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Guest Blogger: Stewie writes!


I heard this story on my way home from afterschool pick-up.  6-year-old Stewie was telling me this story that he really wanted me to believe was true.

“There’s no way that could ever happen.”, I told him.

“It’s true.  It did happen.  I saw it.”

But I had to keep on him until he caved and admitted it was a story that he made up in his head.

Then today, I left my computer on and viola, this below post appeared.   He had made a few spelling mistakes, but his 7-year-old brother swept in after he finished this story and he corrected the mistakes.  Teamwork!

Here is what he wrote;

Once I saw a snail pick up a stick with his eyes because he thought it was a weight.  His snail friend copied him.  Then all the snails did the same thing with a leaf.  Then more snails came and did it to because it was so much fun.


Thanks Stewie.


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