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Did your child do THIS at camp this summer?

All three of my children were at day camp for the month of July.  I did not attend camp as a child – apparently I was not interested, however, I worked as a camp councillor at the age of 14.

Surprisingly, this year is the 6th year of camp for my oldest child, 8-year-old Linus.  It is the 4th year for my middle child Stewie, and 1st year for my youngest child Boo.  This year also represented her first time on a bus, but she’s with the her brothers so that made us feel much better.

So each day when they came home from camp, the three of them would trot off the bus – happy to be home and happy to talk about their day.  At dinner we go around the table asking everyone to tell us all about something good that happened today and something bad that happened today.  My wife read that it’s important to get children talking about bad things that happened to them during the day so they get into the habit talking about these things as they get older.  I think it’s brilliant, especially when my daughter would say that something bad about her day was that no one went to jail.

I digress.

One evening over dinner we asked the kids about the good and bad from their day and here was what Stewie came out with;

“Something bad about my day is that there is a boy in my cabin named “Billy” and “Billy” never wins any of the games we have played.  Actually he has never won a game.  Even the games he is winning right up to the end, he loses.”

So my wife asked him this question; “Does that bother you?”

“Yes” he replied.

“Then say something to your councillor, or help him win at something!”

“I’m going to do that” replied Stewie.  “I’m not going to win another game until “Billy” wins a game!

The other bad thing about his day was that his friend and neighbour was having a hard time getting his swimming bracelet, so Stewie had this to say about it to us; I’m not getting my swim bracelet until my friend gets his, because I don’t want him being the only kid in our cabin without it.”


So when his councillor called later that evening, I brought up these two issues, and yes the councillor was able to confirm that “Billy” has not won a game this summer and yes, his friend did not have his swim bracelet.  I was surprised to hear from Stewie’s councillor said that Stewie had in fact completed the requirements for his bracelet, but refused to go pick it up – something he found odd – until I explained the reason why.  I just thought he was not taking the swim test or was failing it.

The councillor promised to watch “Billy” and help him along, and also to take Stewie and his friend into the water and personally make sure they get their swim bracelets – something he did the following day – and only Stewie’s friend came away with the bracelet.  Apparently Stewie did not know that his friend passed.  Oops.  Stewie, coincidentally got his 2 days later.

Apparently having his friend as the only kid without a swim bracelet was unacceptable, but being the only kid without his bracelet was totally fine.

He looks out for others…  Love that!

He even had to intervene when a 3-year-old boy pushed my 3-year-old girl.  I had asked Linus to walk over the next day at camp to make sure Boo was okay but Linus said he would not be able to do so – it was too far, they wouldn’t let him… Blah, blah, blah.  Stewie, on the other hand, had no hesitation checking in on her 6-times the next day to make sure she was okay, as well as speaking to her councillor, and finding the boy who pushed her, to tell him to keep his mitts off his little sister.

Such a good boy!Super big Brother

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Here is How I Know My Children are Growing Up…

Tonight at dinner I realized that my children are growing up.

It’s not because they are getting taller or heavier, or as a result of their ever increasing vocabulary’s.  All of that happens anyways.  Tonight something much more subtle occurred.

I noticed at dinner tonight that while my youngest children, Stewie and Boo we colouring on their placemats, 8-year-old Linus was paying attention to the conversations we were having as a family.


Now we cannot freely talk about anything that we do not want him to know.

I love that he’s interested, and he really seems to be sucking in information like a sponge, but it’s not like when I was a child and when my parents and grand parents wanted to have a conversation which they did not want my sister or myself to hear, they would break into a different language.


So I did what every child eager to learn family secret would do. I bought a book of Yiddish-to-English translations and learned the key words.

That worked for a few years.

Then they caught on slowly began including us in those conversations.

How quickly they grow!

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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Wrestlers Released from TNA Impact Wrestling

Whenever I hear of a mass release of wrestlers from an organization I think of two things.  First, it must be right after Wrestlemania which is the traditional time that the WWE releases a group of wrestlers, usually as a cost-cutting measure.  The second thing that comes to mind is that a wrestling organization is in deep trouble and they are releasing either over-paid wrestlers or they are trying to reduce their payroll in order to stay alive.

So with rumours of TNA Impact wrestling having difficulty making payroll, and with ratings being down, what do the following 13 releases tell you?

13. Tara – apparently because she wanted to run a restaurant she owns in Chicago.
12. DOC – The largest of the Aces and Eights.
11. RVD – Now in the WWE
10. Matt Morgan – I think they were setting up a feud for him against Hulk Hogan.  He took Hogan’s cape, grew a nasty beard, then disappeared in the middle of the Bound for Glory series – replaced by some unknown.
9. Crimson – This one I did not understand.  He was off for a LONG time nursing an injury, then he made his big return to TV, only to get squashed by Abyss / Joseph Park, and then he was released.
8. Joey Ryan – They forced this guy down our throats, then out.
7. Tom Pritchard – Brother Love; “I luuuvvvvvvvvyou!” and the Undertaker’s first manager.
6. A couple of guys from that Gut Check show who have a lot of tattoos and crazy hair but who I cannot remember their names… Give me a minute…
5. Madison Rayne – apparently pregnant.
Ah, Christian York…
Sam Shaw…
Damn, one more guy… Taeler Hendrix or something like that…
4. Announcer Todd Keneley – which means I have to listen to their horrible announcer Mike Teney and the awkward Tazz who was made a member of Aces and Eights in some boneheaded decision.
3. D-Lo Brown
2. Possibly Miss Techmasser
1. The kicker is the release of Jesse Sorenson, who broke his neck while wrestling for TNA, then after more than a year of rehab, close to being able to compete again, is released.

More important is not who was released.   With absolute stars like Austin Aries, Bully Ray, and Bobby Roode and what used to be the Knockouts, and some serious contention from the x-division TNA is not losing that much talent by these cuts.  What is unfortunate is that there were a few decent characters in this list who should still be there and there are a whole bunch of current wrestlers who should have been released, beginning with Robbie E, Robbie T, half of the Aces and 8’s – especially any names Bischoff, or Hogan who are still taking up valuable space when they cant or don’t wrestle.  Rockstar Spud, and any other guy / gal who are over 45-years-old, or who do not have a clear storyline need to move on.

Of all those guys / gals released, if it means I get to see more of the above, then good for TNA. Now if the can stop Sting from Wrestling and remove the Joseph Park story-line and Gut Check, I’ll be even happier.

And what kind of a company had the GM (Hogan) actively supporting the good guys and trying to knock off the bad guys? He runs the show and tells everyone week in and week out so why doesn’t he either suspend them if they bug him so much or admit he’s a front and he’s powerless and stick to making matches… Dumb, dumb.

I would love for Mike Teney to be the next out because he’s terrible at creating or following the storylines and someone please tell the announcers how the matches are going to end so they don’t gloss over the pinfall or submission, skip the replay and move on to the next poorly orchestrated plot.

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Coming Clean: Ketchup vs. Mustard

On the weekend I was asked the most absurd question in many a year.

I was offered a deli sandwich and asked if I wanted Ketchup or Mustard on it.


Everyone knows that deli meats go on rye bread with mustard.

Ketchup was meant for burgers, fries, eggs, hotdogs (with sauerkraut), and kraft dinner.

Ketchup does NOT go on deli meat, in the same way that mustard, well, mustard goes on deli, and pretzels.