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Family Movie Night: We saw ET. Movie reviewed by my kids.

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ET phone home.

On Saturday night, the five of us squished onto the couches in our family room and we had our first ever family movie night and we saw a movie from 1982 which I had never seen before.  We watches ET.  We watched the updated version from 2002, and I really liked it, as did the kids.  Linus was scared during parts of the movie – no surprise there – and Boo had her moments as well, but Stewie sat there the entire movie, locked-in to the action and I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. 

This morning, I overheard Stewie and Boo explaining the movie to our nanny, Gamay.  Here was their movie review; 

“Gamay, we watched a movie on Saturday.  It was called ET and it was about an alien.  In the movie, the aliens were sent to earth to collect flowers and plants.  An alien called ET was left there by accident. 

He was scared

He found a boy who became his friend and took him home by leaving a trail of Reece’s Pieces which Mommy said were supposed to be M&M’s but the M&M people didn’t want ET eating their candy.

When the boy was at school his sister was teaching ET to talk because they were friends of the family.  She taught him to say ET phone home because he wanted to go home but he didn’t know how to say it.

Then the police caught ET and he was sick and almost died.  But the boy came and said he loved him and ET’s heart started beating again.

Then they took ET and went to take him to his spaceship.  So they were driving, polices were trying to catch them and they were so close to so many polices and police cars and the alien had magic powers and he made them fly.

 Then they landed by the spaceship and ET got on with family.  He wanted to the boy to come but he couldn’t live on ET’s planet.  He would die.  The dog also tried to get on the ship but didn’t.  ET took a plant instead.”

Pretty good summary, eh?

Now I can wipe that movie off my bucket list…  Movie nght with the kids rocked!


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