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Back to School Day! Walking in the Shadow of your Sibling…

So Tuesday was back to school for Linus and Stewie.  Linus entered the ever-pivotal grade 3 and Stewie into grade 1.  The boys are back at the same school but this year, the school is in a new, bigger, badder, stronger location.

As Stewie put it, “Our whole old school could fit into the gym of the new one!!!” Yes it could, son.

This new school location also brings a lot of traffic and a plea for parents to walk kids to school instead of driving them which meant my wife – who is back teaching at their school – was leading one of the walking buses at morning drop-off.  She had on her trendy fluorescent orange safety vest and was more than prepared to walk the students from the street drop-off through the park and to the school.

On the way through the park on the first day, Stewie saw a woman walking a bunch of dogs – 7 to be exact – and he let everyone know how cool he thought that was when he blurted out at the top of lungs; “Hey!!! Wow. Look. She has a LOT of dogs! 7 of them!!!”

LOL. He kills me. This is the same boy who a couple of years ago wanted a piece of fruit – then fell asleep in the car – and when he awoke the first thing he said was; “Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Can I have my fruit now?!?”  He is animated and never forgets.  It’s like he’s on standby, absorbing everything and anything until he notices something interesting then he blurts it out.  Of course he’s also the boy who on a 4 hour car ride will talk the entire 4 hours…

So after 2 days of school the boys seem to be having fun.  Linus has a locker for the first time ever and Stewie… Well… Stewie is not having that great of a time so far because for the second year in a row he doesn’t feel that there has been enough work given to him or teaching done by the teachers.  LOL.  He’s totally going to say something.  He needs work.  He expects work.  Last year he commented to his teacher that he was bored because all they were doing is colouring and at 4-years-old he felt it was beneath him to colour while in school.  He’s there to learn!  He can colour at home.  Yipes.

Another problem the boys are going to face this year is that Stewie has 2 teachers who taught Linus and already one of them has called Stewie by the wrong name.  Another one called him LinuStewie as she realized she was calling him by the wrong name and corrected it.  Stewie, you see, already has the plan for rectifying this problem as he told us tonight that he plans on calling that teacher by the name of his other tacher in order to teach her to get it right.  LOL.  You confuse my name and I’ll confuse yours.

I totally know what it’s like to called the wrong name or to be judged by my teachers based on an older sibling.  I had to walk in the footsteps of my older sister who was about as opposite from me as one could be.  She was quiet and very smart.  She got incredible grades and was the perfect student.  Me… Not so much.  I would regularly get tossed out of class for talking or laughing, I used to copy homework from my friends before class and for a major French assignment I copied 12 pages out of a French novel.  I had no idea what the pages read and my teacher totally knew that and she hammered me on the assignment and destroyed me on my presentation.

Lesson learned.

I suspect what prevented her from tossing my ass out of school was that my sister was sitting with an average of somewhere near 99% in French so she cut me some slack.

I had MANY teachers say to me; “You’re her brother!?!  Really???”.

Yup.  More social, and less focussed.  That’s me.

So I’m not surprised to hear already that after 2 days Stewie is getting compared to Linus and boy are his teachers in for quite a shock.  Linus is full of energy, he bounces from person to person with a smile on his face and he completes his work when he’s interested in doing so.  Like his daddy he gets distracted when he’s unchallenged or bored and then he gets attention for being silly and disturbing others… Poor kid.

Then there is Stewie… Very focussed, very serious and incredibly driven.  Stewie goes to school to work – day 1 or day 100 – and you had better not talk to him or be silly because that’s a quick way to get on his bad list.  Stewie has a strong respect for justice and if you’re doing something wrong, Stewie will tell you.  Him and his brother are night and day.   If Linus’ teachers are expecting Stewie to be a distraction they are going to be surprised and they expect silliness or incomplete work they will learn quickly it’s not the way Stewie operates.

Boo started school Thursday morning and was preparing us by reassuring us every morning that  “Am I going to school today? I won’t cry!”.  She will, I’m pretty sure but the school said they can handle it.

On her way to school she blurted out this gem; “Am I having dance class today?”

Me: “No, sweetheart.  Not today  We’re going to school now.”

Boo: “Am I going with mummy after school to get my unicorn?”

Me: “Yes, dear”.

So how did back to school sound in your household?!?


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