NaBloPoMo Day 2. My Kids Came Through.

I love you as much as... Hello Kitty
I love you as much as… Hello Kitty

Today is the 2nd day of NaBloPoMo and my kids came through when I was looking for something interesting to write about.  At lunch, my 3-year-old daughter Boo, turned to me and said this;

“I love you Daddy”.

“I love you too”, I replied with a smile.

“I love you SO much, Daddy”, she went on to say.  “I love you SO SO much”.

Before I had a chance to reply again, she went off…

“I love you SO SO SO much, Daddy.  I love you and mummy more than anything in the entire world.  I love you and mummy as much as I love my brothers.  I love them so much and I love you and mummy so much.”

Takes a breath.

“I love you and mummy and my brothers and my aunt, grandma, grandpa, Bubi, Zaidy, More Bubi and Tita.”

“You know what else I love as much as all of you?  I love my bed, and my toys.  And I love my hair, and what I am wearing today.  I love chocolate and I love candy, and I love my teeth – and brushing them to keep them from falling out – and I love the sun, and the grass, and I love wood, and I love the table and the table cloth.  I love Hello Kitty and I love colouring and I LOVE school, and…”

Another breath, interrupted by a smile to me.

Then a pause.

I didn’t know what to say… All I could process in my mind over and over again was that she loves me as much as wood…


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