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Such a Great Time of the Year! Hockey, Baseball, Football AND Basketball

This is the absolute best time of year for us sports fans. Hockey is underway, baseball is in their playoffs, CFL football is winding down, NFL football is gearing up and basketball is just getting started.

Here into Toronto this would be pretty much the most depressing time of the year because the Maple Leafs have not been so great since 1967, the Toronto Blue Jays last had their moment in 1992 and 1993, and well, let’s not talk about the Toronto Raptors.  The Toronto Argonauts have been not too bad, but for some strange reason folks here in North America’s 5th largest city are craving the NFL and not supporting the team like they should.  It gets very little press and most of the time I don’t even know when there are games.

Throw into the mix the Toronto Soccer team, Toronto FC of MLS and Toronto sports fans have it bad… Really bad.  So how can Toronto sports fans be optimistic for a season when most of us expect the team to tank and we’re never surprised when they do.

The joke here is that hospitals in Toronto are packed with all the bandwagon jumpers who hurt their ankles and knees jumping on and off the bandwagon.

So with the Leafs off to a 4-1 start this year, fans are excited.  Might be the real deal.

The Jays struggled, Toronto FC stunk and the Toronto Raptors are in quite a predicament this year.  If they tanked, they might have an opportunity to drank Canadian phenom Andrew Wiggins, but in typical Toronto drafting fashion, the team is expect to suck enough to not make the playoffs but not enough to be last.

And how do I know the Raptors are going to struggle this year?  Obviously because of this;Toronto Raptors Mascot

The mascot tore his Achilles tendon and is out for the season.

It’s a sign of things to come.

Only in Toronto!