Entertaining at Holiday Time: Impress with these incredible drinks

(Photo credit: Joel Olives)

Last weekend we had some friends and their kids over for dinner and a playdate.  We ordered Indian Food for the adults from a place around the corner from us, and the kids ate plain noodles and raw veggies.  The adults had some quiet time to chat and catch up while the kids played and played.

To start off the adult part of the evening, we gathered around the kitchen island and had to choose between some red wine or a bottle of ready-made Pina Colada – a skinny version.   Everyone was eager to try the mixed drink but after a couple sips, it was roundly given the thumbs down for it’s lack of flavour.

The bottle looked great, but it was really disappointing.  Now I don’t normally drink, I’ll have a half a glass of red wine or a mixed drink containing Rye here and there but when I’m at home I like to try and create drinks for those who enjoy a good drink here and there.  In our house when I was growing up there was a huge bar in the basement which was kind of funny since no one in my house drank and we really didn’t entertain that much and never in the basement.  I used to pretend I was a bartender when I made ice cream floats for my friends and family.

But on this night I offered to make up a batch of Mud Slides – which contains Kahlua, coffee liquor, vodka, and cream.  If you have never had one, but you love the taste of sugary alcoholic drinks then be careful because not only do these taste like candy but they are REALLY high in calories.

Everyone declined, but I was ready to impress with my ability to follow a recipe and make drinks which tasted more like a dessert than a drink.  If I had more time, I would have picked a couple drinks from this article I found online here; http://www.casinotop10.net/Unusual-Cocktails-and-Drinks which has some pretty amazing drinks such as the “Toblerone”, or “Pickleback” or the “Green Donkey Show”.

With drinks like that who wouldn’t be impressed?!?


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