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A Change at The Urban Daddy Blog: Bye Bye Berry. Welcome Boo.

Change is good when it makes sense, and this change makes sense.

When my youngest child and only daughter, Berry was born almost 3 years ago I tried to figure out a nickname for her that would best suit her personality but as all you parents know, it takes time for the personality to come out and it’s ever-changing from there.

Yes, Berry is our third (and last child) and yes, she is the little sister to 7-year-old Linus and 5-year-old Stewie so we all knew she was going to be spoiled rotten but there was no way I was going to call her “Princess” or anything sickly sweet like that because frankly that’s not the way we roll.  The only princess my daughter is going to be – and you can ask her, is; “Princess Leia because she carries a blaster.”

So officially I am changing her character name to “Boo”.

Why Boo, you ask???

Here’s why, and sorry for the long-version…

On Monday night we returned from an extended vacation in Florida.  We spent a week at Walt Disney World in Orlando (we were there for a Bat Mitzvah and used that opportunity to plan this trip).  After a very hot, tiring and fun week we drove 4 hours south to Fort Lauderdale and spent the next week on the massive Oasis of the Seas cruise ship.  After that we found ourselves with an extra day in Fort Lauderdale before our flight home and Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on the state.  Our flight back to Toronto was cancelled and the next flight out was September 1st (5 more days).  So at 3 in the morning we got up, threw the kids and bags in a rental car and drove 7 hours north-west to Tampa to catch a plane home.

We’re home.  Whew.

So what does that have to do with Boo?  Context, really.

During our stay in Disney we hit up an attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom called Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.  I was skeptical at first that this kid-focused comedy show would be funny.  It was hosted on a digital stage by “monster” Mike Wazowski and this attractions essentially is a comedy club for visiting humans.  Inspired by the Disney·Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., the audience helps the “Monster of Ceremonies” Mike Wazowski and his wild and crazy pals power the city of Monstropolis—with laughter! (If you have seen the movie, you get it.  If not… Sorry).  Mike’s manager Roz, however, isn’t so sure Mike can pull it off.

The cool part of this attraction is that the digital characters trade jokes with audience members who can tweet in their jokes, or magically appear on the screen to be made fun of.  It was actually quite funny.

At one point in the show, they focus the cameras on a child in the audience to be Boo, a three-year-old human child who has escaped from her room from which one of the characters tried to kidnap her.  For the rest of the film, Mike and a character called Sulley try to get her back to safety.

The bad guys use Boo’s screams for power to run their world through the Scream Extractor until Mike and Sulley save her and in trying to get her back to her room, they realize her laughs generate more power than her screams.  Boo also overcomes her fear of monsters.

Here is Boo;

coincidentally, Berry had pigtails that day, and well at almost three-years-old with brown hair, she was a dead ringer for the Boo character and after seeing herself on the huge screen, she smiled, shrugged her shoulders in a flirty-way and the audience let out a giant “Awwwwwwwww.”

She was SO cute!

When we were walking through the park, I heard someone say; “Look.  That’s Boo from the show.”

Below is a link to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor show that I found on YouTube.  Have a look at the clip if you wish to see how they picked people from the audience to interact with, make fun of and engage in order to get as much laughter from the “humans” to power their Metropolis.

This clip does not have a “Boo” in it, but you can see the size of the screens and how close (and clear) the people are that they feature from the audience;

So please join me in welcoming Boo to The Urban Daddy blog.


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