Thursday Thirteen: 13 Strange and Puzzling News Events From the Week.

There is a reason the word "Dope" is in "Doping"...
President George W. Bush and Armstrong mountain biking at the president’s Prairie Chapel Ranch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going through my draft folder this evening while everyone slept when I came across a fact I needed to verify, and in doing so, I came across an article that was just so bizarre that it might be true. I researched the facts from the article and came across nothing to verify that it was true or that it was untrue, but that gave me the idea for this week’s Thursday Thirteen. I’ve got 13 stranger than strange news items which puzzle, or puzzled, this Urban Daddy.

Let’s jump right in, if you please;

13. Tonight disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is admitting to doping pretty much his entire career, to Oprah in a 2-part special. Lance was so ahead of the anti-doping agency that it took them years to catch up to his cheating. So what is the perfect way to treat a liar and a cheat? By ignoring him, by not watching him on Oprah and not talking about him. He wants the public confession so people can begin to forgive him and he can tour the world talking about how bad it is to dope. He’s a fraud and we need to move on.

12. Former Toronto Maple Leaf’s GM Brian Burke was fired because he is the father of Sportsnet anchor Hazel Mae’s baby. WTF?!? Both are married and I could not find anything to confirm or deny this one…

11. A very public gang-rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in India drew so much attention around the world but apparently no so much in India where there were reports of another similar incident. Absolutely disgusting and unthinkable that people in this day and age could have that much disrespect for women, the Indian government is reportedly trying to fast-track the case. This had better be a guilty verdict!

10. What the hell is going on in Syria, and how can the world stand by – heck, where are the flotilla-loving peacenicks who wanted to crash the Israeli security checkpoints aimed at keeping weapons out of the hands of those who want to destroy Israel.   They were so focussed on creating peace there, or what about the Queers against Israeli Apartheid who almost cost the entire Gay Pride parade to lose funding because they disagreed with the politics of the only democratic state in the middle east where it is not a death sentence to be gay.  Where are these now?  How come they don’t want to step in and stop this killing in Syria?  Oh, and it’s not an anti-Jewish thing, right?  Didn’t think so…

9. The NY Rangers of the NHL officially buy out the contract of defenseman Wade Redden and the Montreal Canadiens officially do the same to Scott Gomez because both teams thought they needed to add these players for the most money possible as free agents and over paid for 2 guys not worthy of that kind of money. Overpaying also meant comparable players in the league were handed pay raises throwing off the pay scale league-wide and pretty much causing the recent lock-out. Dumb.

9. Still no one cares about the NHL… Sad. Oh, wait, the NHL put a full-page ad in papers across the US and Canada apologizing for the lockout, Well, then I guess everything is okay. NOT. What are they thinking!!!

8. Went to Yorkdale mall today with my wife and walked out of numerous stores in absolute frustration at the lack of service! The staff would rather huddle by the cash and complain than actually help customers make purchases of products which would keep the stores open and the staff employed. Unbelievable…

7. Someone used the search term; “Can I stick a tampon up my ass?” to come to my blog and I don’t know how or why but I Googled the same phrase and did not see the link to my blog on any of the first 10 pages, but I did find plenty of forums and discussion boards dedicated to, umm, that. WOW.

6. Some college football player named Manti Tao either made up a girlfriend who “died” or he was subject to a hoax about this imaginary girlfriend who “died”. Either way, it’s really messed up, and I think it’s going to play out the same way as #13. Ahem… Liar.

5. Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his arch-rival, left-leaning Adam Vaughan had lunch together on Thursday and I’m still looking into the rumour that Ford paid for the lunch, but Vaughan took that cash, gave it away, then complained bitterly about how cheap Ford was…

4. Many seem surprised that in light of the horrific shootings at the elementary school in Newton, Connecticut there has been a significant shift in the view of Americans towards stricter gun laws. What surprises me is how anyone could be surprised. Guns kill. Guns in the hand of unstable people have a great chance of killing innocent people. Stop mentioning these killers, period. See #13. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

3. It’s winter here in Canada and while it’s been mild the past few years, we have had some pretty chilly days. Today was chilly but that didn’t stop a couple from leaving the mall this afternoon with their 2-year-old son (who was not wearing a hat or mittens) and complaining loudly that, “this fucking weather is unbelievable. It’s so fucking cold. I cannot believe how fucking cold it is…” Yup. It’s winter, dumb-ass and if you’re cold, maybe your shivering child might need some to get in the car instead of you chatting in the parking lot and swearing up a storm in front of him, while he sits near the car’s exhaust turning into an ice cube.   Hello… child services!?!

2. #IdleNoMore has me absolutely confused, along the same lines as the #Occupy movement did last year. Apparently the current Conservative government in Canada has a bunch of proposed change to some bills, such as Bill-45 which either impact the sovereignty of Native Canadians or impact the natural resources in the country. Either way, it would be great to get the message out, have discussions and reach consensus without the muddled nonsense such as blocking highways and roads that comes with “peaceful” protests. Once someone’s own agenda infringes on the rights of others (as I’m sure Native Canadian’s feel) then it’s gone too far. As Canadian’s we’re smart enough to side with those who are wronged so give us the information and let us make our own decisions. Please.

1. Karma. At my ball-hockey game this week, we had the pleasure of playing a team which plays a very dirty game and they try to intimidate and hurt their opposition so they can win the game. It’s the third time this season we’ve played them and we were 2-0 against them. They jumped to a quick 3-1 lead in the game and started to goon it up, including running a couple of our players into the boards, two-handing our goalie across the pads during the play then challenging him to a fight and two-handing me across the knee, then spearing me in the goods later in the play. To say the game was chippy would be an understatement and a lot of their attention was turned to me after I voiced my displeasure with their play through a couple well placed whacks here and there and a lot of body contact on each play. So it was only fitting that I scored the game winning goal that game – my first goal in, geez, well over 4 years – with 1:47 left in the game.

I’m still not sure how – as a defenceman – I wound up in their zone one-on-one with their defenseman but after a quick spin move, I curled off that guy, used him as a screen and fired a wrist shot just inside the post and in between the goalies glove and right pad – just where my 8-year-old son Linus told me to put it.


It’s a bitch, indeed.

The other team was so incensed that I scored the goal they got in an argument with their goalie and either he stormed off the floor to the dressing room or they turfed him out of the game.



4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Strange and Puzzling News Events From the Week.

  1. Rachel January 28, 2013 / 4:48 am

    #4-no one needs an automatic machine gun for anything except the army (maybe) and I can’t believe the gun lobby is actually trying to defend their rights to have them. Why? Hunting really fast moving moose?? You put a ton of bullets in ’em and there’s nothing left to eat!


    • The Urban Daddy January 25, 2013 / 11:09 am

      … and now he’s confirmed himself to be a lier and a cheat, no one wants to talk about him. 🙂 Yay.

      Err, except us…


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