What in the World has Happened to Customer Service?

What in the world has happened to customer service? It used to be a high priority for the service industry to ensure that customers were satisfied with products and services in order to ensure they would come back.  Nowadays it seems that businesses have thrown away the mantra that the customer is always right and […]

Breaking Down Barriers: Toronto’s Neshama Playground Officially Opened In Oriole Park.

On July 21st, we happened to be at a previously unnamed playground in Toronto’s Oriole Park community when we came across the ceremonial opening of this fantastic all-inclusive park, now named the Neshama Playground. Since I love municipal politics, we joined the festivities. We saw The Honourable David C. Onley, former City-TV broadcaster, current Lieutenant Governor of Ontario as well […]

Have You Heard About the C.C. Mixed & Ready Canadian Cover Challenge?

Let me first get something off my chest. I love Canadian music! There.  I said it.  From Platinum Blonde to Colin James, Bryan Adams to Shania Twain, Alanis Morisette to Amanda Marshall.  Old, new… Headstones, Nickleback, Andrew Scott, Tragically Hip, Gowan, Our Lady Peace, rock, pop, country, jazz… I love Canadian music and support the artists where possible […]