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Stuff Stewie Said This Weekend: Random Comments of a 5-Year-Old Boy

Just wanted to post the 5 best comments thrown out by our 5-year-old boy Stewie this weekend;

1) We went to karate this morning however it was closed for a friendship tournament.  When I suggested we grab me a coffee and get a car wash, Stewie blurted this out; “Will Mummy be terrified when we come home early”.



“Not exactly”, I told him.  “Surprised, maybe, but certainly not terrified”.

2)  On our way to get that coffee and car wash, we passed a house being torn down and from our view on the street we could see that much of the house had been taken down and that a big chunk of the roof was still there.  Stewie had this comment;

“Man, if I lived that the roof of that house and the rest of the house was being torn down, I would not be happy”.

To which I replied, “I would not be happy either”.

3) Last night before bed, Stewie stormed out of our bedroom, into his room where he slammed his door and was VERY upset.


He wanted a band-aid for a cut on his hand.

He wanted to use a panty liner for the band-aid.

After being told by my wife, his mother, that these were not band-aids, he got very upset, saying yes they are, until he got fed up and stormed away.

Note to self:  Make sure he doesn’t use one as a band-aid going forward – and that it is not a school day!

4)  In the car on Saturday heading up to the cottage, Stewie blurted out this wisdom; “Do you know what the biggest thing on the earth is?”

“The earth”.

… and lastly;

5) As we were on our way to get our plum tree from Home depot to take to the cottage, a cyclist passed up on the street.  He was cycling with no hands on the handle bars, he had headphones on, no helmet and was looking around – clearly because he could not hear the traffic.

I said; “Man, that is a dangerous way to ride a bike!  No helmet, headphones and no hands.  This guy is dangerous.”

Stewie then said; “You know what is more dangerous that this cyclist?  Riding without a helmet, with headphones on, no hands and doing arts and crafts!  That is way more dangerous.”

“Yes.  Yes it is, Stewie.”


Stewie sometimes gets his thoughts tweeted @littleboypurple whenever my wife remembers to.