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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Weird Eating Habits

Small tomatoes in Korea
Small tomatoes.

This week’s (late) Thursday Thirteen is about 13 foods that my family will eat… In one form, but will not touch in a different form.   I’m sure as parents we have all tried to get our kids to try new foods and it can be super-frustrating when one of the foods is a food they love, but in a different form they refuse to even try it no matter how many times you explain to them it’s the same food.  See if any from our list are also on yours, and please share your as well.

So please, sit close to the table so nothing drops on the floor, use your napkin not your sleeve, and get that fork away from my leg.  Let’s get ready to look deeply into our children’s brains and figure out their peculiar eating habits.

13.  My son Stewie loves eating peanuts and enjoys eating almonds, however, he refuses to eat peanut butter or almond butter.  I have even let him read the ingredients in the President’s Choice blue menu peanut  butter which is 100% peanuts to explain to him it’s the exact same food, but in a different form, but no dice.  He won’t even try it.

12.  My kids love fruit.  Love it.  Stewie, however, refuses to eat jam, even though my sister makes the jam we eat and it’s just fruit and very little sugar.   I’ve asked him to smell the jam – he said it smells like fruit, yet he refuses to taste it.

11.  I have a couple of folks in my household with tomato issues.  One eats fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce but refuses to eat tomato-based soups, while the other (ahem: older) one will eat tomato in sauce if its blended (like a pink / rose sauce) but will not touch a raw tomatoes.

10.  I’ve also got some weird egg-stuff going on here with Stewie who will only eat boiled eggs – and not the yolk, whereas Linus won’t eat boiled eggs, but likes scrambled eggs or egg salad. 

9.   I’m pretty sure all parents have this one – my kids love raw veggies in all forms but will not eat a salad.  What’s up with that?

8.  My entire family loves cucumbers.  We buy and go through 6-7 english cucumbers a week, and they also love sour dill pickles but will not eat a new dill pickle which is basically a pickle in a garlic brine before it gets sour.  It’s just crunchy.

7.   Linus loves to eat wasabi peas, but he won’t even touch a piece of sushi if it’s within 6cm of the pile of wasabi.

6.  I also have a family who like to drink orange juice but do not like to eat actual oranges. 

5.   My wife cannot eat oatmeal – says it’s a texture thing – but loves to bake and eat oatmeal cookies.

4.   Every year we fill our front porch with pumpkins and once Halloween is over I crack open a few of them, rip out and bake the seeds, then try to make some recipes so the vegetable doesn’t go to waste.  When I roast the seeds in an over it’s with a bit of oil, salt and cayenne pepper and my kids devour them whole.  But if I try to get them to eat an already opened pepita they make faces and won’t even take a bite…

3.   I noticed that our nanny, Gamay, loves her sweets, but only if she can eat them, she will never drink them.  I don’t get that one either…

2.    Here is another I never understood.  My kids eat marble cheese and will only eat marble cheese strings out of the house, but if they are given the same cheeses but in a non-marble form, it’s noses in the air and walking on by.  It’s the same cheese, I tell them to no avail.

1.  Number one is more a combination of eating habits that my kids have that makes me scratch my head, for example;

No one in my family will eat the ends of a bread

My kids eat the top off of broccoli but will not eat the stems.

Linus will not eat any bread that is not whole wheat, nor a challah (egg bread).

My kids will only eat a certain brand of cottage cheese and Stewie only one brand of cream cheese

My wife can only drink milk out of a jug.  Something about tasting the bag that it comes in.

So how do we stack up?

Honourable mention to my kids who love yoghurt and raisins but won’t touch a yoghurt covered raisin.  Why is that???


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Weird Eating Habits

  1. Just found your blog. Funny and true!I have one for you, my daughter loves yogurt and of course ice cream but hates milk and soft cheese. Go figure. Thanks for your insights.


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