True Story! A Short Story Involving Rob Ford, a Bra and The Urban Daddy

This is a true story about me, The Urban Daddy, my house in the mean streets of Urban Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a black bra and the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford – or more specifically, the Mayor’s one-time indiscretion.  The message was received loud and clear:

I walked outside my front door to take out the garbage this morning and there was a brand new bra laying on my front steps. The Price tag was still on. It was just laying there…black bra on ground

The message I took away from this heinous act is either this;

1. That I need to lose weight, or;
2. That while I thought I fell asleep on the couch last night while reading tax-reporting procedures for income trusts, I must have actually had one helluva night in one of my #DrunkenStupors.

Either way, I need to cut back on the #crack…

Butt crack and the kind the Mayor keeps finding at gas stations, and variety stores here in Toronto.

Are there any “boob” or “bra” related comments you can add? I’m curious as to the “breast” you can do. (Surely better than that one, eh?)


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