Not just for the nannies: Signs you may be getting fired!

I have really come to appreciate how those in the nanny industry feed me articles that they think may fit with my readership since more and Don't wait until the kids fire you...more, I get the biggest bang for my buck (reads and comments) on these posts, and the agencies benefit from the extra readership of their articles.  It’s a win-win situation.

I especially like when they are well written and cover off more than just the nanny industry as this post does.  This post came to me from, entitled “Nanny Alter: Signs you’re getting fired”. Not only will this article help nannies understand some very key signs that their employers are giving them but if noticed early enough, then maybe the behaviour can be changed and prevent the termination, or at the very least they can understand there is a separation looming and they should start looking.

As I read through this article I realized these warning signs do not just apply to nannies, caregivers and au pairs, but they also cross into other areas of employment and would therefore be of assistance to everyone in helping them realize the signs their employers are giving them and when it might just be time to move on.

Here are some of the most obvious clues from this wonderful article:

1) Your employer has started to correct the way you carry out tasks or comment on ways you handle situations.  Important in the nanny-world because it shows that something they may have tolerated for a period of time is something they are no longer tolerating.  If the pattern continues it shows the employer that may you just cannot handle the job and over time your employer will look for someone who can.

2) You have a discussion about your “attitude” and you notice theirs is changing.  If your employer has come right out and mentioned that you have a bad attitude it’s almost certain that your attitude has rubbed them the wrong way for a period of time and they are getting fed up and starting to think that someone else would certainly have a better attitude.  You will also notice that in their frustration that they will no longer tolerate your attitude or shrug it off as being a bad day, but you will see that they will start giving you attitude right back because they figure you hate your job and are leaving or they would be doing you a favour by letting you go.

3) Your employer stops asking or caring about your personal life.  This is all part of the distancing process which many people need in order to convince themselves that they can do without you and helps them cope better during the termination.  It’s hard to  fire a friend so employers tend to distance themselves first.  It’s a key sign.

4) You start to feel like you cannot meet their expectations.  If you are finding that there are expectations on you and the position you occupy and that you are not meeting or exceeding these expectations then I guarantee you that your employer knows it too.  It might be a good time to have a discussion with your employer around those expectations and talk to them about what they are really expecting and what you realistically accomplish.  After that discussion you both might realize that there is not a good fit between the two of you and maybe you make an agreement to work until a replacement is found and in the meantime you will begin to look for a new employer.  That is much better than getting 2 weeks notice and looking for a role in desperation.

5) You begin to notice signs towards a search for your replacement.  If you start to hear rumours of your employer interviewing others for your position or you find out there are interviews going on for your position then you might want to get moving on looking for a new position right away.  You might also want to approach your employer to discuss it, so that you can mutually agree on when to expect to have to collect your belongings and move on.  It’s also a great time to get a reference from your employer for your next role and even to see if they know anyone looking.  It’s much easier doing that when you are still there and on good terms.

The article was posted here;

Getting fired is never easy, but it certainly doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee or a bad human being.  In the nanny world it also shouldn’t mean the end of your relationship with the children you’ve cared for and come to love, and as an employee with your former colleagues and peers.   Even if the situation caught you by complete surprise and causes you much stress and financial difficulty it’s good to know that you did the best you could the whole time and you can feel good telling your next employer that there were other factors in play and if you left on good terms, your employer should be more than willing to let that next prospective employer know your strengths and weaknesses and still help you move on.


2 thoughts on “Not just for the nannies: Signs you may be getting fired!

  1. DeeMan September 13, 2012 / 5:14 pm

    Great article and very helpful. It could also be reversed to make employees feel more secure. 1) don’t directly criticise or comment; 2) Be consistent and fair; 3) Show interest in employees’ personal lives and hobbies; 4) Be grateful even when employees make mistakes; 5) Show your commitment to employees by investing in them.


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