob Ford is a white, Nordic Christian and this is why the media wants to smear this man’s name and invade his privacy. Certain groups of people are jealous of the white Nordic man’s achievements and it is not only the bearded Arabs who live in caves who hate the West for their freedoms.

    The media doesn’t promote the s*x stories of Benjamin Levin and those teachers don’t they? What a bunch of left-wing trade union asstards who are f**king up entire societies


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