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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things Wrong with TNA Impact Wrestling

English: Brand new title belt before it was pr...
English: Brand new title belt before it was presented to Jeff Hardy by Hulk Hogan during an Impact taping. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a wrestling fan.  I have been for as long as I can remember and my kids like wrestling too, but they are no longer allowed to watch it since we noticed that the more they watched it, the more they blur the lines between what is seen on TV and what the wrestlers actually do to each other.

Growing up I wrestled with my friends and we didn’t need ads from the WWE (then WWF) telling us not to try these moves at home or at school because we knew it might hurt us, or we may hurt others.  This generation… No clue!

But this post is not about my children or the WWE.  It is about TNA Wrestling which I PVR to watch once everyone has gone to bed.  I’m of two minds about Impact Wrestling, not because they cannot make up their mind what they want to be called – TNA or Impact – but because when they try too hard to copy the WWE and they really cannot compete.   When they try to go it alone, they have potential.

At one point in time which seemed so long ago now, they had an amazing woman’s (Knockouts) division which was the highlight of their show but with bad booking and the release of a few of the women, that division is in disarray right now.

I have to admit, I really feel for the folks at TNA Wrestling right off the bat because “TNA” has always meant “Tits ‘n’ Ass” so they started their organization with a joke of a name which they changed to “Impact” Wrestling.  TNA also likes to bring in WWE rejects, give them title’s right away then let them fade into mid-card obscurity soon thereafter.  I’ve always felt that by doing that, it tells the wrestling fan that a guy released from WWE can easily win a TNA title.  Not very well thought out in the long run.

So instead of griping to myself, I figured I had enough bitching about TNA that would fit into a post, so here it is.

13 Things Wrong with TNA Wrestling:

13. The intro copies WWE.  I get it.  They like fireworks too, but come on… Maybe run down the show, or get right into the action, but the fireworks, then interview is capital “B”, boring.

12. Garret Bischoff and Brooke Hogan – Are there any more relatives of TNA wrestlers or owners who need jobs?    You’ll come in with great fanfare but will eventually fade away because once left on your own, your lack of true talent will shine through.

11. Eric Young as one-half of the Knockouts tag team champion. Might as well shelve the belts – or did Eric Young as a Knockouts tag team champion retire the belts???

10.  Jeff Hardy in general, to be honest – the face paint, the closing of his eyes, but that’s a Hardy thing and not a TNA thing.  The TNA thing that drives me batty is when they show segments where he is thinking, and his thoughts are being spoken for the show.   If I never see this again it will be too soon.

9. Gut Check and Gut Check as a show.  Where are the winners now???  Yawn.  If I wanted to watch journeymen wrestlers against TNA’s best, I’d rather watch a WWE Vintage episode to see Kurt Angle against Iron Mike Shapre or Hulk Hogan against Tiger Jeet Singh.  Or how about Matt Morgan… Oops, he’s with TNA now and still has no charisma.

8.  What they did to the Knockouts division.  Shameful.  Having every ex-WWE Diva come in and quickly win the title makes their division look bad, no?

7.  No continuity in storylines,  One week a guy like Bobby Roode is gearing up for a match with Jeff Hardy and the next week he’s in a feud with a no-name gut check contestant.  What happened to Austin Aries???  X-division champion for so long I thought he was never going to lose, then given the heavyweight title where his character stunk out the joint so bad they put him in a tag team.  And why is AJ Styles walking around unshaven?!?  So very confusing!

6.  Referee’s who hold up the count waiting for the wrestler to kick out or who count without looking.  It’s a TNA thing…

5.  Mike Tenay.

4.  What happened to the x-division?  really, where did it go?

3.  I fall asleep minutes into the show, and recently into a Knockouts match which says a lot about the excitement of their current programs…  Let the pigeons loose!!!

2.  Aces and Eights… What is their point any way?  Are they there to take over or just drink and cheat?

1.  The belts!  The belts!  Please someone do something about the belts!  Thankfully Jeff Hardy’s belt disappeared after Aries trashed it on TV.  Please don’t do it again.


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