The perfect dinner for a 5-year-old, chosen by a 5-year-old

Freckles Ambush
Freckles Ambush (Photo credit: MeganElizabethMorris)

I have to put this post into context first:

After 11 years of marriage sometimes you learn or see something new.  This year, for example, my wife has been wearing more tank tops, due to the intense heat and her success at Pilates, and after a couple of days spent outside walking and running together, I noticed she had freckles on her arms.

After declining to let me connect the dots, our 2-year-old daughter Berry chimed in too;

“I want freckles!”

“No you don’t”, we responded.

“I do.  I do want freckles.  When I am big, like you… I will have freckles too”.

“Okay, Berry”, we said… But she continued…

“When I am a big boy, like you daddy… I will have freckles.  When I am big like you and have no hair like you, I will have freckles”.

“Berry… You won’t be a boy, like me, hopefully you will have hair, unlike me, but you will have freckles one day, okay?”

“Can I eat freckles?” she then asked.  “Can I eat them right now, yum!”

“errrr, no Berry, you cannot eat freckles…”

She replied; “I cannot eat freckles, but I will be big like you one day and I will eat them for dinner!”  and away she walked content that she just satisfied her curiosity and confirmed that I am an idiot.


In other Berry news…

We were educating her about her upcoming vacation to Disney.   When she asked when we were going.  At that time, I said “3 months”.  She asked how many sleeps?  “A lot” I answered her.

Not 5 minutes later she was downstairs with her brothers and nanny when she blurted out; “I’m going to Disney in 5 sleeps!  AND… I’m eating Disney for dinner too”.

Mmmmm… Disney for dinner.

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