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The Urban Daddy Throws in His Hat for NaBloPoMo!

Ah, NaBloPoMo is here again.NaBloPoMo

If you are a blogger or have been hanging around here for a while you will recall that NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month and it’s a big deal.

Last year I rocked the NaBloPoMo and managed a post for each and every day in the month of November and for those of you who know how long-winded I am – that was quite an achievement. It was such an achievement that I posted only 2 posts in December.


I will be taking part this month and if everything goes according to plan, November 6th should be my 1000th post on this blog.


Or should I say (finally – since I’ve been doing this since 2004).

But in the mean time if you are participating, please let me know in the comments, as I’d love to keep track as best as I can.

Good luck everyone and please come by each and every day for an interesting and educational post by The Urban Daddy.

The link to the originators of this month (apparently there are prizes and daily work suggestions) is right here;



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