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Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We’re Not Special… Errr, okay.

Blame Canada

Call them what you want.  Generation Y, the “Me” generation, the entitled generation, spoiled, whiny… All seem to fit, but they are fed up and fighting back.  These “Millennials” take aim at Generation X, the generation before them and blame us for their woes.  They blame us and the boomers for not retiring and hogging all the jobs, for over-parenting them and for heaping false praise on them… Or was that, for under-parenting them and not being happy with anything they did?!?

Either way, they’re angry and they’re looking for someone to blame and that blame is on every generation but theirs.  Expecting free music, free movies, unlimited cell phones, and not willing to actually having to study, work hard and put in some effort to move up in life.  I think this is the ADD generation.  Things come to them in 140 characters, in instant texts and high-speed download and they don’t understand that in business and in life, things just don’t happen that fast.

Try buying a house, then paying it off themselves, or changing a procedure in a large organization… It takes time.

Read the post below and let me know what you think.  Do they have a legitimate reason to be pissed or are they crying in their caviar that we bought for them!