Piano, Food and a Very Funny Car Conversation: The Weekend Re-Cap.

Piano (Photo credit: me5otron)

Sunday in the urban daddy household started as pretty much every day the past couple weeks did, with a lot of piano music.  Practice, practice and more practice was in order for my two boys who had their first ever piano recital in the afternoon.  Linus was playing O’Canada while Stewie was playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

Getting Linus to practice has been difficult – he reminds me of myself as a kid taking piano lessons reluctantly, even less eager to practice, however he can easily read the music and gets both hands magically pounding out the tunes. Stewie, on the other hand, loves to practice and loves to play. He’s very determined and he enjoys playing songs by ear..

On Friday, for example, Stewie came home quite upset after a busy day at school and a less than satisfying playdate – and he went right over to the piano and began to pound out his songs. It’s his release, and he’s also really good at it.

So after the kids performed their songs at the recital and kicked ass (taking no prisoners) we all headed over to T&T grocery store at the Promenade mall for some samples, groceries, a bite to eat.  We then strolled through the mall eventually ending up in SportChek so we could buy tennis rackets for the boys who will be doing a week of tennis at camp this summer, and we also left the store with a pink baseball that read; “Girls Rule” on it for Berry (which she later dropped on my broken foot by accident) and of course I had to grab a coffee at Aroma so I could include them in my 2012 Coffee Rankings – coming later this month.

With dinner plans up north, and hoping the snack would tide the kids over a took the groceries out to our very hot car – Toronto was roasting today – and drove over to meet my in-laws and my wife’s grandfather for dinner.  In the car I thought to make sure the kids were hungry, and to see if we could plan ahead what we were going to eat and hopefully avoid any meltdowns.

“Linus, are you hungry?”, I asked.
“No, I’m thirsty”, he replied.

“Stewie, are you hungry?” I asked knowing he’s always hungry.
“No. Wait. Yes. I’m hungry”, he said.

To which Linus replied quickly; “Hi hungry, pleased to meet you, I’m thirsty”.  Both boys began to giggle…

To this comment, Berry exploded; “NO! YOU CANNOT SAY HI I’M THIRSTY! That’s not right.  That DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!  It’s not your real name!!!”

Errr. Okay.  She was in fine form again this weekend… At 2 1/2 I cannot wait to see how what she is like a little older when she really grasps her vocabulary.  Yikes.

But she was really cute at dinner, wanting to sit in between her grandfather and great-grandfather and at one point she was a mere few inches from her great-grandfather’s nose when she told him; “You have a big nose!”  Laughing he played the “I’ve got your nose” game which she loved and it was less than 5 minutes before she was back sitting between my wife and I when she turned to my wife and said;
“I’ve got your eye”.


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