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Ah ha! The Voice of Apple’s Siri Revealed!

The voice of Apple’s voice assistant Siri has been revealed as Georgia-based voiceover actress Susan Bennett who made the revelation on CNN today.  Her 15 minutes of fame are just beginning.  How many days do you give this story?  3?  4?  I know my kids would love to know who is the voice behind Siri but I think once they know / see her, it will be life as usual for them and all will be forgotten.

So why is this news?  Because of the way it all came out, I gather.  Apparently Bennett lent her voice to a project from a company called ScanSoft way back in 2005 and when ScanSoft was purchased by a firm named Nuance – the company that powers Siri, her voice was chosen to be the voice for the phone.  Bennett did not even know that her voice was going to be the voice of Siri until a friend recognized it on her iPhone 4S, released in 2011.

Nuance and Apple declined to comment on Bennett’s revelation to CNN, but the cable channel hired an audio forensics expert to compare her voice to the voice answering queries on iPads and iPhones around the globe and the voices were determined to be 100% matches.

Bennett decided to reveal that she was actually the voice of Siri – possibly because she was not compensated for being Siri, or possibly because she wanted to find some new work and used this opportunity to get her name out there,  It worked, that’s for sure and in good time considering that with the iOS 7 release, users now have the option to select a male version of Siri, so Bennett’s voice might not be as omnipresent as it once was.

That and the fact that her voice does not power Siri around the globe.  In November 2011 the voice of Siri in the U.K. was revealed, and the Australian voice behind Siri came forward earlier in 2013 to reveal herself.  It was only a matter of time.

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Hey, Did you see the Woman who is the voice of Apple’s Siri?